After awhile, the group had gotten back to the kingdom of Flourish and what happened they weren't expecting. The Queen had found out about everything, but she never said how. Later Mordollwen figured out that Carden, Mordollwen's blood father, had told the Queen everything. The Queen had given Carden freedom and he was now living in the castle, so he could be near his daughter's.

Mordollwen was later asked to be the Queen's Royal Bodyguard and Alden was also appointed Royal Bodyguard for the Queen. The two had received medals of honor for defeating the kingdom's number one threat that had been alive for years.

Menelwen was also granted a medal of honor, along with Edward and Castien. Menelwen decided to say in Flourish and became a physician for the people. Edward took Alden's point as the Captain of the Royal army. Castien on the other hand, decided to travel around the world.

Mordollwen turned down Castien as Queen of the Elvin race. She found out she was more needed in Flourish then anywhere else. Castien understood this and left without anymore hesitation.

After a few days, after everything had settled down in the Kingdom of Flourish, Alden asked for Mordollwen's hand in marriage. Mordollwen was speechless by this, but she said yes anyway. The two got married after a year and lived very happy lives with each other.

A few years later, Edward purposed to Menelwen, and she said yes. Castien was in Spain, being a scholar. And Mordollwen and Alden were raising a happy family together. Everyone had managed to start a new life and nothing had ruined it since.

The End