Chapter One:

Quinlan had been a guardian angel for nearly a century. During that time, he had only had one task on earth::: saving a small child who had been kidnapped by a deranged man. Luckily, everything had turned out well, and the little girl had been returned to her relieved mother without a scratch. Sadly however, not all divine tasks turned out to have a happy ending. Quinlan's study mate in Limbo, Ivory had been sent to Earth a little over a year ago to help Jaylin Plano, a young man involved in a wild and dangerous life-style involving drug use, unsavory crimes, and a downward spiral of evil. Unfortunately, despite Ivory's efforts to reach Jaylin and save him from destruction, Jaylin was killed by a drug lord. His violent and horrific death had been very traumatic for Ivory, who was doing all she could to stop it and lead Jaylin into a righteous life. After witnessing Jaylin's violent death, Ivory felt responsible and as though she had failed the one she had been sent to save. St. Peter had sent the angel Jessikah to Earth to bring Ivory back so that Ivory could be sent upon her next task, but Ivory did not return when summoned.

Quinlan, who had always been particularly close to Ivory, became greatly worried. He personally went to St. Peter, asking to know what was wrong with Ivory. Quinlan had a very strong feeling that his best friend was in trouble. St. Peter pointed to his magical mirror, so that Quinlan might see for himself what had become of Ivory.

Quinlan looked into St. Peter's mirror, seeing a vision of Earth below and of the beautiful angel Ivory. She was so hauntingly beautiful, she had always taken Quinlan's breath away. What he saw in the mirror made him gasp. Ivory was wearing a sexy little negligee, smoking a cigarette, and dancing half naked on a stage in front a crowd of lustful men. Quinlan didn't have to be told... it was obvious that Ivory had been heavily drinking as well. His heart pounded with intense sorrow, as there was so much pain in Ivory's eyes. It was obvious his little angel's heart was broken.

"St. Peter, you must send me to earth. I must help Ivory," Quinlan pleaded. "Please... let me help my best friend."

"Very well, Quinlan. I shall send you to earth in the guise of an ordinary man, so you might help our little Ivory. But you must be very careful. Don't allow her to taint your angelic powers as well. She isn't the same little angel you knew and grew to love a year ago. She's been thru so much pain and turmoil... and if you can't help her, Quinlan, then I fear no one can," said wise and kind St. Peter as he gave Quinlan a fatherly hug.

"I will save her, my friend... or lose my wings trying," Quinlan swore bravely, taking his leave so he might descend toward earth on his angel's wings and to the strip club where Ivory now frequented as an exotic dancer.

Just as Quinlan arrived on earth in the wooded area behind the strip club, his wings disappeared and his angelic powers faded. He looked like any other ordinary man. He was still as handsome and muscular as ever with gorgeous long blond hair and midnight blue eyes, but his looks had transformed somewhat when he had become a man. Quinlan looked down at his clothing which consisted of a white shirt and dark blue jeans with a smile upon his lips. Ivory wouldn't even recognize him.

Quinlan was equipped with a driver's license and a wallet containing money and anything else he would need for life on earth. He entered the strip club, surprised by the noise of the crowd, the thick cigarette smoke, and all the half-dressed naked women. He quirked an eyebrow as he took a corner table near the stage. This was such a different task than his last one on earth, that's for sure. As several sexy young women took the stage, beginning to strip, Quinlan felt manly urges surge thru him. Having been an angel and possessing no sexual feelings in all of his existence, Quinlan was stunned by these strong desires. "Ivory," he whispered, seeing his little angel take the stage with the others. He would have known his darling angel anywhere, with her flowing blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was stunningly beautiful and wearing some filmy white little thing which was nearly see-thru, showing her lovely pink nipples thru the fabric. Quinlan could barely breathe; his feelings for Ivory were so strong... and he suddenly wanted her. He was staring at her luscious pink lips, wishing he could hold her against him and kiss her. He was getting sooo hot and struggled just to draw breath.

Just then, a waitress came by. "Can I get you anything, big guy?" she asked him with a wink, thinking he was to-die-for-sexy.

"Sure, I'll have a Shirley Temple," he said, barely looking away from the stage and Ivory as she was doing a sexy little dance, shaking her beautiful body to the erotic music.

The waitress shrugged, thinking it an odd request that a man like him would order such a "sissy" drink, but she didn't say anything. "Whatever wets your whistle," she said, going to get the drink for Quinlan.

Tonight was just like every other night. Ivory started out drunk and high as she put on her new white almost-see-through outfit on. She then got up on stage and began doing her thing. It wasn't long before the buzz wore off along with the feeling of being high. Ivory smiled at the guys and continued to do her thing. As she was getting into her dance, something brought her attention over to the a guy who walked in and headed over toward the stage area. Ivory wasn't sure what it was, but something about that hot-looking man seemed familiar, but what was it? She had never seen him before in her life. At least she doesn't think she had, because she would never forget a good-looking face like that, especially with a rock-hard body like his. Ivory continued to do her thing, but she couldn't keep her eyes off of the mysterious man.

Things for Ivory just have not been the same since she messed up her last assignment. She tried so hard to straighten up Jaylin Plano, but it seemed like the harder she tried, the further he slipped away, until he was gone. Ivory knew she was supposed to return after her failed her assignment, but she had chose not to return. Instead she chose to go out and have fun every night. Ivory soon took up drinking, smoking, and partying. If she wasn't drunk almost every night, she was as high as a kite. For some reason, alcohol, cigarettes, and smoking pot made her feel better, but only for short moments at a time, because as soon as the buzz from drinking died and she came down from being high, she would remember how she failed Jaylin and she would feel sad all over again. That is when she would start her repeated cycle of drinking and smoking pot over and over again. It was never-ending.

After she failed her assignment and did not return upon her summons, Ivory started a new occupation. In one of the bars that she drank in quite frequently, she became and exotic dancer. She enjoyed dancing half-naked for the men, and when she wasn't drunk or high, it kept her mind off of her failure.

The waitress finally returned with the drink in which Quinlan sipped at greedily. He felt really hot and thirsty, especially staring at Ivory in that sexy little outfit, doing her sensuous dance on the stage. Quinlan was now a man, with fierce, red-hot desires. He couldn't blame his sweet little Ivory for succumbing to earthy desires such as alcohol, drug use, and this strip club.

Just watching her made him shift in his seat, the crotch of his jeans becoming tighter and tighter. He wanted Ivory, and his feelings of tenderness for her made his erection throb ever harder. "Stop that, Quinlan, you big oaf!" he cursed himself. "Ivory is your best friend... and she needs your help... not your LUST!"

After he finally getting his raging desire in check, he stood, approaching Ivory on the stage as she seemed to be staring at him and him alone. "I need to talk to you... alone," he said insistently. He knew she felt some recognition as she gazed at him... but he had changed when he became a man, and he no longer looked quite the same as the angel she had once known and considered to be her best and dearest friend. Ivory seemed to freeze in her tracks as Quinlan told her he needed to see her alone. "Please... I will pay for a private dance..." Quinlan said. "I need to be alone with you... NOW!"

Ivory continued intensely dancing, but her mind and her eyes kept going back to the strange, yet familiar-looking man, even though she has never seen him before in her life, who was gazing at her. Ivory's heart began to race wildly when she saw the handsome man approaching her. She wasn't sure why she was so nervous, especially with everything she has done and been through these past couple of months. However, no one has ever made her feel what she is feeling right now as he continued moving towards her.

When the music had ended she snapped out of the daze she was in and looked at the man. It kind of scared her that he was so insistent on being alone with her. Something about him made her think she could trust him though. Ivory stepped off the stage and looked at him. Her attitude suddenly changed when he mentioned a private dance. Ivory smiled at the man, placed her hand in his and said, "Okay, follow me and I will give you a private dance," she said as she then lead him off to one of the rooms in the back. Once they were inside the room, Ivory shut the door and played the music. She went right into her exotic dance mode, not realizing that this man really just wanted to talk to her.

Quinlan felt instant relief when Ivory agreed she would go into a private room alone so they might talk. He even saw her smile, her whole face lighting up as she did so, and he wanted to pull her to him in a hug, caress her hair, and tell her how much he had missed her since she had been away from him and here on earth. She then reached for his hand and he felt the warmth of her flesh against his. This is what it felt like to touch another person. This is what it felt like to be alive. He loved the sensation of her touch. It made a smile come to his lips as the blood was surging through his veins. Quinlan knew he wanted Ivory... especially when they were alone in the dark room which was only lit by dancing lights which seemed to throb to the beat of the seductive music in which Ivory was dancing to. Quinlan swallowed hard, watching her. He couldn't utter a word as he sat on the lone chair which occupied the room, watching Ivory move erotically to the music. She was so beautiful, so alluring... and he wanted her so much. He then realized he was in love with Ivory and always had been.

Being a guardian angel had been his greatest accomplishment, but now he wanted to experience what it would be like to be a man. To have a beautiful, vibrant woman in his arms and making sweet love to her. Quinlan licked his lips as he thought about it, his eyes glued to Ivory, the soft flesh of her upper breasts exposed to his gaze in the thin white little outfit she was wearing as her dark-pink nipples rose up invitingly against the fabric. Suddenly the music stopped and there was a moment of dead silence as Ivory just stood there, looking at him as though she could not take her eyes off of him.

Tentatively, Quinlan reached out, his hands making contact with Ivory's soft skin as he pulled her closer to him. Immediately he caught the sweet scent of her skin as he pulled her against him and into the warm circle of his arms. "I always wondered what it would feel like to hold you against me this way," he breathed in the softest of whispers, as he pressed his face in the curve of her neck and shoulder and felt the whisper-soft sensation of her silky hair against his face. "Ivory, I have missed you so much... I NEED you..."

Ivory had been dancing erotically to the music. She really liked it when this gentleman pulled her closer to him as it felt really good to be close to a man again and a hot man at that. Her heart began to race the closer she got to him. Something about him felt so familiar, but she wasn't sure what it was. She thought maybe if she continued to be this close to him that she would eventually figure out where she knows him. Ivory realized that it would be impossible as she has never seen this man in her life before, but how could he be so familiar to her.

As Ivory was enjoying the dance and being this close to this stranger, she suddenly freaked out when he started talking to her. "How do you know my name?" Ivory asked, as she jerked out of his embrace. "What do you mean you always wanted to hold me this way? Who are you?" Tears started to form in her eyes as she was scared and clearly freaked-out. "You need me?" She wanted to run out of the room, but something made her stay. She continued to back away from the stranger, but she also wanted to hear what he had to say or at least she hoped that he would explain himself to her.

Quinlan had been holding beautiful Ivory in his big, strong arms, smelling the sweet scent of her shampoo within her golden hair. It smelled of peaches and cream. He was breathing it in when she started freaking-out, asking how he knew her name. Quinlan was thrown off by her shouting and her tears. He wanted to kiss them all away. He never wanted his precious Ivory to hurt again.

"Let's leave this place. And I promise to tell you everything," said Quinlan, as he gently took both of her hands into his in an attempt to calm her while speaking in a smooth, gentle voice. "There is nothing to fear, Ivory. I would never hurt you. Ever. I promise..." he spoke, looking deeply into her wounded sapphire eyes which held glistening, unshed tears. "I'd give up absolutely everything, even my own salvation, before I'd allow any harm to come to you." Quinlan hoped his words could convince her, because he wanted Ivory not to fear him; there was so much he had to tell her.

For some reason the moment the stranger tried to calm her down, Ivory felt at ease. She trusted him and she had no clue why, but she wasn't about to question it. Ivory listened to him say he would tell her everything once they left. Under normal circumstances, she would never leave with a paying customer, although, that really hasn't stopped her before; she for some reason felt safe with this man. Once she was a little more calm she looked at him. "Let me get out of these clothes and we can leave," Ivory said as she went into her little dressing room and closed the door.

Moments later Ivory came out with skin tight jeans and a very tight tank top that really left nothing free to the imagination. She grabbed her purse and looked at the guy. "Okay, let's get out of here," Ivory said as she followed him out of the strip club. Seconds later she lit up a cigarette and began smoking it. She was still more or less nervous and right now that was the only thing to calm her down, besides a joint, which at the moment, she didn't have. "So, where are we going?" She asked the guy.

Quinlan was so relieved when Ivory agreed to leave with him. He waited outside her little dressing room until she appeared wearing a sexy outfit consisting in a tiny tank top and skin-tight jeans. Even a bit more fully clothed, she took his breath away. Gone now were their milky-white flowing robes they wore as angels up above. They were human now, with human feelings and desires. Right now, his own desires were making his jeans tight. He hoped Ivory would not notice as he took her small hand in his, loving the sensation of her flesh pressing against his own. 'This is what it feels like to want a woman... ' he thought to himself. 'I just hope she wants me, too... and I can convince her to give up this wild life as a stripper and go away with me back to Limbo and continue our Devine studies. I only want to keep Ivory safe.'

The cool night air hit Quinlan's face as he led her outside into the night. He sucked the cool air into his lungs, startled just a little when Ivory spoke to him, asking where they were going. "Uhhhh well, I don't have a place to stay on Ear- I mean, here yet," he said, almost giving himself away. He then watched as Ivory lit up a cigarette and began puffing on it. He wanted to grab it and crush it out, fearing what she was doing to that beautiful body of hers. He didn't want her to abuse her earthly body with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and sleazy sex anymore. He wanted to give her something worthwhile to live for... something she could sincerely hope for and cherish.

"We can get a hotel room," he suggested as he came upon a very ritzy hotel in a great neighborhood. "There's something I need to talk to you about. Believe me, its very important... and its going to change your life forever," he said, hoping she would agree to come inside the hotel with him and talk. He then stopped before they could enter, staring deeply into her striking blue eyes. The urge to kiss her made him feel weak. No one had ever affected him quite like Ivory did. What would St. Peter say once he knew Quinlan had fallen in love with Ivory?

As Ivory and the guy had approached hotel, she did notice his jeans were a little tight. Ivory couldn't help but giggle as she saw him try to hide it. Ivory decided not to say anything about and just continue to go about their business. She did notice that the man did become very quiet, and it kind of scared her, but not in a bad way. Ivory wondered what was going on in that mind of his. Well, by the bulge in his jeans, she had a pretty good idea what was going through his mind, and it caused her to giggle slightly once again.

When he answered her on where they could go, she was going to mention her apartment, but when he mentioned getting a hotel room, that kind of intrigued her, but she was also scared at the same time. However Ivory realized getting a room would be much safer than him knowing where she lived. "How about we compromise, why don't you go check into a hotel, since you have no place to stay and I will wait for you in the lounge of the hotel?" Ivory suggested. That way they could still be alone, but still be in the eyes of the public in case this stranger tried something. Besides she was really in desperate need of some alcohol to go along with this pack of smokes she had. "So, does that sound like a plan?" Ivory asked him.

Quinlan was a bit disappointed when Ivory suggested they not go up to his hotel room just yet, but talk in the hotel lobby. Obviously, she did not trust him yet... and perhaps she feared he wanted to cause harm to her, as many other unsavory men may have done to her within her experience here on earth. "Okay, Ivory, we will talk in the lounge... but what I have to say to you is quite private and not a single soul can overhear... I give you my word that I mean you no harm... I swear it on..." Quinlan spoke, almost ending the sentence with "all that's holy," yet he did not, for fear Ivory might figure out who he was and what his mission was here. "Find us a nice dark table... away from any one who might overhear," Quinlan then said to Ivory. "I will go over to the front desk and secure my room... then we can have our chat."

When Quinlan walked away to go get himself a room, Ivory turned around shaking her head as she went to the bar and ordered a scotch on the rocks. She was kind of freaked out on how adamant this man was on talking to her alone. When she usually fooled around with men she did so at the night club where she knew she would be safe. There was something about this man that she trusted, otherwise she wouldn't have left the club with him, but she still was scared to death to be alone with him in a room.

Ivory went to the far corner and took a seat where there was no one anywhere around. She took a long sip of her scotch and lit up her cigarette. What she wouldn't give to have a joint right now, but she would make do with the tobacco.