Chapter Three :::

Quinlan couldn't believe it when Ivory was actually giving him permission to kiss and touch her. He held her even closer, wanting every inch of his flesh merged with hers. He wondered what it would be like to have her naked and tangled up in his arms. Slowly then, he lowered his lips to hers as his hands caressed slowly up and down her sides with a tentative and feather-light touch.

He then brushed his thumbs against her nipples, feeling them go instantly hard beneath her clothing. When she made a sweet sound of desire, he stood then, still kissing her as he lifted her into his embrace. He carried her over to the king-sized bed, placing her in it's center.

Finally then, he disengaged his lips from hers. "Tell me, Ivory, what is a stud-muffin?" he asked, a slight grin on his lips as his eyes swept her body, seeing her nipples rising up through the thin material of the top she was wearing. The fabric was so sheer, Quinlan could actually see the shape and the dusky-shade of her nipples through it, making the male appendage in his pants become instantly stiff. Quinlan then began tracing his finger along the low-cut fabric of her top where her cleavage was revealed.

"Can I take this off you now, Ivory? I wish to see the beauty of your body," he said to her, gazing deeply into her eyes. "I want to kiss you everywhere and heal every inch of you with my lips..."

She smiled at his questions. "There is really no definition for the word stud muffin. It is just a figure of speech," she tried to explain. Ivory kept forgetting that Quinlan was not as up-to-date with living on earth as she was. Ivory was determined to help him in any way that she could.

She then looked into his eyes when he asked for permission to take off her shirt. This was something Ivory was not used to at all. "Yes, you may take my shirt off, but let me help you with something first," Ivory said.

She sat up and undid Quinlan's pants. Slowly, she pulled them down. Ivory then pulled down his boxers and let his erection free. "Does that feel better?" Ivory asked, grinning as she got to see his true size.

After Quinlan had her top and bra off, she placed his hands on her naked breasts. "I like how that feels," Ivory said, looking into Quinlan's eyes. "I cannot wait for your lips to touch every single part of my body."

Quinlan felt instant relief when Ivory undid his pants and pulled them down his body. That part of him which was throbbing and surging with need came free when she then took down his boxers. Quinlan had a half-grin on his face as he stepped out of his clothing, then looked down at the stiff organ which surged out between his legs. He knew that this was the part of his body which made him male, and the very part in which male humans needed for procreation, but he had absolutely no idea before tonight that this piece of flesh could cause him to have so much desire and longing.

When he had come to earth previously, he had been in his angel form. Never before had he dealt with any sort of sexual scenario. All of this was very new to him and yet very exhilarating. He knew it had something to do with Ivory, her beauty, and his intense feelings for her. She brought out all the passion in him... all of the intense longing. He longed to give her pleasure, as well as receive it.

"Thank you for helping me with that," he said as his eyes left his immense erection and he gazed into Ivory's. "Every time I look at you, that part of me twitches. I'm afraid I don't even know how to make love to you... but I want to."

"I mean... ummmm, I know the basics of... well... how human beings reproduce... but now that I have one of these... " Quinlan paused then, glancing down at his hardened male flesh again. "... I'm not even sure exactly how to use it to pleasure you..."

Quinlan was certain Ivory would guide him through the process. He also sensed he would be a quick learner when it came to lovemaking and sharing passion with his woman. He let his eyes run over Ivory's beauty, so happy that she was his. Without a word, he began removing the remainder of her clothing. When he had taken off every stitch, he tossed it aside, sucking in his breath.

Ivory couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement go through her when Quinlan said that part of him twitched every time he looked at her. It really made Ivory feel good about herself. "Don't worry, Quinlan; I will help you," Ivory said, looking into his eyes as they were stark-naked.

"Ivory," he gasped. "You are soooo amazing- a beautiful body to go with your beautiful soul. I want you so badly..." He then pressed his nakedness to hers, bringing their lips together in a hot, passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around Quinlan and kissed him back with all the passion she had pent up inside of her.

"Come back to the bed," she said breathlessly. Once she got Quinlan to lie down on the bed next to her, Ivory had gotten on top of him. She wanted some foreplay, but she wasn't sure if Quinlan could handle that right now. He seemed too eager to make love. Next time around she would make sure to do things nice and slow.

Ivory took Quinlan's rock-hard cock into her hand. She guided him inside the lips her pussy as she prepared to slide down on his cock. Ivory looked into Quinlan's eyes. "How does that feel?" she asked with a tender smile. Ivory didn't want to take things too fast and scare him off.

Quinlan's gaze never left Ivory's as she crawled atop him on the bed. This position for lovemaking had never occurred to him in his innocence when it came to sex. He realized then that he had so much to learn about making love and that Ivory was eager to show him the ropes. That stiff male appendage rose up as Ivory positioned her body over his. He could feel her warm, wet center pressing softly against his engorged tip. Ivory then wrapped her soft little hand around his stiffness, and Quinlan sucked in his breath as he felt her feminine lips part to take him inside. "Ohhh Ivory," he moaned, loving the exquisite sensation of her touch, but in the next moment she had lowered herself onto his cock, taking it slowly, ever so slowly into her tight, silken sheath. Quinlan met her half-way, his hips rising to send more of him into her.

"Ivory, you feel so good," he whispered, looking at her adoringly. "This is unlike anything I have ever felt before. I can feel you all around me... as if we are one."

He then reached up, laying his big hands upon Ivory's breasts. The skin of her breasts felt to him like the finest silk. Her dusky nipples had become hard little beads. Quinlan played with them, watching the expression of ecstasy upon Ivory's face. "Ivory, this feels so good. I might never want to stop," he said with a sexy wink.

"I want to grab you and thrust into you very hard," he said huskily, his hands sliding down to her curvaceous derrière. He lay his hands on her hips and then began moving her up and down on his cock, a groan drifting from his throat as her silken sheath slid over his throbbing flesh.

He gazed down between their bodies, watching every inch of his erection disappear between the plump lips of Ivory's pussy. He was so turned on, he wanted to plunge into her hard and fast. But since he was new to all this, he didn't know if Ivory would like him to exert such sexual prowess upon her yet. He definitely knew he didn't want to hurt her or ruin the sweetness of this moment.

"Quinlan," Ivory gasped in pleasure when he had his cock in her completely.

"You are right, honey, this does feel good. It feels real good," Ivory said, closing her eyes for a brief moment when his hands began to explore her breasts.

"That is a good way of putting it, Quinlan; it is like we are one," she said, smiling and gazing into his eyes.

Ivory's smile became even bigger when he mentioned grabbing her and thrusting into her very hard. "And to think I wanted to start you out slow and get you into the grove of things," Ivory said, giggling. "I would love it if you grabbed me and thrust into me very hard. I have a feeling I would enjoy it very much."

Quinlan loved this "Being One" with Ivory. Her fiery sheath held him so tight as she was atop him, her body fused to his. His eyes burned into hers, while his hands cupped and caressed her breasts. When she told him she would love it if he grabbed her and thrust into her very hard, he couldn't stop himself. He wanted to take her hard and fast, and she had told him quite clearly she would enjoy him being aggressive and taking control.

He rolled them carefully over, until suddenly it was he who was on top. "Ivory," he groaned, before his hot lips moved to her neck, his teeth grazing her delicate flesh. He began to withdraw from her clinging warmth. After only his tip remained buried inside her, Quinlan quickly thrust the remainder of his length back into Ivory's pussy, piercing her with his throbbing cock. Another withdrawal, this time swifter than the first, then Quinlan repeated the process again, groaning in lust as their bodies merged.

He made a sound of primal lust, his body moving in a dance of passion as his big cock slid into Ivory's pussy again and again wildly. "Something... is... happening..." he said, looking at Ivory, not sure of what was about to occur, only that he felt like he was about to explode. Nothing had ever felt as intense or as pleasurable as this, their joining. He slid himself into her very hard and deep, his breath ragged as his body tensed, nearing orgasm.

Ivory opened her legs wide as she then felt Quinlan thrust into her hard and fast. "Ohhh Quinlan, that feels so damn good," Ivory cried out. She arched her back, pulling Quinlan in further and deeper.

She smiled when Quinlan said something was happening. "Keep going, Quinlan. Keep moving in and out of me," she urged. "What you are feeling is normal, but you need to continue to go with it."

Ivory arched her back in even more. "Oh God, Quinlan!" Ivory cried out as she began to tremble. An orgasm took over her body.

Quinlan wasn't sure what was happening as his balls seemed to tighten, and he felt as though his hard, stiff cock was going to erupt. The sensation was pure pleasure, and Ivory seemed to be loving it, too. She had told him not to stop; to keep thrusting his male appendage deep inside of her. Suddenly Ivory screamed out his name and her tight pussy walls clamped down extremely hard on his shaft. He actually was unable to move for a moment as her pussy began squeezing him deliciously as though it was milking his cock.

"Ivory!" he groaned out, shuddering from the sheer force of her climax which sent him into his own he had been fast approaching.

All the sudden, Quinlan was able to thrust again. He pounded himself into Ivory's pussy very hard, then with a bang, he shot his seed into her. He came and came and came; loads of his hot semen filling her sweet pussy. He made sexy groaning noises as his thick cock was drained into Ivory.

After his explosive orgasm, Quinlan nearly collapsed on top of Ivory with his body still joined intimately to hers. He looked down into her face, tenderly cupping her cheek in her hand. "That was unlike anything I have ever felt before," he said softly as his blue eyes stared into hers. "I never want to let you go, Ivory. I feel as though I am One with you now. I've always loved you; we have been the best of friends for such a long time, ever since you arrived in Limbo. There is no one I trust like you. We have shared a bond like no other..."

Quinlan's voice trailed off as he searched for the words to tell Ivory what he was feeling at that moment. Finally, he just blurted it out, no holds barred. "Ivory, I'm in love with you," he said, his voice thick with emotion. "I never knew what it would be like... this human emotion they call love. But I realize I felt it all along... even when we were both angels, studying in Limbo and preparing for our assignments on earth; although at that time I had no concept of the physical part of love. Now, I do... and being human is something I don't want to give up. I never want to give up THIS with you..."

Quinlan looked perplexed then and almost saddened. He didn't want to lose this with Ivory... not ever. But what would happen when the St. Peter called him back? Quinlan knew he wouldn't want to go and lose what he had here with Ivory.

His words took Ivory by surprise, but not in a bad way; it was just something she wasn't expecting to hear. She took a moment to think and let all of Quinlan's words sink in. This was something she had always wanted; someone who loved her. It made her even happier to know that it was Quinlan who loved her this way.

"Quinlan," Ivory said, softly caressing his hair as she spoke. "What you are telling me is something I have wanted to hear for a long time. I love you, too. You have nothing to worry about, I am not going anywhere."

"But if and when St. Peter calls you back, you are going to have to make a decision." Ivory said. She loved him so much- but at the same time, she was scared to death that she was going to lose him.

"I will never leave you, Ivory," said Quinlan, his voice leaving no room for doubt as to what his decision would be. "Either you go back with me or I lose my wings."

With a deep sigh, Quinlan lay down in the bed next to Ivory, cuddling her in his strong arms as he listened to the sweet sound of her breathing. "Let's get some sleep," he encouraged as her cheek rested against his muscular chest and he caressed her long blond hair. "We'll order room service in the morning. I promise you, then we will talk and make some decisions as to what our future will hold."

Ivory then let out a loud yawn and a giggle. "Sleep sounds like a great idea and room service in the morning sounds even better," Ivory said.

"I love you," Ivory whispered.

Quinlan was quite sleepy after their wild lovemaking session. He had the most beautiful woman in the world lying in his arms. No matter what, he was certain he would never want to let Ivory go.

Quinlan finally drifted off into a deep slumber. The last thing he heard before falling asleep was Ivory confessing her love. Happiness soared through his heart, but conflict threatened to sabotage his contentment for soon he would be called back to Limbo.

Ivory had said she would never go back. Quinlan had been trained to be a guardian angel, yet he loved being human. He loved what he had just shared with Ivory and never did he want to let her go. As Quinlan slept, a dream drug him into it's depths...