Hoshizo, Shinomori

"Alright class, I want this assignment done when you come back from break. You'll have all summer so don't dilly dally around and wait till the last minute." The teacher said placing the book in her hands on the desk and the chalk back in the tray where it belonged. Finally, summer break now I can spend more time with Saki-chan and Tachi-kun. Hey, my name is Shinomori Hoshizo a junior in high school and more the ready to escape this hell hole called school. I quickly packed my things stuffing em in my bag as fast as I could; ready to leave for a few months.

I ran from my class room and to my locker pulling out all the stuff I didn't need before rushing outside to see my favorite girl. Why she's my favorite you may ask? Well that's easy; we've been friends since before we could walk so I guess she became a little sister to me…only I wish it was just that now. Around freshman year, my sisterly affections towards her kind of vanished and grew stronger. Now I want her as more, but she doesn't know so keep it under wraps kay?

Ah! Speaking of my favorite girl, there she is waiting for me by the gate as usual. I couldn't help the sigh that escaped as I stared at her beauty which was enhanced by the angle that the sun was hitting her. She's really quite cute sometimes.

Her name is Sasaki Mitarashi. She has the most beautiful, long chocolate brown hair that hangs over her shoulder and all the way down to her butt, with lightly tanned caramel like skin and the deepest and most lovely dark forest green eyes that rivaled even the most brilliant emerald and her body was to die for. All the curves in just the right places, not too small and not too big, an athletic and healthy build. Her face was just right too with pouty pink lips that just begged to be kissed. Today she was in a baggy Fullmetal alchemist shirt with a picture of Edward Elric (her favorite character) on it. Underneath was a pair of beige baggy pants that most likely hung off of her perfectly curved hips. I swallowed at the sight. She's such a lovely sight to be-

"Oi, Shino what are you spacing out for? I want to get home so I can beat FMA: and the broken angel." She sighed giving her lopsided grin, one that she only let me see. "Yeah, yeah you otaku don't rush me!" I chuckled. "Who are you calling otaku Hentai! If I remember correctly who was it that was drooling over Lust?" she smirked seeing the faint blush on my face. Tsch, she's good. Hey any straight guy would! I mean her name suits her…no wonder that's the sin she is…oh wait… - . - Off topic… "That's beside the point. Anyways you weren't doing any better over Ed and Mustang you yaoi otaku." She glared at me, a faint dust of pink over her cheeks. She's so cute sometimes…her and her little yaoi fetish. That is until she decides to write me into her perverted fantasies. Burr it still sends shivers down my spine remembering the last one; she put me with Gakupo Kamui from vocaloid. And if that wasn't bad enough, she made me the uke. I had nightmares for a week cause of that.

"Does Shino have something wrong with yaoi? Hm, that's too bad…I just wrote another one." She smirked. Not the good smirk by the way…the kind that makes you want to pee you're pants and run away with you're tail tucked between your legs. "N…no I don't have a problem with yaoi Sai-chan…please spare me the punishment of seeing myself as uke…" she giggled a bit at that. "Okay then. I suppose you're spared…for now. But another rude comment about the best thing created and you'll have to read about you're uke personality." She grinned with a light laugh, grabbing her bag from the ground. "Sheesh why are the cute ones always evil?" I asked her with a sigh. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me with smile. "Because being cute makes a good cover to hide our dark side." She answered back. ~sigh~ I should've expected some answer like that. "Yes and sadly it works. Why couldn't you have stayed innocent?" I asked moving the strap of my bag on my shoulder as we started to head out.

"But Shino, I am innocent. I haven't watched any actual yaoi…well…live action that is…" I sighed shaking my head. My first love is an official pervert…why must she be such a giant one though? "I must have a high tolerance for strange people…" I groaned. "Ah, speaking of strange people I haven't seen Tachi come out yet." I can't believe I forgot about my most obnoxious male friend, Sasaki took the most obnoxious female friend so I can't choose who is more obnoxious. "Oh, I haven't seen Tama-chan come out yet. He must still be inside." She shrugged.

Tachi to me or Tama-chan to Sai-chan, his real name is Tamaki Suzuki. He's a real pain sometimes but he's serious when it matters. That and well…frankly he's one of the best friends a guy or in Sai's case girl can ask for. Even though he has a crush on-

"Shi, no, mo, ri." I was glomped by the giant koala I was just talking about, getting knocked to the ground. "Oi, don't glomp me Tachi! You know I hate it when you do that!" He stuck his tongue out at me. "And you know I like glomping you." He grinned. "Eh? What about me, huh Tama-chan?" She whined giving him her infamous puppy eyes. "Tama-chan doesn't love me anymore!" she pouted about to fake cry.

"Saki-chan's here too…" he blinked staring at her still on my back. "Saki-chan!" he yelled quickly getting off of me and going to glomp her. "Tachi…you're like a baby koala when it comes to me and Sai-chan." Sasaki and Tamaki looked at me with blank eyes before both of them stuck their tongue out at me. ~sigh~ Why must I be the mature one? "Who are you calling a baby Koala anyways?" Tachi pouted resting his head on his arms, which were also on Sasaki's head. "He's calling Tama-chan a baby koala because he likes sitting on people's backs." She explained with a giggle. "Then Saki-chan is meh momma koala!" he cheered loudly erupting into a slight fit of laughter.

"Yay I'm your mommy Koala!" she cheered loudly with a giggle running off. Ugh…where does she keep all that energy of hers? I followed after them nearly getting hit two times, (stupid light tricked me telling me to walk then changing). Then I was attacked by a group of rabid fan girls who thought it'd be fun to obsess over a person, creating a fan club…stupid hyenas. And that's only what took up to oh I don't know half an hour…the rest was escaping their clutches and cries of 'Let me have you're babies!' 'Marry me!' 'I love you!' Graaah! I should be sworn off of women cause of those…things but thanks to Sasaki that's not the case.

So I finally got away from the mob and now I'm at the park. Holy crap freed…om? I raised an eye brow at the sight in front of me. Tamaki was playing with a little girl on the swings, pushing her every now and then before going back to his swing and Sasaki was…playing in the sand box showing a little girl how to make a sand castle. - . - It's like I'm babysitting when these two get together. "Oi Sai, Tachi what are you two doing?" I asked getting their attention. Sasaki was the only one who looked up at me, since of course knowing that spaz; she started having a conversation with the little girl. "Hey Shino-kun!" she yelled waving hyperly. The little brunette she was building with looked over at me with big sea foam green eyes. Sai looked over at her saying something I couldn't understand. Suddenly the little girl smiled at me with a big grin and waving just as Sasaki did.

Ah, so she's creating a little clone. "Ne, Shino come over here real quick I want you to meet her." She giggled quickly glomping the girl, but not enough to make her fall over. The little girl giggled snuggling into Sasaki. Aw man, it looks like I have no choice except to meet the clone of my evil friend. Has she started talking about yaoi yet? Good lord I hope not, the poor girl would have lost her mental innocence. "You're so cute Hika-chan!" she cooed at the girl. "N…nee-chan!" she exclaimed with a light blush. I will admit she is cute though. "This is my bestest friend ever! His name is Shinomori Hoshizo-kun but let's just call him Shino for short. And that over there playing with your imôto is Tamaki Suzuki-kun. But for short he's Tama-chan." She said pointing to me and Tamaki as she introduced us. "Shino-niichan…and Tama-niichan…" the little girl muttered quietly playing with Sasaki's bracelets.

"Yep! We always hang out here about this time so, if you're mommy will let you come back here then we can play again. But right now Shino-niichan wants to leave." She explained nuzzling the girl's fluffy brown hair. "Hai, I'm holding Sai-neechan too that." She smiled up cutely at Sasaki still playing with her bracelets. "There's no need, I never go back on my word! That my imôto is my nindo, aka my ninja way." She said. Did she really just quote Naruto? Man that girl has no life; I mean who in their right mind quotes a show?

"Shino-kun…" we were laying around in her room, with her attempting to help me with my assignment. And just for the record I must say that Sai is pretty smart. You wouldn't think that from her appearance. "Yeah what is it?" I asked looking up from the page I was reading. "Well…um…I…I need to tell you something important…" she was looking away from me chewing her bottom lip. She looks so cute when she's nervous. "Shoot." I told her watching her fidget with her fingers. "You have to promise not to freak out though; if you do I swear that I will not hesitate to smack you." She threatened. And sadly she was serious. Such a beauty with violence is not a good thing…

"Fine, I won't freak out. You know me better then that anyways. I'm always calm." I grinned. She smiled back lightly with a light laugh. "Yeah I guess so…" she muttered looking away from me. "So tell me what it is I won't look at you differently." She looked up at me again. "W…well I…I never told you this cause um…I don't know what I would do without you…and I thought you'd leave me if you found out." I was about to protest but she put her hand over my mouth. "Let me finish Shino-kun." She told me, all I could do was nod. She took in a deep breath, removing her hand from my mouth. "Well…every since we were little you know I had to go to the hospital and I couldn't always do things with you…"

I nodded keeping quiet. "Well, i…it's because of…a problem I've had since I was born…Kaa-san told me about it before she was k…killed…" she stuttered over the word. A problem? Why didn't she tell me sooner, I could've helped her with it. "And it's nothing you could've helped me with or…can help me with…even doctors can't…they've tried everything..." she said as if reading my mind. Okay now I was getting worried what couldn't the doctors help my Sai-chan with? She breathed in deep again, letting her breath out slowly. "Shino-kun…I'm going b-" Len's Shotarella began playing. "O…Oh uh…I….I'll get that real quick!" she laughed nervously rushing to her bag and pulling out her phone and answering it quickly. "Ello mate, Sasaki-chan speaking!" Her voice was cheerful, but I could tell she was faking it.

Tsch, whatever she was about to tell me was important, very important if it makes her fake her cheerful voice. That girl better tell me soon or I'll force it out of her the only way I know how. Aka threaten to wreck her FMA game data, I've only did it once and she was thinking about killing me I could tell, but instead she ignored me for a week. It was a strangely depressing week I must say.

"Yeah alright, I'll see you in a couple weeks then." She closed her phone with a sigh and look of depression. "Who was it?" I asked her looking over some of the data she found for me. "It was Kaa-san…apparently she won't be home until a few weeks…and she promised me she'd come home early too before she left…" She looked about ready to cry at the fact. "That's not good, if you'd like I could stay here until she gets back." I offered. She looked at me, a little relieved. "Really Shino?" she asked with a light smile. I nodded getting up from my lying down position and sat at the edge of her bed. "Of course, I would never leave you alone here." She sat down beside me with a small laugh.

She must be really down about the fact with her mom. I can relate though, having a mom who is hardly ever there…ah a…anyways. "Thank you Shino-kun." She laid her head on my shoulder with a light sigh. Oh man, Sasaki smells really good. "N…no problem Sai." I couldn't keep the stutter from my voice, and believe me I tried. "Anyways um…what was it that you wanted to tell me?"I asked breaking the few moments of awkward silence between us. "O…oh t...that um…" she suddenly got off of my shoulder and smiled brightly. "It was nothing, don't worry about it." She laughed it off before getting off of the bed and turning on her Playstaion 2 and started playing her crack. Well one of em, the other was Kingdom Hearts; she has this huge obsession with the Soriku moments as she called em. And sadly there was plenty of em.

"Ha! Take that you two-bit under dressed slut!" she yelled. -.-' she was fighting lust at the moment I take it. I almost forgot she was on the last fight against her. Why must my love be so clinically insane all the time? I sighed sitting down on her bed watching her play while trying to work on my project. Key word being trying, it wasn't working very well cause she was distracting sometimes…the good way I mean. Even though her yelling does get kind of out of control sometimes, ugh why me? I sighed turning back to my paper. "Ha-ha takes that you two-bit whore!" she yelled with a giggle.

"And now Edo-kun can run off and be happy with Roy!" she started to laugh. I sweat dropped. She can only hope that they will…such a spaz.

I turned my attention back to her research reading over it again. Wait is this…but this is for English "Hey Sai why is this ecology notes and stuff?" I asked. She looked at me with confusion wrote all over her face. "It is?" she asked, her eyes got wide a few seconds later in realization quickly recovering. "O…oh I see…ah I'm sorry Shino-kun…I'll go find the right book and look it up again." She quickly saved and turned the system off before I could say anything and ran out of the room. Now I'm curious…what was she going to tell me?

Moments later she returned carrying an English book. "Sorry Shino-kun, I'll go ahead and redo it. I don't want you failing after all." She said once again faking her cheerfulness as she sat on the bed and began reading. "Don't worry about it Sai-chan, It's not due till we go back to school anyways so you don't have to rush it." I told her touching her shoulder. She looked back at me from the book. Her eyes saddened a bit. "N…no I want to do it right now, so I know you'll have something to work with." She was going into one of her defiant moods now. "But you can do it later; it's getting kind of late anyways let's call it quits tonight." I tried reasoning. "B…but I might not be able to help you later on…" she started chewing on her bottom lip.

I was about to ask what she meant by that when she suddenly smiled up at me, and closing the book. "Ah hahaha y…yeah you're right I guess it is kind of late. She quickly moved everything off of her bed and onto the floor, before going to her dresser and pulling out a pair of boxers and one of my short sleeved shirts. "I'll be back, and I get the bed tonight!" she yelled at me before closing the door. Heh, I wouldn't take it anyways, it's only right for her to have her own bed. I pulled out the futon from the closet and laid it out on the floor beside the window grabbing one of her pillows and the blanket I always used. "Okay now you can change." She told me flopping down on the bed, her brown hair spread out underneath her covering the pillow she was laying on.

Oh man, she just had to look undeniably cute didn't she? I must find the answer as to why I gave her that shirt in the first place. / "Alright, do you still have those in you're closet?" I asked her. She nodded with a grin. "Yep, they're still there. Look in the back closest to the wall." She had her eyes closed and a hand over them. "Alright, then I'll be out in a few minuets." I said grabbing the basketball shorts and the muscle shirt I left here in cases like this. She merely waved her hand with a yawn. Sasaki is going to be out like a light before I even get done. I smirked walking into the bathroom to change. I happen to like Sai's sleeping face the best so relaxed and adorable. And not only do I like her sleeping face, but when she's asleep is how I find things out on my own about here. I've done it a few times and she remembers none of it.

I finished changing and left the bathroom and as expected my angel was passed out. I'll leave her be for now, after all she did just find out her mom has extended her trip. I sighed going to the hall way closet to pull out the futon I usually used only to find it missing. –It's already out you fool. – A voice mocked with a snicker. Oh I guess I forgot to mention the voice that I always heard. It likes to mock me a lot…it gets really annoying sometimes. "Oh shut up. I would have figured it out eventually." I huffed. And for the record it wasn't a pout no matter how much anyone wants to believe that. The voice snickered again at my statement making me glare at nothing. Good for nothing voice…

-Humans aren't much fun either. – I growled. "Just be quiet…I want to sleep." It chuckled again. I've always wondered where it was coming from, but I haven't found out yet it always pops up randomly or when I'm about to do something really dangerous…above my normal stunts that is. Ugh, sleep sounds really good right not though…so I guess I'll think on it in the morning. Ah, I can even sleep in too. *yawn* Maybe…the voice will leave me *yawn* alone tonight. I let my eyelids fall as sleep took over.