"Yoru wait up!" a small boy with frosty blue hair cried after his darker haired counter part. He stopped turning around and staring into soft, deep azure eyes with a small laugh."Your so slow Ary-kun."he ran back to the smaller boy grabbing a hold of his small hand into his larger one. "Come on we don't want to keep Kiri-kun waiting do we?"he asked with a smile. "Nu-uh. Let's go."he quickly ran dragging his older brother with him.

"Kiri-kun!" Kuro yelled knocking on the door to a small home. There was no answer."Is he even here?"Aoi asked looking over his shoulder."I don't think he is..."he sighed annoyed."Than doesn't that mean that Hikari-san isn't here either."Aoi smiled."Huh?Oh yeah your right!Well at least we know your sa-"he stopped mid-sentence feeling a familiar, yet unwanted presence behind them. "I spoke to soon."Kuro growled as a tall wolf demon walked up behind them."So the little dragons are back eh?"he asked. Aoi gasped at the voice and instantly clung to his brother."Actually since Kiri-kun isn't home we were just leaving. Please excuse us."Kuro glared at him pulling the frightened frost dragon with him.

"Huh? Oi, oi wait a minuet you two you can come in and wait. He'll be here soon."the demon quickly caught up to them looping his arms around their shoulders, Aoi tensed up.

"I'm sorry but we can't. Now if you'll-"

"Oi Kuro-san!Aoi-kun!"a smaller but more mature wolf demon ran up. He got up to the house and leaned down putting his hands on his knees and trying to catch his breath."Sorry I'm late."He laughed a little finally standing up straight and sighed. "No it's fine don't worry about it."Kuro smiled pulling out of Hikari's grasp pulling Aoi with him. Hikari pouted with a glare pointed towards his brother. "Un. It's fine."Aoi finally pulled away from his brother a little bit placing a hand on his shoulder."Ah, I love you guys!Your so forgiving!"he glomped the two making them laugh.

"Hey Kiri-kun."Kuro called pulling the demon from the game he was playing."Yeah what is it?"he asked stretching out."Have you seen Aoi-kun...I haven't seen him since he went walking...have you noticed if he came back yet?"he asked."Eh really?"he asked."No...I haven't noticed if he came back or not. Why are you worried?"he asked. Kuro sighed and nodded."Yeah...isn't your brother out also...?"he asked looking up at the demon."Crap! Your right he is!"Kiri jumped up letting the game controller fall from his lap."We have to go look for him now before my brother finds him first and decides to do something to him."he was about to race to the door but stopped suddenly noticing that the dragon wasn't following him."Well come on! Aren't you worried what might happen to him?We all know how that hentai is towards cute kids like Aoi-kun! Especially Aoi-kun!"he yelled."Un, sorry about spacing like that."they ran out of the room and out into the street to find Kuro's missing brother.

-I think I must have gone to far.-the small blue dragon looked around the area he was in not seeing anything that looked at all familiar. "Nii-chan."he muttered leaning up against the wall hiding his face in his knees."Help me."he whimpered hugging his knees closer to his small body."Please..."before he realized it tears started to well up in the corners of his eyes."Aoi-kun?"an unwanted voice called his name. He gasped looking up. A boy with golden eyes and honey colored hair stared back at him."Hikari-san...wh...what are you doing here?"he asked wiping the tears that fell quickly with the back of his hand."I work over this way and I'm on break now so I was just wondering around."he explained."What about you?"he asked. Aoi looked down not able to look him in the eyes with a small blush."Oh um...well I was just wondering around and got lost...kind of..."he said barley above a whisper.

"Is that so?"he asked kneeling down in front of him. Aoi started trembling slightly hoping the demon wouldn't notice."Un..."he muttered keeping his eyes locked on the ground. Hikari reached forward and swept hair away from his face revealing his wide, frightened azure eyes."Hm...your cute like usual."he chuckled. Aoi gasped quickly getting up and away from him."I...I'm going now...I'm sorry to bother you...uh I'll find my own way back to Kiri-san and Nii-chan."he tried running past but Hikari caught his wrist and stopped him."You sure?You might get lost again."he smirked. Aoi took in a deep breath trying to calm himself. "No I won't...I'll go air born this time...so I'll be fine."His pearl white wings sprouted from his back within seconds making the demon gasp. Aoi took this chance to pull his wrist free and start to float.

"Hm...I see. So you wanna play rough ne?"he asked with a grin on his face again."Hikari-san...that's not it. N...Nii-chan is probably worried about me."he lifted himself up into the air some more, a cold breeze coming from his wings as he beat them lightly. Just as he was about to fly away, Hikari grabbed his ankle and pulled him back down to him. The small dragon yelped from surprise as he landed with a thud on his back making his wings suddenly flinch and go back into his back. "I'm very sorry about that but I don't really want you running from me right now."He was over the small dragon before his mind could clear from the impact of the concrete in his back. "Wh...what are you planning? What are you going to do to me?"Aoi asked hesitantly. "Hm...well let's see it's just a bit of fun is all."the dragon's blue eyes got wide and he started trembling. "Don't worry about a thing. You'll enjoy this very much."The demon licked his lips and stared at the dragon with a lustful grin, making Aoi cringe.

-Nii-chan...Kiri-chan...help me...please-the thought ran through his mind frantically as Hikari started to advance. "Get off of me...please...I don't want this..."he looked up at Hikari with frightened eyes as tears welled up in the corner of his big blue eyes. "Oh my. Don't you just look oh so adorable like that. Being scared is auctally a good look on you."He smirked quickly undoing the button on Aoi's pants. The dragon gasped freezing up. "No...please stop Hikari-sa..."he stopped mid-sentence feeling a warm hand grope his clothed member not soon after."No?"he asked mockingly. "Why not though?Your saying no now but your body seems to want more of this. Am I correct in assuming this?"he asked.

Aoi blushed more feeling more pressure added. He let out an accidental relieved sigh and closed his eyes lightly."What did I say?" he asked noticing Aoi's reactions."Stop...please...agh!" he gasped eyes shooting open as he started to rub, causing friction on the small dragon."Why should I do that exactly?"he smirked evilly. "It seems as though your enjoying this... letting out such a cute voice in public."Hikari snickered moving his hand away and started to unzip Aoi's jeans. "No please Hikari-san..."he begged tears starting to fall silently from the soft, pale azure eyes. "Tsch..."the demon complained hastily kissing the side of his neck eagerly. The dragon whimpered, clamping his eyes shut.-Nii-chan...save me...-he panicked struggling beneath the older boy. "Your so cute Aoi-chan."he teased lightly nipping and licking at him. Aoi groaned lightly, biting his bottom lip drawing a bit of blood.

Hikari laughed again pulling down the dragons jeans a little to reveal a solid area. "Oh my Aoi-chan!"the demon acted surprised. "aren't we just the hot little dragon."he teased again with another laugh. "N...no that's not it..."he looked over at the ground trying to hide the deep blush on his face. Hikari laughed starting to advance."Hikari-san! Please let me go!"he exclaimed struggling again."Please, stop it Hikari-san!"he called again as tears went down his cheeks quicker.

"I'm sorry but no such luck for you my little ryuu."he teasingly nipped and licked at him again."N...nii-chan!"he exclaimed making people look around for the voice.

"Another one?"

"Isn't that the fourth case this week?"They all kept walking whispering amongst each other."Your cries are useless. This happens all the time around here. Besides not even your broth-"

"Aoi-chan!"Kiri's voice came from behind the older demon taking him by surprise."Aoi-kun!"Kuro quickly kicked Hikari off of his brother and picked him up, quickly rising into the air."N...nii-chan..."he muttered helplessly."Yeah it's me don't worry about it."he cuddled his brother up to him like a child after fixing his pants.

"Tsumari!"he exclaimed trying to reach up for the dark dragon but failed."I'm sorry Kiri-chan but is it fine if we leave now?"he asked. Kiri nodded turning to his brother."Nii-chan. Thank you."the small blue dragon called lightly crying into Kuro's chest."Don't worry about it." Kuro rubbed his brothers back trying to calm him down a bit more while flying back to the mansion.

"Nii-chan are you stupid or something?" Kiri asked annoyed. "Stupid otouto, you and that annoying brother of his just had to go and ruin my fun." he complained turning chibi with a huff. "Uresai!" he yelled at him making Hikari glare at him. "I don't see your problem little brother. This did not concern you in anyway or form so you pratically had no right to intrupt me." he started walking towards Kiri. "Your wrong!" he exclaimed. Hikari stared at his brother with a cocky grin and a snort. "Wrong am I?" he asked him with a smirk. Kiri nodded. "Yes, you are wrong if you think it doesn't concern me when it comes to Aoi-chan. He's one of my closest friends and pratically my little brother." he replied. "HAH!" Hikaru snorted. "If that's what you think. Still yet, it doesn't matter. I'll do as I please to whoever I want, and if I want Ai-kun than I'm going to get him. You got that?" he asked now close to his brothers face with a tight hold on his shirt.

Kiri glared at him not saying anything. Hikari sneered. "Like I thought little brother. Your to completly hopeless to do anything about it. Tsch, your not old enough to feel the pull of lust to such a perfect little uke like him." he pushed his brother back making him fall on his butt. "Now if you'll execuse me, I have to get back to work baka otouto." he glared as he walked past Kiri without a second glance. Kiri growled glaring at his brothers back finally dragging himself up after a few minuets. "Your such an idiot Nii-chan..." he muttered getting up and starting back home.