Hey. M'name's Vernal, but ev'rybody usually just calls me 'crazy'.

My apologies, friend. That was lil' bit confrontin' to start off on, the wrong foot forward an' all. Excuse m'manners, truly, I haven't had a… well, what you'd call a normal human conversation for quite a while now. A few years, maybe, I'm not so sure anymore. It's been a wild time, I tell ya. Yeah, heh… it's been a pretty wild time.

Out here in th' backwoods of the country, ain't nobody comes around unless they're hidin' from somethin'. I guess y'all should know that anyways, but I'm just sayin', you're gonna meet those who are a wee bit wackier than m'self. I'm just warnin' you, and all. Friendly like. 'Course, I dunno where you're comin' from, but you're likely to wanna watch out for them types.

Ah, so, you're from the old resistance? Tell me, how is the lot of 'em?

Y'say she's falling apart? I used ta be a resistance man m'self. Oh, yeah. Way back in th' day, before it done got bought by the queen. Whassat? Oh, yessir, of course it was bought. All up in bonds, or whatever ya wanna call it. That's 'ow the rulin' minority stayed in power fer so long, don'tcha know?

The resistance was puttin' on a good show of bidin' their time, but all they was waitin' for was their next little protection payment that the queen sent their way. She gave 'em a little leeway here and there, and in return, they didn't do nothin' to overthrow the throne. It's quite the lucrative little deal they've got goin' on, y'see? The whole thing's a real song n' dance, if you ask me. I got outta there while I could. Once I found out, I knew there'd be no stoppin' the mercenary bastards from cutting my throat -

No, wait! Don't leave, friend. Look in ter my eyes…. I'm not crazy. You'll see, one day. Y'all will comprehend what's been goin' on beneath yer very noses. It's not a theory, it's a fact, friend, a guaranteed fact.

Sure y'all will be doin' alright without a fire to warm yerself by? It's awful cold 'round these parts, and I tell ya, plenty of psychos out there.

Well, see ya, then, I guess. You watch yerself.

I'll be here.


A/N: a quick narrative piece that I wrote while procrastinating on my Nanonovel. It's in a weird style that I haven't done before, so I'm keen on critique.