"I don't want to talk about it," Devon said before Tyler even got a chance to speak.

"I just walked through the door!" The boy said, looking perplexed. He took a seat next to her, studying the girl's scowling face. Her grey eyes were narrowed, rose lips in a thin line and even her blonde hair was just pushed back haphazardly, all proof something was annoying her. "What's wrong?"

"Shouldn't you go to your home?" She snapped, crossing arms over her chest.

Tyler smirked slightly, running a hand through his already tousled brown hair. It never mattered that the boy walked in to his best friend's house at anytime without even knocking, it was like his second home but today Devon was in a mood and taking it out on anyone. "Dede..."

"Don't call me that!" She snapped, turning to face the other way, now facing the huge fireplace her father had had fitted some years ago.

"Dumpling," he corrected, using her nickname. "Is it Antony?" He asked, using the name of one of the boy's she'd known, and disliked, for a while at their high school. Antony was on the same football team as Tyler who was late to Devon's because of practice, and it had took all of the latter boy's energy not to punch him when he said he'd asked Devon out and she'd said yes. The boy couldn't help but be protective and jealous. "I was going to let you tell me in your own time, but..." At that the boy opened his arms, knowing what was next.

Devon moved to curl up in his arms, sighing under her breath. "I hate boys," she complained. "They're all rubbish and I'm never going to meet the right one."

Glad she couldn't see, Tyler winced at the girl's words- did she not realise that he held a torch for her? Everyone else seemed to; they continued to ask him why they weren't an item already. The simple answer was she was oblivious, even if it was clear she loved him too. "What happened?" He quizzed, resting his chin on the top of her head.

"He asked me out."

Tyler winced again and bit on his lip. Maybe she'd said yes. "You said?"

"I said no," she said. "You should have seen it! As I was leaving, he grabbed my arm, pulled me to him and tried kissing me. There was a crowd!"

The boy shook his head- Antony had hell to pay tomorrow. "He's an idiot."

"All boys are," she said decisively as she snuggled into him. "I hate them all."

Great, the boy thought. Then an idea hit him. Smirking slightly, the boy used a finger to gently lift her face up to meet his. She didn't resist, instead her wide grey eyes met his brown pair and she seemed a bit dazed. "De..."

"I have to go," the girl spluttered, jumping up and running up the stairs, leaving the boy with no time to explain himself.