Maria Elizabeth Jameson's gem blue eyes seemed to see everything from behind her mask. It meant she noticed the fact she'd caught the eye of Elijah Marcus O'Hare, a boy a couple of years older than her. He didn't seem to be too concerned with the fact he had several girls surrounding him as they threw themselves at him. Silly little girls, had they not realised his eyes had not left Maria once since she'd entered the room?

Tonight, Maria felt like someone else. The usually quiet and reserved girl was alive and buzzing thanks to a shimmering mask that covered the top half of her face. Her dress and heels matched it; both were black and shimmering. The dress hugged the right parts but add her perfectly preened and curled blonde hair and even she was surprised by how amazing she felt and looked. For once she felt like she deserved the boy who was cruel, cocky and all round devious but like her own guilty pleasure. His grey eyes were surrounded by a black eye mask with two slits. It reminded her of Zorro. The way it ruffled up his dark hair caused her to imagine running her hands through it. He wore a plain black suit like most of the other boys, except he wasn't weedy and actually looked older and dashing in his.

Maria smirked to herself and turned on her heels, hair falling slowly onto her shoulders. She saw Zach then- a blonde boy who was nothing like Eli and someone Maria only saw as a close friend. He was cute, but too predictable and so boring for her. He clearly fancied her and seemed to blush under his own mask when he noticed she was looking at hin. "Can we dance?" The girl asked, voice angelic.

"Y-you want t-to dance with m-me?" He stuttered, clearly shocked by this revelation.

"It is a dance, isn't it?" Maria asked with a light giggle as she played with a lock of her hair. The boy nodded weakly, sure his voice would break if he tried to speak. She grinned, showing no annoyance at the fact she had to take control. Her hands wound around his neck and the boy remained still for a moment before he awkwardly found her waist. They didn't dance much, instead they seemed to just rock side to side which might be an insult on Maria's dancing abilities if she bothered to care.

However, she didn't care for Zach and it was all just part of her plan. A moment later and it seemed to have worked. There was a light tap on her shoulder and she innocently turned to look up and see who it was. Eli smirked slightly as he turned to face Zach who looked like he'd just been told there would be no Christmas. "May I cut in?" Zach just nodded, knowing he had no choice. Instantly, Maria gave Zach a smile and removed her arms and wrapped them around the new boy's neck. Eli didn't hesitate and wound his arms around her waist, moving her closer and more dangerously than Zach would have dreamed of. "So devious for trying to make me jealous, you know."

"I have no idea what you're on about," Maria said, sounding so innocent and truthful as she just smiled up at him.

"I'm sure you don't," he replied, chuckling. "I'm sure you're oblivious to the glances I give you during classes. Or the way we looked at eachother before. What about the time I winked?"

"I'm sure you're imagining these things, O'Hare," Maria said, giggling lightly.

Out of the blue, Eli leant over her as she ducked back a bit. Her heart was fluttering but she didn't let on as she smirked up at him. He remained silent, eyes flickering to her crimson lips. "It's Eli, please." He ducked towards her lips with his own, only stopping when she put a finger against his.

"Stealing a kiss is wrong," Maria said with a mischievous twinkle to her eyes. "Besides, we're at a school dance."

"I don't care, I get what I want," he said gruffly before he removed her fingers from his lips and kissed her with more passion than should be shown in public.

As do I, Maria thought as her fingers tangled in his hair and she returned the kiss.