The sun was just going down, casting a red glow over the car park. Alice sipped from her can and sighed, it was just too damn hot out here. She stared at the little café and sighed again, the sign in the window declared no shoes, no shirt, no service.

"Just my luck" Alice muttered. She stared down at her bare feet and bikini top, it was so much cooler inside then out here.

"I got the lollies and the drinks. Ready to go?" Alice turned and held out her hand for another cold can, Gozala handed it over and smiled before climbing behind the wheel of their car.

"I'm ready and I'm boiling!" said Alice. A taxi pulled up beside them and another girl climbed out, Alice groaned and dived into the back seat of the car. She hated Meera with a passion, there wasn't any particular reason behind it, and Meera just rubbed her up the wrong way.

"How far to the hotel from here?" asked Meera as she followed Alice into the car.

"Not far. Should take about half an hour and then we can get some proper food" Gozala replied. Alice rolled her eyes and opened another cold can of soda. Gozala turned the key but the engine just coughed a little before dyeing completely.

"Just our luck" muttered Alice.

"Its fine" said Gozala. She turned the key back towards her and was about to try again when someone tapped on the window, making them all jump.

"Bloody Hell" whispered Meera. Standing by the driver's window were two little boys, obviously twins. They looked about six years old and wore matching suits, blonde hair framing their faces. Alice could feel herself pushing away from the window towards the back of the car, she tried not to but the instinct to escape was too strong. It took a moment or two for her to realize what was scaring her, it was their eyes. They did have any. No pupils, no irises, just two back holes.

"Can you help us?" said the boy on the left. He tapped the window again and smiled to reveal two rows of pointed teeth.

"What's wrong with their eyes?" whispered Meera. Alice shook her head and tried to be rational.

"It's just the light and shadows and . . . and . . ." Alice stopped, she couldn't finish. It had nothing to do with the light, they simply had no eyes. But as she stared at them, she realized this wasn't strictly true. The sockets weren't empty, they had black eyes. Somehow, that didn't make this situation any better.

"Can you help us? We need a ride" said the boy, his teeth shining in the fading light.

"Start the car" said Meera. She reached around and pushed the locks on all the doors down before pushing back towards her own door.

"They're just kids" said Gozala. Her voice was slurred, almost as if she were drunk. Her hand moved towards the handle but Meera grabbed her face and yanked her head around so they were nose to nose.

"They're not coming in here. You're not going out there. Now, start the damn car and get us the fuck out of here!" said Meera. Her voice was calm and level but there was fear at the back of it. Alice's opinion of Meera underwent a drastic change in that moment. Gozala seemed to shake herself, the glaze from her eyes lifted and she blinked.

"Okay, yeah, we're going" she whispered. Gozala twisted back to the windshield and turned the key, the engine roared into life. Alice sent up a silent prayer to whoever might be listening as they shot away from the car park and the black eyed children. Alice turned and stared out the back window, her mouth dropped open as another car pulled up beside the two boys.

"Holy shit. I think they just got in that car behind us" said Alice. She turned back to the front and wiped her face with a shaking hand. The car slowed for a red light and Gozala took a deep breath.

"What the Hell was that? I almost let them in!" she said. Gozala laid her head against the steering wheel and let out a choked sob, Meera and Alice patted her back and made soothing noises. Gozala lifted her head and sniffed, her cheeks streaked with tears. She stared over at Meera and her eyes suddenly grew wide as another car pulled up at the lights. Meera and Alice followed her gaze, whimpering a little when they saw it. The car beside had a family, the mum and dad and a baby in the back. But playing with the baby were the two boys with black eyes. They stared at the three girls before smiling again; they waved and then turned their attention back to the baby. The light changed and the car soon vanished into the distance.

"I want to go home" Alice whispered. Gozala decided they could go to the hotel another time. She pulled a U turn and headed home, keeping all the doors locked.