Part 6

The dragon grinned and nuzzled him again. Giving him one last lick, before the vines began crawling over him again. Rubbing over his sensitive skin and pumping into him slowly. For a moment panic washed over Dwain but with the gentle nuzzling from the dragon, he calmed. He wasn't sure why, but the nuzzling felt oddly reassuring to him. Whether that was intentional or not was anyone's guess.

"I won't harm you little one" Whispered the Dragon, unable to completely keep his smug tone out of his voice. It was always rewarding when he managed to bend his prey to this point and it had been so long since he had a pet.

Dwain only whimpered, not finding any words to reply, his mind slowly filling with pleasure as the vines began to stretch him open again. Rubbing against the nerves in his ass and against his cock. The vine stopping him stopping him from releasing was also there, causing him to look up at the dragon pleadingly.

"Stop little one" The dragon scolded in a teasing voice, "You're not to cum until I have fully claimed that body of yours"

The knight paled slightly at the tone, but nodded. Already he was straining against the vines. Shame built up in him again, for allowing the beast to treat him this way. He was a disgrace. But as the vines began to hammer into his prostate, leaving him screaming in pleasure, all that was pushed to the back of his mind.

"That's it. Take it" Hissed the dragon gleefully as the knight began thrusting against the vines, moaning wantonly. Another thing which was rewarding to see. A once innocent and prude knight, moaning and wriggling like a whore. But if he wanted to claim the human; he was going to have to pull of some magic he hadn't used in a while.

To say Dwain was surprised when a hand touched his face would be an understatement. He was speechless when he saw who was holding him. "Didn't expect this did you?" Grinning a distinctly human face. Though after that, there was little resemblance to a human. Scales covered most of the man's body and giant wings spread from his back. Horns were on either side of his head and his ears were pointed like elf ears. There was no doubt to who this figure was.

Looking down Dwain let out an audible gulp as he saw the human figures cock. While it was much smaller than if he had still been a dragon, it was still bigger than any humans. In both girth and length. The dragon tutted slightly as Dwain trembled in a mixture of fear and nervousness.

Grabbing his chin, the dragon leant in and gave the knight a deep kiss, forcing him to accept his tongue as it plunged into him. The dragon's tongue was long, and slide around Dwain mouth, mapping in out. Dwain moaned as pleasure sparked from the intimate kiss. Talons dug into him as the dragon pulled him closer.

A hand reaching between them and grabbed Dwain's stiff cock. Rubbing it gently, making Dwain moan and whimper more. The sounds sweeter than anything else the dragon had heard in a long time. He had missed being able to do this to people. Dwain didn't even notice as his legs were rearranged slightly, his knees drawn up so they were level with his chest, giving the dragon better access to him.

The vines left him, making him whimper from the loss. Dwain blushed as he felt the dragon smile in the possessive kiss. Letting the knight breathe and dragon let go of his mouth, licking over Dwain's panting lips as he waited a moment. When Dwain had got some form of breathe back, he pushed in.

"Urgh" The dragon moaned in pleasure as firm muscles clamped round him. The vines had stretched and lubed the knight but he was still so tight. He rocked in and out of the body slowly, enjoying the feel of having a tight heat around him. Grunting as the muscles clenched around him

Dwain bit his lip as he tried not to scream. It burned. He felt too full, like he was going to be split in half. Sobbing he kept his eyes shut as the dragon pumped in and out of him. Either too lost in his own pleasure to notice Dwain's pain, or simply not caring. It was hard to say as the thrusts got harder.

It was only when Dwain let out a cry of pain did the thrust pause. "Oh little one " crooned an apologetic voice, as soft kisses were pressed to his cheeks. Talons wrapped around him gently and all movement stopped for a moment. Blood trickled down his legs.

The grip on him tightened as the dragon began murmuring soothing words into his ears, just waiting as the pain died down. Talons moved over him in massaging gestures. As it did this, his muscles began to relax again, the dragon taking that as a sigh to begin moving. Admittedly at slower pace.

A vines curled around his cock and began pumping into the time of the dragon's thrusts. This time when Dwain screamed, it was one of pleasure as the dragon found his spot.

There was a dark smirk on the dragon's face as he began to speed up his thrusts again. Taking full advantage of the submissive male in front of him. Dwain found himself yelling for more as pleasure began bubbling up in him, fast replacing the previous pain. Sharp bites littered his chest, turning purple as the dragon began marking his pet. Enjoying the taste of the soft flesh. Almost good enough to eat. Almost.

Dwain wasn't sure if he was in heaven or hell, but couldn't for the life of him care anymore. Unable to do anything but moan and scream for more of the sensation he was feeling. Pleasure and pain mixed making him feel like he was light-headed. Both overwhelming to him, but neither overtaking the other. The vines were still holding up, the one around his cock pumping steadily to the thrusts of the dragon on him. Occasionally squeezing his base to stop him releasing.

The dragon could fast feel its release coming and began pumping in and out of the body below him. The knight clenching around him he hammered into the tight muscles. Moaning in pleasure, despite the start being painful. He let his tongue flip over the small bites he had made on the knights chest.

A low moan rewarded his actions. Moving quickly, he pulled out of the body and let the vines flip the man over, slamming back into him fast and hard. He lost all controlled as he hammered into the wanton body below him. His talons firmly gripped his prey's hip, blood tricking over him as they opened wounds which had begun to heal.

Suddenly it was too much. He came into the warm body, roaring so loud it could be heard for miles. His teeth snapped shut around his prey's neck. Hard enough to break the neck and mark him. But not enough to cause him serious harm.

As he was flipped over, the vine let go of his cock and Dwain screamed his release. But it paled in comparison to the roar the dragon gave as he pumped his body with his seed. Pain erupted as the dragon bite into his neck, but Dwain found himself unable to care. Barely noticing it as he was lost in his own pleasured haze. Finding himself feeling slightly numb, now it was all over with. Not feeling shame nor love. Just a blissful nothingness.

He was dimly aware of being lowered to a soft surface, before the dragon licked the back of his neck gently. "Good pet. Sleep now" Crooned the dragon. Dwain didn't need any encouragement, simply drifting off into the darkness. In pain, but sated for the first time in his life.

The dragon smiled softly to himself as he watched the human fall asleep, an innocent and soft expression on his sleeping face. In sharp contrast to the bruises, cuts and blood which covered his body. The vines were covering him again. This time searching out injuries and coating them with a healing salve. Followed by wrapping bandages around them. After all it wouldn't do for his pet to be injured for long.

The dragon was pleased with the way things had turned out. He had greatly missed having vaguely intelligent company. The vines were sentient, but they couldn't respond in words and he did grew lonely. After he tamed the knight, he would no doubt have an interesting pet for years.

But first he would have to tame and train the little human. After all, he had got him to surrender, but the dragon had no disillusions to the nature of animals. A trapped creature will try to escape. It took a certain amount of skill to tame a human, or indeed a normal animal. Though humans were a little different. Able to get themselves into trouble even in the tamest of situations.

The dragon rumbled happily as the vines finished patching up the human, letting himself fall beside the sleeping form and cuddle up. He preferred sleeping in his more humanoid form, the soft silks of his bed were so much more comfortable than the hard stone he slept on as a dragon. One of the vines pet his wings slightly, making him grin. The vines had gotten some fun too. Pulling the limp form of his new pet in his arms, the dragon closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep.

The poor knight had no idea what was in store for him after this. No idea at all.