I'm awake now, vague memories from the stranger that was with me flooded my mind.

I think it might have been a girl or a young boy their voice was soft and afraid.

But it seemed as if I was to be alone now, or so I though the blindfold that had been placed over my eyes had been pulled off.

A light had been flicked on and I was blinded for a moment I shut my eyes and turned my head.

Someone chuckled.

I opened my eyes as I was adjusting to the light when I saw a man he was rather older looking although I couldn't say for certain what his age was.

He was. . . . quite scary looking . He had a black eye, he had some facial hair and bushy eyebrows his eyes were green and he had a big forehead. He looked like he took steroids the veins in his muscles bulged. He was taller than me maybe a foot taller.

The man next to him, the one with the blue eyes, looked around the same age maybe thirty or forty. He had a busted lip and he was bald and had a big long nose he was shorter and fatter than the other one. But his eyes were the scariest they were big and they looked so vicious.

The room was rather small and it had no windows.

"You're awake" The man said.

"No, I'm not."

This made him laugh. It was not a pleasant sound.

"You're even prettier than I expected to be Lucy."

"I-What?-How do you know my name?" I asked a little afraid.

"That's not important." He said as another man came in this was the man I saw in the airport with the blue eyes.

I stared at him; he stared back making me feel uncomfortable.

"She's not yours." He growled at the blue eyed man.

I felt pain in my wrists and ankles.

I looked and saw I was tied to a bed, one of the men came over and began fondling me touching me everywhere.

My heart was racing i could feel it beating hard and fast my palms were sweaty and I felt nauseous something that happened only when I was afraid.

"Stop, why-why are you doing this?" I whimpered I was on the verge of tears my voice sounded weak and scared.

They both laughed now. This sent a chill down my spine.

"You'll figure it out soon enough" The blue eyed man said between laughs.

Tears streamed down my face as I realized why I was here.

Maybe I had been kidnapped for some mad sex trade, or maybe they would explode me as a sex slave. Maybe they would sell my organs and use my remains as a trophy. All these horrible thoughts swam through my mind.

At any given moment they could kill me. I remembered once while watching the Oprah show to never be taken to a second location where it would be secluded and I would most likely be killed.

Too fucking late for that now Oprah. I thought to myself.

"We have special plans for you, Lucy" the green eyed man said.

"Let's introduce ourselves shall we? The name is Samuel and this is 'Killer' you can only imagine why we call him that."

You can imagine I almost peed my pants as he said that. I could feel my knees shake.

"Now its time for you to go to sleep again" As he said this a white fabric was placed on my nose and mouth I felt dizzy and everything went black.

I was left with the 2 men I now knew as 'Killer' and Samuel

Nicolas POV.

It was done, they kidnapped her and I was an accomplice.

5 years ago my mother was killed by my step father, Samuel.

She died in a "drowning accident" while Samuel and her were on their honeymoon while I was in my first year of college.

6 months later the kidnapping started. Samuel brought a unconscious girl that night and told us if we called the police we'd die.

My brothers David and Louis now referred as 'Killer' were reluctant at first but they later on joined in as if that was normal. They didn't feel remorse or regret, they enjoyed making their victims feel vulnerable and scared.

I've never wanted to join in but after they beat me up and left me unconscious for 3 days I agreed to go online and find an unsuspecting girl. Sadly it worked and now I've helped them get what they want in this kidnapping game.

So far we have kidnapped 3 girls in the course of 4 years. Its not easy from what I've seen.

They begin by stalking them they watch them and memorize their moves they begging looking for information about them and get inside their heads.

The first girl we kidnapped is named Maria she's English and Samuel took a keen interest in her.

He rapes her every night and beats her. I never sleep her screams are haunting. She's sickly thin, Samuel doesn't feed the girls, he likes to make them beg and cry.

Second girl we kidnapped was the youngest we kidnapped her at 14, David took control over her but Louis sometimes takes her when David is sleeping or showering. She never talks or makes eye contact.

Third girl died a few months ago. Louis broke her neck when he caught her trying to leave the house we were staying at.

We move a lot in order to stay under the radar.

They don't do this to get money out of the girl's parents, they just want their bodies and to control someone that won't fight back.

The girl I helped kidnap is the fourth girl and I'm sure she isn't the last girl to ever go through this.

This time I helped in getting her here. I helped them take this girl into the depth of this hell hole.

I feel disgusting.

Samuel came barged into my room. He had a smirk on his face they kind when he made the girls cry. I had a book in my hand and I stood up and dropped it on my bed.

"Nicolas! What the hell are you doing, you think that with those books you're going to be different than us? Smarter perhaps? Guess what. You're just like me and your brothers in the end you will enjoy what we do. You can't escape this" As he said this he grabbed the book on my bed and ripped it in half with ease.

"You will become a man tonight, you will take her" He hissed.

"I'm not taking any part in this, I am not like you." I hissed back.

Samuel's vein in his neck popped out and then he closed his fingers to his palm and he connected his fist between my nose and my mouth.

I lost balance for a moment but I stood.

"Filthy son of a bitch, you won't under mind me you'll do as I say when I say it." Samuel spat out he walked out of the room and shut the door.

I felt blood trickle down my nose and touch my upper lip.

It felt uncomfortably painful but I was used to not caring anymore when either one of them hit me. They got into fights with each other all the time over the pettiest things.

I don't know how Samuel brain washed my brothers into doing the things they do.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a scream. I didn't recognize this scream so it must have been from Lucy.

It was a horrible shriek and I didn't want to know what caused it.

Lucy's POV

My head felt as if I just banged it on s boulder. But this wasn't as horrible as the pain that I felt in another place.

My hands where still tied but now Samuel removed my pants and entered a finger into my womanhood.

I've never had sex or been fingered before this was really painful.

I continued to scream until he slapped me across the face. 'Killer' gaged me with a dirty cloth and began touching my ribs and stomach until he went up to my breast and began doing the same thing.

I tried to wiggle out of their reach but they held me in place.

When Samuel stuck out his fingers there was blood on them.

My blood.

He stood up and kicked me in the stomach. This blew all the air out of me.

Pain quickly made its way into my ribs and abdomen.

"Shut up bitch!" Samuel screamed

"Scream and try and fight us off and this won't be as pleasant" Killer said.

Killer left the room and it was just me and Samuel.

He pressed his body against mine.

He threw himself on top of me as he began ripping off the remains of my clothes. Once I was completely exposed he started with himself.

I tried moving, but my entire body hurt. There was nothing that I could do as I looked into those icy blue eyes. I felt paralyzed and crippled; completely helpless.

The pain was agonizing as he continued pushing into me.

Within a second he got what he wanted.

Shame washed over me and I knew that I would never escape and this was just the beginning of a horrible nightmare.

Samuel left the room a few minutes after he didn't forget to slap my face and grab my breast though.

I was still tied but my ankles were set free. But with every move new pain came. Everything hurt.

At one point I remember blacking out.

When I woke up I was still naked. Lying there on the cold floor somehow I moved from the table to the bed where I was raped to the floor. But this time I was tied to a pole.

A stripper pole?

Ugh these guys get more disgusting as the time goes by.

I heard some footsteps but they weren't directed to me or where I was. A door opened and closed harshly.

Someone yelled.

"You little ungrateful bitch!"

Then you could hear a struggle between whoever was fighting. A girl screamed now.

I wasn't the only one here?

"Please, Louis stop" the girl cried out.

"I told you to never call me that!"

It seemed as he pushed the girl from some stairs, the sound of her body hitting each step made goose bumps rise on my arms.

When she hit the final step I didn't hear anything else.

Except for a few sobs.

My head was still pounding and it seemed that lately all I would do was pass out at every given moment.

But I didn't this time, although the pain was unbearable, I managed to remain conscious.

Another man whom I had never seen entered through the door. I had been so transfixed into my own thoughts that I wasn't aware of my surroundings.

The man told me to shut up and not to move.

He picked me up and threw me onto his back and carried me into another room.

This room looked like a dining room.

There were two girls and three men all looking at me.

No one was sitting at the table everyone was standing in different parts of the room.

Samuel had a blonde girl with him he grabbed her by the arm and she was looking at my shoes.

Killer was standing alone beside the door, probably guarding it in case one of us made a run for it.

The guy who was carrying me went beside a girl with reddish brown hair, she looked around my age. She looked…empty.

Once I was placed into one of the seats Samuel spoke.

"Lucy, I'd like you to meet Nicolas"

My eyes shot open and my mouth dropped.

Was this…

"Nico-Nicolas" I muttered barely in audibly in disbelief.

He just stared at me.