Jimmy the Pomeroy.

Life, that is love. This time it was perfect as could be. Shortly after Jimmy asked me out, Joseph was there with Brad. He had a rose in his hand.

"Who's that with Abby?" Brad was steaming as ran and punched Jimmy. I rushed down to help Jimmy.

"Brad, What the "H" is wrong with you?"

"Why are you cheating on me?"

"Here's my answer, we were over when you moved to Texas. Therefore you should have forgotten about me."

"But, I love you."

"I don't!"

Just then, Brad kissed me and he then left saying "think about it." thinking that's what I need. But I need Charlie to help out. He's a friend of Mom's so this should be good.

"Charlie," I said as I came in the house in a hurry. "I need you."

"What is it sweetie?" He calls me sweetie, because I like sweet tarts. "Yeah?"

"What were boys like when you were a kid?"



"Would You Stop?