Chapter Two: Interruptions

I guess the me part of the story starts a week before I died. I told you already I died when a tractor trailer truck skidded in black ice right? Good. Moving on. Let me take you back…. Not that long ago. Only a few years ago.

"Kayleigh… Ten years is a long time for people on Earth."

"Lucy…. You can't go interrupting my story. It's impolite. Aren't angels supposed to be nice and polite?"

"That's a stereotype Kay. If that were true, there is no way in heaven you would be an angel. "

"Wait why would you say that?"

"Aren't you supposed to be telling your story?"

"Grrr…. Ok. As long as you don't interrupt again."

"… No promises."


So as Lucy pointed out, everything happened ten years ago. I was a junior in high school. I hate to say it now, but I was the stereotypical popular girl. I was the cheerleader captain, which was an honor almost never bestowed on a junior. I was on the honor roll, and I had amazing friends. I was pretty rich; one of those people who was given a car for their sixteenth birthday.

All in all, on the outside, I was on the top of the world. I didn't really feel happy though. I felt like I was missing something. I didn't really care about the parties, or the cheer competitions, or the football games. I started to feel like maybe there was something wrong with me. Maybe I was just unappreciative. But whatever it is, I was miserable. There were times when I WANTED to die.

"Whoa Kay, you never told me that! That's not cool!"

"Luce! I told you not to interrupt."

"Yeah but this is like big! How could you want to die?"

"Luce it's only the beginning of the story. It's going to get explained."

"Oh. Ok. Keep going then."

I didn't know then, but I had what's called Clinical Depression. Luckily, my mom noticed one day that I was unhappy. I know a lot of teens don't really talk to their parents about stuff but I did. That's why I was so upset after I died, and I saw my parents' reactions. They were so devastated. Now they know I'm ok. Crap I shouldn't have said that…. That's giving stuff away. I told Lucy I didn't know how to write. Oh well. Moving on.

So when I told my mom how I was feeling, she brought me to the doctor, who told me what was wrong. He gave me some medication, and I guess after that I was a lot better. I mean I still wasn't one hundred percent, but I was a lot better. Wow I just said that twice. Awesome. But anyway. I went back to school and everything was alright. My friends had been worried about me for a long time, because I had been acting weird, but I just told them I hadn't been feeling good and they accepted that. And I went on with my life like before. I still wasn't a huge fan of parties, but I went to a few anyway, just to please my friends. "Wait Kayleigh Marie! Why would you do things just to please people! You never do that!"

"Lucy Elizabeth! I told you not to interrupt."

"Yeah I know but it's hard!"

"Lucy you didn't know me when I was alive. Plus I bet when you were alive they didn't have peer pressure."

"Of course they did! I wasn't born THAT long ago."

"Uh Luce? Yeah you were. You were born in 1874."


"Ugh. Never mind." And with those pleasant words, we go back to that week ten years ago. My last week on earth as Kayleigh Marie Lacy Hicks.