If given the chance to look up at the sky at midnight,
what would you see

Would your eyes stare at the miniature speckles of light
and say that those are stars
just from the mere fact that you were told by teachers that they are

Could you possibly see beyond what we comprehend as reality
and gaze at the things we wish not to see

Have you any doubt that we are simply small needles in a giant haystack
and judge what is important based on the ideas implanted and seeded
ever since we were children

Where are the facts that fuel our perception and witness what we believe to be the truth

Although we always say seeing is believing,
what happens when our vision crumbs and blackens

How can we look upon the earth and its inhabitants and instill our power over things
that we ourselves don't even know exist

Our minds function in multiple ways in which we know nothing of

We are capable of so much more yet we limit our very being based on beliefs and observation

So when given the opportunity to observe the dark, yet glistening sky
we should simply state that we see ourselves