Cliffs and Clocks

I stand on the edge

The edge of




I am like the slow

But certain ticking of a clock

Waiting patiently

For me to stop

To stop at a single time





What if I were to fall

Fall into the darkness

The darkness of my existence

My existence

Because what I'm doing

Can't possibly be living

I am like the ticking of a clock

Always chiming at the accorded time

A routine developed

And like the clock

I cannot easily stop it

The cliff is my escape

The edge taunts me

But I could never jump

I am like a clock

My heartbeat keeps time

With the passing hours


Always waiting

To stop the routine

To break the beat

To stop me

I stand on the edge

My life hangs within the balance

Of a single step

So close to being taken

Yet my heart is like

The continuous ticking of a clock

It keeps on going

Even if the timing

Is irrevocably off