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"Seb what are you doing?" Marley said from behind us.

"I think Hayley wants to go for a dip."

"You're dumping me into the pool?" I exclaimed thrashing against him harder.

"She'll freeze in there." Adrian stated moving up next to us.

"Yeah Seb this isn't cool." Blake said moving to the other side of us. Sebastian paused and sighed in annoyance.

"Guys, you're either with us, or against us." He looked to them deeply and when they said nothing he began to walk again.

As we got to her backyard everyone began shouting their disbelief.

"This isn't okay with me."

"I change my mind, let her go."

"Just put her down."

"Get your grimy hands off my best friend!"

Nothing they said changed his mind and within seconds I was thrown into the air. I held my breath and braced myself for the change in temperature. All thoughts of the ice cold water was forgotten when I felt my body rush to the bottom of the pool. I shot my arm out at last minute and heard a cracking noise that seemed to echo in my head as my world went from red to black.


I throw Hayley into the quiet undisturbed water with a grunt and laugh out loud as she went in flailing like a confused chicken. My laughter and the sound of running teens was all that filled the silence that followed… until Marley made a noise that sounded like a cross between a gasp, scream, and a pain-filled cry, followed by Serena breathing out "God. No." Her voice cracking. I finally looked up to see what Serena was fussing about now but at the corner of my eye I see something bright red. My amusement was completely gone.

"Hayley!" shrieked Cassie. Marley started forward but I the sight of her battered body was enough to have me pushing back everyone else and leaping into the pool; after me followed two other splashes. I wrapped one arm around her waist and one underneath her legs and set her down stepping back as everyone crowded around Hayley. "O' MY GOD! Someone call 911!" yelled Serena. Lacey pulled out her phone in a heartbeat.

Everyone was crying, except me. I tried to ignore the guilt welling up inside me but I couldn't help it. I kept looking down at my now bloodied hands. The hands of a killer. You monster. She was just trying to make you change your ways. And you killed her! YOU KILLER. YOU KILLER! In my mind I keep seeing her. The blood spread out enough to reveal her brittle broken body. Blood continued running out of her head and arms. Her right arm hung at a painful-looking angle and her skin as pale as snow. The air was tainted with the scent of Hayley's blood. She looked lifeless.

"SEBASTIAN!" yelled Lacey snapping me out of my thoughts. "GET OUT! YOU MURDERER! GET! OUT!" Serena screeched frantically from the foot of the pool deck chair with mascara running down her face. Their accusing glares got me running out of the yard, driving past the flashing lights and straight home to continue drowning in remorse. You murderer… only now do I see what Hayley was fighting for.


[Waking up in the hospital the same day]

"I'm gonna kill him. Literally KILL HIM!" yelled a voice (that sounded like Marley) followed by several hushes.

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