You finally made it clear that day

That we are friends and it will stay that way

Though you broke my heart

It seems I also took a part

In your choice to leave me

By the time I noticed you had already paid the fee

I hurt you without my intention

I am mean without discretion

I just want to say that I am sorry and thank you

You opened up my eyes to a world I never knew

You gave me moments filled with glee

You were the first to set me free

But now it seems that we are friends

And that it will stay that way till the end

But I don't regret

And it seems I will never forget

Though I try I know I am strong

I will find someone else who will help me belong

Thank you for the time you spent with me

Thank you for teaching me a part of love I always wished to see

Your patience was something that I admire

It helped to ignite a fire

Within my heart and soul

It pushes me to set a goal

To find someone who will stay even with my issues

Someone who will share my values

Someone who I will struggle to impress

Someone to can cause me emotional stress

You used to be that person

You used to be my sun

But now I must let you go

And yet still I feel for your ego

Thank you and goodbye

Your presence releases a sigh

I will miss your smile and kisses

And your sparkling eyes

The way you touched me were so sweet

It felt weird but it was a treat

It showed me that you cared

It pushed me to limits that I wouldn't usually dare

I will miss you but will you miss me

I hope so, because you mean so much to me

Friends, we are forever

Hopefully that relationship will never be severed