A friend in need

Your questioning gaze

bores and destroys,

sets me a daze

That sickening smile

Your innocent stance

Twisting both your feet inwards-

makes me feel vile

inside. But now's the time

To come clean

To say all that's been-

A lie?

The future?

Stop the running

face the facts, I say

Don't be sad and

blame them

for all that went-


Got to be strong

Take my stance

No more walking after you in a trance!

that ruins me silently inside

Crushing me while I'm already suffering

You made your choice

and I struggled


to keep my thoughts

bottled inside

Others saw my sorrow

spilled over in tears



The breaking point finally neared

But then…

With assistance

advice given and

making sense of our existence

I was pieced together,

smiling gently

acting as one


painstakingly aware of the visible cracks that still lingers…

Just a poem I wrote to get some frustrations out. Let me know what you think. I typed the peom in stanzas,but Fiction Press is giving me problems.