A little something I just HAD to do and to make up for not uploading another chapter to my main story. So for the bullies out there, DON'T YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH MISERY YOU INFLICT IN YOUR VICTIMS! I've actually never been seriously bullied so I wouldn't know but still~.

"It was a normal day of high school. I was to receive the same treatment that the kings of the playground gave me and was to be shunned by everyone else. Everyone had steered clear of me ever since day 1.
If only I didn't have to go home with bruises and go to school in fear, being ignored would actually be alright. But life just doesn't go as you want it to, right?
I don't understand what logic these people thought of to make them hate me so. It's been 3 years of having to put up with this. 3 long years of suffering.
What's worse is that mother and father don't do anything and I think they don't actually care. It's sad to see that their only child is suffering from a serious issue for 3 years now. But today, at this moment, I'll put an end to everything.
Looking for help would be useless since it's well, me. No one would accept the fact that I also have the right to live and to be treated the same way as everyone else. I think it was because I was different. My hair was shorter than most girls and I wore black clothing with matching converse. What was wrong with that?
Oh, right. They probably didn't expect such a different one to be accepted into this 'normal' school.
How would they feel if they were the ones who were put through continuous hell? Aa, well it doesn't really matter now that it'll be over soon.

Allow me to continue to tell you about myself a bit more until I reach the top of the stairs.
Since I have no friends, I have a diary that I often write in to share my feelings and thoughts. In fact, it's even better than a person. A diary would be with you until you decide to part, it will always listen, and it won't be a bully. What more would a person like me need?
Anyway, since I have this little diary, I often talk to myself and let my mind wander into exciting and free places.
I'm also really quiet. Well I guess that's to be expected, right? People think that I'm plotting someone's death. How on earth would they assume such a thing? So I'm a serial killer now, am I?
Unfortunately, those features further enhance my 'weirdness'.
They should at least attempt to talk-

Oh, we're here." I opened the door to the rooftop and was bathed by the warm sun's rays. Outside always looked so pretty to me, no matter what the weather happened to be. I smiled, feeling happy and free for once in my teenage years.
"Too bad I can't go further than that." I let out an empty chuckle.
I put down my diary and bag a few metres in front of the door and walked to the fence which I climbed over with ease.
The wind blew my hair around as I force myself to smile for this last moment. Instead of jumping eagerly, I allowed myself to fall forward and soon enough, I embraced the pavement below.

My vision instantly flashed black and I could see something in the distance.

Hope you enjoyed that little piece. I've been wanting to do a suicide oneshot for a while now and couldn't resist lol. Hope this doesn't inspire people to jump off buildings though Orz.
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