I'm a dangerous person.

I don't mean that I'm violent.

I don't mean that I'm sick.

I don't mean that people are after me.

I'm obviously taking of what I will do.

You know, in the future.

My destiny is a strange one,

And that's what makes me dangerous.

If you're around me, something bad will happen.

Of course, I don't know what it will be.

Or when it will happen.

But it will happen.

They told me so.

Something has to happen.

That's why they keep me here.

Why, lock up a child, you may ask?

Because I am infamous.

Because I am mysterious.

Because I am dangerous.

Very dangerous.

But for what, I can only guess.

Perhaps it's because that's who I am.

Because I am the bane.

Because I am me, it will happen.

They told me it will.

After all, I am Releasing Hell.

The most dangerous person on Earth.