To the Angel with the Shattered Wing

You walk ahead of me
a bright gleam in the darkness
You step silently
disdaining fear and uncertainty
You've been here before

Posture perfect, expression calm
your hand reaches out to mine
over the dark gaps in the ground

You look so calm,
but sometimes you slip,
display an almost imperceptible shiver
Relics of a previous journey

You're so beautiful,
everything I want to be
Broken yet proud
Kind despite past unkindness

Is it possible that your expression
of serenity and courage is
really just a mask,
to hide fear and pain?

How is it that you are so saintly
that you reach out to me, a stranger,
take my hand, draw me in,
make me your sister,
as if I were as holy as you

Words do not rise to our lips,
I ask you nothing about your broken wing
only see it, always trembling
just ahead

Our arms bear twin marks,
yours shining as merits of honor,
a badge that shows
you have done this before;
mine dark as the blindness surrounding us

Protector, guide me through
this never-ending darkness,
though there is no through,
no safe place, no hope;
only angels with shattered wings.