The Chase

Chapter One

Have you ever watched an animal chasing their own tail? I'm especially amused when I catch a glimpse from the start. The moment when a squirrel stalks his own self. Pretending to be looking straight ahead, but watching his own tail twitch with the excitement that he feels right before the pounce. Then any little movement of a hair in the wrong direction sends him into a sexual frenzy and he runs obsessively around at his own tail, reaching with his claws, and finally stopping when his mouth catches up with himself. Once a piece of him makes it into his mouth and gets bitten, he stops. I'm sure it hurts like the devil.

As soon as the pain lessens all it takes is his eye to catch sight of a half eaten acorn, it's all forgive and forget, until the next time the breeze changes direction. The same analogy can be used for my love life.