Hey, hey, hey! Okay, sooooooooo, chances are you know why I'm here. 366 Days is officially available on Amazon.

Here's how to get to it: search '366 Days in books' then narrow it down to 'literature and fiction.' Author's name: Kiyoshi Tanaka. The cover picture is the same one for the story on this site (sun coming through the clouds).

It is also available on the Kindle, if you prefer that.

Thank you all so very much for all the love and support! I am still writing, and will continue posting oneshots if they come to me, but it's unlikely I will be posting any novel-length stories any time soon. The only one I'm currently working on seems to be on the same track as 366 Days; I don't intend to post it unless I become sure it's not worthy of publishing. Regarding this story (which at this point is nameless), I'm going to do some shameless advertising and give you a quick summary:

Alcohol doesn't help. Drugs don't help. So rock star Corey Blake uses an alternative method to cope with his breakup: he hires a prostitute. Enter Mitchell Carters, nineteen year old male prostitute and brother of three.

So... depressing as hell stuff again. I told one of my friends what 366 Days was about and what my new story is about (drugs and prostitution) and he told me that I have psychological problems...

Anyway, I've ranted for long enough now, considering the only point of this chapter was to let you know 366 Days is now available. Oh, and the fact that even though I've edited the story about ten times now, there could still be mistakes. If there are, my apologies!

Other than that, much love and adios!

Kiyoshi'sGirl64 and Kiyoshi