"And what do you know!" Daisuke pulled his arm free from Shi's grip.

"More then you!" Shi shot back, looking down at the younger one. "You're just a kid, Daisuke. Barely old enough to be out in the world."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Daisuke crossed his arms, stepping back from Shi. "You place everything on age, not what a person has been through. I understand the world and how it works. People like me don't get happy endings! We don't get a fresh start! That isn't how it works!"

"How do you know, Dai? What higher power has given you that option?" Shi said, stepping closer.

"Myself, and personal experience. But you know what, Shi, I deal with it. I take life day by day. That's all I can do. It isn't gonna change for me! My parent's aren't coming back, my grades aren't coming up, and Kyono isn't going away!" Daisuke's eyes widened at the slip he's made and he quickly closed his mouth and looked away.

"Why would Kyono need to go away?" Shi asked, staring at Daisuke.

"I gotta go," the pink haired one made a move for the door, but Shi was quicker, cutting him off by pinning him against the very door he tried to open.

"Oh no. Not this time. Time after time you've slipped away, avoiding the conflict and the truth. But not this time. Why would Kyono need to go away?" Shi demanded, looking Daisuke directly in the eyes.

Daisuke froze for only a moment. "Maybe he's overbearing, like a parent would be? Ok? Maybe he's strict, and I want freedom to do as I please? Maybe I just want a change in relationships? Just 'cause I don't tell you my personal interests doesn't mean I'm avoiding the truth."

Shi wasn't fooled. "If you want a change in relationship, then dump him. What's the difficulty in dumping him?"

This wasn't a question Daisuke had expected, and he didn't have a lie prepared. He knew, and Shi knew, that his extended silence only showed that he was thinking of a lie. Still, Daisuke wasn't willing to admit his fault, and said, "I'd still have to live with him. Breaking up would just make that awkward. I gotta wait until I'm 18, so I can move out."

"I'm not an idiot, Dai. What I don't get is how you can stand there and lie to me. I know it's a lie, and you know that it's a lie, and you know that I know. What's the truth, Dai? 'Cause I've got some good guesses. I-"

"If you know so well about what's going on, then why don't you help!" Daisuke broke, tears showing in his eyes, but not enough to fall. He closed his eyes, trying to hold it back. Shi was stunned - he hadn't expected that reaction. That was all the hesitation that Daisuke needed to be able to break away from Shi, ducking under his arms and sliding around him. "If you know, then why am I still miserable? Don't stand there and preach to me about needing to not lie if you know. I don't tell people the truth, because nothing changes when I do! Do you know how often I've heard 'I know the truth' in my life? Nothing changes from it, so what's the point in bothering? Do you think you can help, Shi? Do you think you're different?" Daisuke backed away, hoping to make an escape.

Shi, however, became angry. He didn't understand why Daisuke would stay somewhere that only hurt him. "Why do you have to be saved! If it's as bad as you say, and you want to be saved, then save yourself. Leave! It's not that long until you're eighteen."

Daisuke chuckled, but it was humorless and dry. "Fuck you, Shi. You don't know shit about me. You assume I'm almost eighteen because I'm a senior, right?" He paused, giving Shi a long stare before continuing. "I'm a senior because I've got a fuckin' IQ of 147 and a memory that never seems to end. Do you think that I never tried to save myself? Do you think that after eight years of this shit that I'd be done with it, want it to end? What the fuck do you know?"

"I know that no one will save you!" Shi yelled. "No one saved me! I had to save myself and you'll have to save yourself, too!"

Daisuke stared at him. "Do you have siblings, Shi?"

Shi was puzzled by the random question. "No?"

"And that is our main difference, Shi. You probably stole away at night, in the safety of the dark, alone. I have a younger brother, Shi, one that I can't save. If I leave, then he takes my place. And I would rather deal with my life now, then even the thought of him having to go through what I do," Daisuke had backed up enough to the other door, and it wasn't until Daisuke turned and shoved the door open that Shi even noticed he's made it to the door. It was to late to try and stop him, though, and in a matter of seconds, Daisuke was gone. Shi was left standing alone in the theatre.

It was amazing that it only took a matter of minutes to ruin was took months to accomplish.

Angry, Shi whirled around and made a fist, swinging for the wall, but he stopped mid-swing, his fist inches from making contact with the wall. With a frustrated growl, he lowered his hand back to his side. Dammit, why did Daisuke have to be so secretive and elusive!

"Damn you, Daisuke."

"Cursing him won't fix anything," Lynn's voice filled Shi's ears and caused the black haired boy to jump. "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." Lynn, who had her arms crossed lightly in front of herself, walked forward, her own black hair bouncing lightly with each step she took.

"Why can't I think before I speak, Lynn?" Shi turned to face her, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

"It's a curse, I suppose."

"How'd you know?"

"That you were upset?" Lynn asked, to which Shi replied with a smile. "I dunno. Best friend instinct I suppose. After all we have been through and you still don't believe that we are linked telepathically?"

"Heh, sure. I'm starting to believe we might be," Shi said, leaning against against the wall he was about to punch.

Lynn walked over, leaning against the wall next to him. She leaned her head back and looked up to the heavens(1). "What are you going to do about it?"

Shi shrugged. Even though Lynn didn't see the motion, Shi was sure that she knew it had happened.

"Let him cool off. Then talk to him."

"Who said I was gonna ask for advice?"

"Who said I was gonna wait to be asked? I'm your best friend, Shi. It's law that I help you, even if you don't want it. Actually, it's law that I help especially when you don't want it."

Shi snorted. "Heh, who said I needed help."

Lynn was quiet. She simply looked to him and smiled. Pushing from the wall, she started to walk away.

"Hey! We done here already?"

Lynn paused long enough to look over her shoulder and say, "Of course we are. And you know it. That's always been how this friendship has worked," and just as quickly as she appeared, Lynn was gone, leaving Shi alone in the dark of the theatre.