John sat at the head of the table. He grinned at all those who sat before him. The orcs sat at the other end, trying to control their drooling as the steaming hot plates of food were served by the servents. Ruse sat next to John, rubbing the place where he had been stabbed.

Kane sat across from the table, and actually gave a wide smile for the first time in days. The others had found him in the aftermath of the battle, knocking unconscious behind a rock. Kane had actually fought valiantly, at least according to him, but he had been overcome and knocked unconscious by the demons. Luckily, Ras'San'Arok was destroyed at that moment and Kane's life was saved.

Rajeo sat in a large chair, specially made for him, but it still complained under his bulk. He had killed dozens of demons with his bare hands, and was very proud of it. Rajeo had even ripped the head off a marge demon and he said he would have liked to nail it to his wall. But everything demon was destroyed, leaving Rajeo without a trophy. Still, he had his many wounds across his body, which he had been comparing with the orc's wounds.

Saul sat next to John. He was the only person to come out relatively unscathed, surprisingly. John had learned Saul had been part of the orc charge against the demons, and he had succeeded in killing many demons. Saul seemed happy to have survived the battle, and had been telling stories to John of his bravery ever since John regained conciousness. John had not been annoyed, but proud. The rookie had become a Knight.

Hask sat next to Saul, polishing his kunai. He had been wounded in the fight, but had killed much by himself. Hask had said John owed him his life now, as he had helped John fight through the demon's. John had simply ignored him, and eventually, Hask just shut up. Still, John did thank him in the end, and when he did this, Hask had actually smiled. For a split second, and he had denied doing it, but John knew it had been there.

Ruse had been wounded the most in battle, but the Spear had healed all of his wounds. He had thanked John when he had awoken this morning, and whispered a single sentence to him. "Will you tell them?" John had replied no, and Ruse had later given him a gold medal. John wore that medal around his neck now, along with several others awarded by the King himself.

Curnas grabbed some roast chicken off the platter that had been sent down, and ripped a hunk off. He gobbled it down, and licked his lips. "Delicious!" He then gave a loud belch and the orcs laughed hertily. John and the others also joined in the laughter.

"Hah!" Rajeo yelled. "I can do better then that!"

Curnas looked at him, and grinned. "I take that as a challenge?"

Rajeo grinned back. "Later! I need to eat something first."

Curnas had been awarded no medals by the King, but John thought the orc didn't need any. He was a hero just as much as any of them, and didn't need any medals to show it. John had informed them all of what Curnas had did during the fight, and when they later learned Curnas had been the one to kill the High Necromancer, everyone cheered for him. The orcs had accompyned the Knights back home, and Ruse invited them to the celebration dinner. Apparently, some orcs were hesistant, but Curnas immediately accepted.

Tarkas, whom John had just learned the name of, clapped his chieftain on the back. "I saved your life multiple times out there!" He roared.

"And I saved you life the same amount!" Curnas retorted. "So we are both even!"

"Until the next hunt!" Tarkas said, grinning. Curnas laughed and handed Tarkas a chicken leg. Tarkas grabbed it and snapped it in half, drinking down the marrow.

No cultists had survived the attack. The Cult of the Damned was gone for good this time, because without Ras'San'Arok to influence them, they had no leader. Some might have escaped, but even if they did, they had nothing to live for and would likely commit suicide. All the undead had died also, most being killed in the battle and the survivors dropping dead after the destruction of the demons.

The Dragon King had been badly injured in the battle, but he had survived. The dragons had carried him home, but before he left, the Dragon King had stopped in Haven Brook, the place where John had awoken in. He had said to John, "You saved the world. You saved us all. For this, you are greater then I. You are the savior and let no one tell you otherwise."

The dragons had then departed, heading back across the sea to Thiroth. John doubted he would ever see them again, but if he did, he would give them something. A medal perhaps or something along those lines. John had heard rumors that the dragons hoarded gold, but after seeing their home, he doubted it.

Ruse then rose. "A toast!" He yelled. "To this world, our now united people's, and everyone here who helped save Rezonaoth!"

Everyone yelled in approval, raising their cups filled with wine and ale brew. They all drank and one of the orc's spit it out. "Gah!" He yelled, shaking his head. "That stuff tastes terrible!"

"Oh, I don't think its that bad." Curnas growled, chugging down a glass. His eye's briefly met John's and although no word's were spoken, John could feel the word's Curnas wanted to say. Thank you, for everything.

John looked outside, to Lightwood Forest. The chirping of night birds could be heard, and wolves howled. Or perhaps they were vergen. To John, it did not matter. This world was perfect, and he would not see it any other way.