Vows Of A Liar

I'd go for a try, I'll deny one smile

The bottle has been spun, the curse has been casted

I never tried to run, I went on to see,

The challenge raised by my crippled destiny

A broken wrist was slapped by the enemy

And it is waiting for me to meet my vanity

Pride is my make-up and arrogance is my beauty

Knowing this, I see my song will be a tragedy

I'm a castoff, I flee from my own imagination,

Darkness reigns as black as my intentions

Fortifying sin in every turn, kneeling with piety in the devil's throne

Refusing the gospel and life hereafter's tone.

A toungue with blade buds is what I have

Killing everybody's dream is what I do

It satisfies my loins, so that's my catch,

And the pinnacle of my success was once the demon's nest,

there I dream of annhilation before the end strikes the end

An inaudible music has been played,

And my whole life's reason has been plagued

I am a seer of lies

Witherto my darkness goes, still fear fears time.

I am a son of an abominable sinner,

Terrified by happiness, famished by seether

Ceasing not to release a single curse,

To see the heavens at its worse

I've wasted staccato breaths

Efforts wandered to no extent

I will change none of me for these are my broken thoughts,

This I vow, and nothing more.