This is a very lighthearted bubblegum poem, which I wrote as a gift to my boyfriend for our six month. It reflects on the time when we first met, during freshman year, and now. Pardon the cheesiness, this style of writing is very different from what I usually write. Written November 2011.

I was frightened, that fateful September day
I had no clue what was in store
New faces to see, places to be
I had left my past at the door.

I had no one to wander the endless halls with
I had burned every bridge that I could
Alone, I shuffled from classroom to classroom
Like any new freshman would.

By the time I had found my third hour class
The morning was already bad
I sat down at the nearest table there was
Fighting hard to hide that I was sad.

Moments later, the boy that was facing my way
Smiled and gently said "Hey."
And from that moment on, though I'd never predict it,
Everything started to change.

Though the boy seemed quiet, we'd talk sometimes
Soon, it became every day
We'd make each other laugh every now and then
But in time, we went out of our way.

As the days passed by, we found ourselves
Looking forward to class more and more
Never had I been so eager or excited
To go to school daily before.

When we weren't conversing or making jokes
I had noticed this feeling inside
A feeling, so strange, familiar it seemed
A feeling I struggled to hide.

This feeling would instantly come alive
When the boy looked into my eyes
My heart, it would stop, then flutter a bit;
My blood pressure always would rise.

When I realized just what it was I had been feeling
My spirits had dived very low.
This boy couldn't possibly feel the same way
Not for someone like me, this I know.

Yet, a little voice called from the back of my head
And begged me to keep holding on
Insisting this boy would be worth the wait
Then suddenly – poof - it was gone.

And although those months were full of longing
Though I was confused and afraid
I look back on those months of waiting;
It was the best decision I've made.

This boy has my heart, and now I have his
I find it a pretty fair deal
Often times I have a hard time believing
The love that we share is real.

When I'm in his arms, the whole world around us
Just isn't there anymore
I've never felt safer, or even more loved
Than I could have imagined before.

Through hardships and pain, through struggle and strain
Together we've faced it all
If either of us needs a shoulder to cry on
All it takes is a call.

The bond that we've built is invincible,
Can't be cut with the sharpest knife
There's one thing I've not been more sure of before:
I need this boy in my life.