Does hope exist,
To slip through our fingers?
Cause that is all,
I've seen it do.
It's like all we love,
Can never linger!
It all slips away...
And I'll slip too.

The shadows of a deadman!
Who never even was.
Unbeating heart, dead and buried!
My chances gone because...
Of all the things I never said!
All the times I was controlled...
And you forget that I exist!
As you take away my soul!

And once again,
With less vigor!
Sing slip, slip,
Slip on through.
The empty space,
Is getting bigger!
The hole it leaves,
Is shaped like you.

Shackled by these regrets...
Bound by sorrow so indepth!
By a promise to a dead self!
An oath I never kept.
For all the screams I somehow quelled!
Everything and one I've mourned.
Some say beyond this life is hell!
But I know it lies, outside our doors.

So know then,
You are the picture!
Of everything I've lost,
It's true.
Heaven sent!
Straight through the fissure.
Into which all slips,
What did I do?
The things you said!
A killing nectar!
A poison by which,
I've been subdued.
All hope is false,
And I will die here!
Singing slip, slip...
Slip on through.