Inanimate Lyrics

Chapter 1. Stolen.

Word count: 2.5k


~ \ ~ Chapter one begin. ~ / ~

There was a saying that I lived my life by: "Go with the flow." I did. I wore normal clothes, paid little attention in class, and acted like the indifferent and invisible girl that I was. I wanted it to stay that way…but,naturally, life doesn't turn out the way you want it to be.

I was walking home from school. The wind was blowing softly, sending my bright blonde curls into a frenzy. My warm blue scarf was wrapped around my neck and my leather jacket clung tightly to my chest and loose around my knees. My breath came out in clouds of frost in front of me. The street was empty and all that could be heard were the soft taps of my boots against the sidewalk.

I took out my small note pad from within my grey messenger bag and finished the last lines to the song I'd been writing. With a quick once-over, I stowed away my purple ink pen and began to open the biggest pocket of my pack; I heard the screech of tires on the pavement. A car billowed passed, nearly clipping my shoulder. The movement caused the paper with my lyrics on it to fly from my grasp. I stumbled and reached out to pluck the paper from the air, but came centimeters from it. The note blew farther and farther away in the direction of the expensive car. Just my luck.

I let out a loud breath and continued to walk, trying to remember all the lyrics that I had written down. A chill ran down my spine and I quickened my pace to get home faster.

Upon unlocking my front door, smells of grilled chicken and tater tots wafted passed my nose. I heard my mother's eccentric humming in the kitchen and the noise of a football game in the living room. Melancholy. That was the word to describe it.

"Mom, I'm home." My voice was monotone and could barely be heard.

"Anabelle! You're just in time for dinner!" She poked her head from behind the corner and smiled at me sweetly. Her short brunette hair framed her face in a bob and seemed to fit her pleasant personality perfectly. I walked toward the dining room table in the living room and took a gander at the score on the television. 7-13, at half time.

I continued to the dining room table and placed my backpack against the wall to my right. My mother, equipped with two hot pink cooking gloves, set our dinner on the table. We all sat down to eat, as usual.

I chewed my food slowly and listened to my mother and father banter about who the best male actor was. It was a toss-up between Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins won. I forked a piece of chicken and stopped midway to my mouth when I heard a male voice shouting something about a free concert that Saturday. Some new boy-band called Vehement.

I went back to my eating and didn't give it another thought.

~ \ ~ Break. ~ / ~

The next morning on my way to school I met up with my friends. Kate was a small girl, frail one would call her. She had dark black hair that was naturally straight and a slender face. Her eyes were slightly tilted due to her Asian descent. To my left was Emily, an extremely tall brunette with long hair she always kept in a braid down her back.

"Still have that same inanimate face, huh, Anabelle." Emily stretched her arms out wide. "I don't get why you never put forth any effort in anything. You could easily join any sports team you want. Or any club for that matter. If you put effort forth you could do anything. Ahhh, I'm jealous. I'm only good at lacrosse…"

"Yeah, I suppose that's true." I breathed in a long breath and closed my eyes. As I let it back out, I opened them again and sighed, "But it's too bothersome."

"Jeez, that is so like you…Always taking the easy route, when you could do so much more…" Kate was silent up until then, but took out her head phones to listen to the iPod she cherished and adored as if it were her life source.

I shrugged and tightened the knot on my pony tail. "I guess."

"Hey, hey! Do you guys wanna go to that free concert this weekend? You know the one for Vehement?" Kate lifted her headphones off her ears, eagerness pouring into her features. "I just love Vehement~!"

Emily chuckled to herself and wrapped a thin arm around her polar opposite friend. "Why not? Sure, I'll go. You too, Anabelle?"

I rewound my blue scarf around my neck, a cool breeze infiltrating my warm barrier, and nodded. "Alright."


~ \ ~ Break. ~ / ~

Saturday morning I headed over to Kate's house. She lived with her older brother, Nathan, and younger sister, Zoe. Her parents were surgeons for the hospital and were on call that weekend. When I knocked on the door, Nathan answered. His black hair was askew and he looked as if he had just woken up.

"Oh, the other one's here. Kate's in her room with the tall girl." His voice was rough, etched with sleep.

I passed by him without a second glance and walked toward the sound of blasting music and giggles. Kate sat on her frilly pink sheets, clutching a white satin pillow to her nonexistent chest. She wore a short light pink dress that fell to her knees and white flats. Shimmering eye shadow covered her eyelids and an artificial blush crept across her face. Emily was no better. Her long brunette hair was straightened and tied in two loose pigtails with green ribbons. A green tank top and white skirt completed her outfit with sister flats of Kate's.

"Are we getting ready for dates or something?" I mocked, setting my grey shoulder bag down.

"No. Have you seenthe members of Vehement? They are gorgeous~! You have to look good if you wanna be noticed." Kate stated triumphantly. She looked me over and disgust filled her dark irises. "What on earthare you wearing?"

I glanced down at myself. My hair was in a crooked bun with several loose strands escaping the tie. Frayed blue jeans clung to my legs along with an old blue jacket I'd had since middle school. Personally, I thought I looked fine for a free concert, but my friends decided otherwise.

"You are notwearing thatto the concert." Emily and Kate were on me at once. My golden long locks were brushed and styled into a perfect wave. I was stripped of my comfortable clothing and dressed in a low cut navy blouse and extremely short jean shorts. My tennis shoes were replaced with blue Athenian sandals. I didn't really care what I looked like as long as it wasn't a hindrance to my life.

Looking me up and down, Kate and Emily nodded their heads. Brushing a dark red lipstick on my smooth lips, Kate smiled jubilantly. "Now,we're ready to go."

~ \ ~ Break. ~ / ~

Tall manicured buildings rushed passed my window as we headed toward the public park where the concert was being held. I heard Kate and Emily bickering in the front seat.

"You could have just let her come with us!" Emily stated while keeping her eyes on the road.

Kate crossed her arms in front of her and leaned against the passenger door, "She is soannoying! I would never let her come with us." Emily jerked the wheel to the right, sending the car tipping off the wheels. "Watch it will you!"

"Sorry… But come one, she's your little sister! Think about it, how would you feel being stuck with Nathan all alone in that house of yours?" Taking Kate's silence as her answer, Emily continued. "See? You wouldn't like it either."

"Whatever." Kate ended the conversation and my mind drifted off to when we left the house.

"No drugs. No alcohol. No ritual sacrifice. And don't get pregnant." Nathan joked as all three of us walked toward the door.

Kate and Emily's faces grew hot and Kate punched her older brother's arm with embarrassment. "Shut up, moron!"

I opened the door to proceed to Emily's father's cherished 1969 Triple Black 442. She said that her father went on a whim to let Emily use it to drive to the concert. Emily had looked smug as Kate praised her for her efforts on getting them a nice car.

"Can I go with you, too?" A small voice asked from behind us. It was Zoe, Kate's little sister. She had short black pigtails on the sides of her head with small little bows for ties and a cute little polka dot dress. She looked to the floor shyly while tugging on the hem of Kate's dress.

"No, we have to get going, Zo." Kate turned to leave and didn't look back when her six-year-old sister began to cry.

"Kate, I have another seat for h-"Emily tried to explain, but Kate just waved her off.

"She's too young to go to a concert. And it will be troublesome if I have to look after her."

I kneeled down so that I was at Zoe's eye level. She was hiccupping now and clinging to Nathan's pant leg. Tears slid down her chubby cheeks and she rubbed at them furiously. "When you get a little older, Kate will definitely take you to all the concerts you want to, okay?"

The little girl nodded slowly and clung to my neck. I felt her hot tears soak my shirt, but patted her head as we left. I suppose I had always wanted a younger sibling, but never had one. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be sisterly.

A loud noise snapped me out of my recollection and I looked up to see we had parked in the square's parking lot. Screaming fans were already gathering in front of the huge stage set up in the middle of the green. Running paint on a mammoth white banner streaming across the top of the stage read: Vehement Charity Tour!

Emily turned the car off and Kate stepped out of the car. It was time.

~ \ ~ Break. ~ / ~

We grasped hands while weaving in and around the fans of Vehement already swarming the stage. Kate was in the lead and it was a miracle her small physique wasn't crushed or lost in the crowd. She was doing a pretty good job getting us up close to the stage, too.

Emily tugged harder on my wrist and we came right up to the barrier keeping the crazed fans from going right up to the stage. Kate breathed a sigh of relief and looked up with anticipation.

"Are you really a fan of this boy band called Vehement?" I asked as I gripped the metal railing.

She nodded enthusiastically, her gaze never straying from the large red curtains that would soon open and reveal the object of her affections. "I am! I mean, I really enjoy their music and I think they are incrediblyhot. My favorite is Adam, the drummer. But Clay, and Steve are hot too."

I nodded not completely understanding. How could she have a favorite if she hadn't even met them before? Well, it didn't matter to me as long as she was happy. I turned my attention to Emily and saw that she had the same glint in her eyes as Kate. "You love them too, Em?"

"Yes…I really like Steve, the bass guitarist." She blushed and added, "He's so sweet and handsome…"

My two best friends were really into the band it seemed like. I couldn't have cared less about seeing Vehement, but went along with them because they wanted me to.

Occupied by my own thoughts, I was woken from my inner turmoil by the eruption of cheers from the girls around me. The large red curtains swung open and I saw Vehement for the first time. All three of the members had long hair that was popular among the boy bands at the time. The drummer, Adam, had long auburn hair and bright green eyes. The bass guitarist, Steve, had long black hair and a sweet smile that would most likely be called a "heart melting" grin. The last boy was the lead guitarist and singer, Clay. He had long brown hair and chocolate eyes.

"This is a new song that we'd like to share with you today!" Clay shouted into the microphone.

I saw and heard the gasps of the woman and children alike around me. Apparently, they felt "honored" to be one of the first to hear Vehement's new song. I casually looked around and wondered when the concert would end. Already I felt the noise was bothersome to my ears.

"It's called Desolate." Clay stated gruffly into the microphone. Then I heard the melody begin to play and instantly my attention was drawn to the band. Something boiled in my stomach as Clay began to sing the song.

"Empty feelings constrict my heart

Grasping onto a broken art

It is almost as if I don't exist

My name lying on the waiting list

To get a chance at a life

Take or not, a bitter strife"

I felt the blood drain from my face and my hands clench tighter so that my knuckles were as white as doves. My face which normally held an unbroken mask of calm, cracked and my mouth curled into a snarl. My eyes were nothing but slits of anger as I felt the lead singer's eyes meet mine. He was watching me. He knew who I was.

He knew that those were my song lyrics.

~ \ ~ Chapter one end. ~ / ~

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