Dana packed her bag, feeling light headed as she prepared for her first day at her new school. Having just moved to Hollowell, Maine, with her mother she did not know any of the other students. Dana's mother believed this would be a good opportunity for a fresh start. She told herself the same thing as she brushed her long sandy blonde hair. This year would be different. In her mind, Dana would come out of her shell, be more social, and maybe even finally get a boyfriend.

However, fantasy and reality are two different things as Dana so found out. Once arriving at her new school, she tried to talk to people but every time she got close, she felt her throat tighten. Dana finally gave up and sat by herself in her first period classroom. No one cared about the new girl.

"Um, excuse me?"

Dana lifted her head and saw a girl with curly yellow hair, hovering over her.

"Hi," Dana greeted awkwardly, prepared to introduce herself.

"Do you think you could move back one seat so my friends and I can sit together?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, sure," Dana grumbled as she grabbed her bag and slumped down in her new seat.

"Everyone always has to sit with their friends," a boy's soft vaporous boy commented from behind.

Dana turned her head to the seat diagonally behind her to see a young boy with smooth fair skin and raven hair. His light golden eyes were enchanting, but Dana felt uncomfortable, as they seemed to look inside her.

"I guess it's easy to tell who doesn't have any friends around here," Dana muttered in a sigh.

"Are you new?" The boy asked.

Dana nodded. "Yeah. I guess that's pretty obvious."

"I'm new too," the boy emphasized. "It's sucks to be the new student senior year, doesn't it?"

Dana nodded in agreement, unable to think of something else to say.

"I'm Peter Gates," the boy introduced, extending his hand.

She nervously shook it, just for a moment. "Dana. Dana Morgan."

"Well, Dana," Peter continued with a grin. "Since no one else here seems to be warming up to us, would you care to have lunch with me today?"

"Um, yeah, that would be great," Dana answered with just slight uncertainty.

As class began, Dana did not listen to a word the teacher uttered. Instead, her thoughts wandered to the boy, Peter, who sat near her. It seemed unreal how she actually so quickly made a connection with a boy. She thought this kind of thing only happened in the movies, but here perhaps her story will have a happy ending after all.


"So do you have any brothers or sisters," Dana asked Peter as the two of them sat down for lunch.

Peter shook his head. "No. I live on my own."

Dana frowned, confused. "You mean, you don't even live with your parents?" As he nodded, she then asked, "What do you do?"

"I get by," Peter answered vaguely. "What about you?"

"I live with my mother," Dana answered. "We just moved here after my parents divorce."

As Peter asked her to elaborate, Dana was surprised at how interested he seemed in her life. Most boys she talked to never listened like this. He, however, appeared to be absorbing her every word as she described how her father cheated on her mother with his one of the girls on his coed softball team.

Once Dana finished she felt the need to ask, "So what about your family? Do you keep in touch with any of them?"

The mystery behind Peter's family, however, would not be solved now. At that moment, the school principal grabbed the microphone, prepared for speech.

"Students, if I can have your attention," his dulcet tones uttered drearily. "There has been another attack. The victim was found in the woods, clearly torn apart. I will spare you of the gory details."

Dana's hand flung over her mouth as she gasped. Peter's expression did not change. The principal then went on to explain how it is dangerous to go out alone, especially at night and that there was some sort of dangerous creature out there. Dana wondered what could be lurking in the woods, feeding on human flesh.


The more Dana got to know Peter, the more mysterious her new friend became, yet at the same time, intriguing. It was illogical to fall for a boy so fast, but Dana could not help herself. Peter reminded her of one of the princes from a Disney fairy tale movie. The way he moved was so proper, his mannerisms so polite. He had this way of making her feel like a princess with how he would carry her books for her, always pull out the chair for her when they sat to eat, and even stand up for her when a classmate said something rude.

Yet, there was something odd about him. His skin felt cold to touch, ice cold. As she thought more Dana realized never saw him walk in or out of the building. It was almost as though he appeared and then vanished in the wisps of the air. His unnatural beauty started to remind her of someone else, someone who had potential to be dangerous.

"So how about tonight you and I go out for dinner?" Peter asked. "I know this nice quiet restaurant just near the woods."

"That does sound nice," Dana agreed, his gorgeousness distracting her from reason.

"You, my lady, are in for a real treat," Peter continued. "This will be a night you will never forget.

Dana smiled, though her body got this uneasy twinge. "Yeah, I bet it will be."

That night before Peter picked her up, she forced her mind to reality, a task done much more easily when he was away. She so much desired for everything to work out smoothly with her growing relationship. What girl would not want a happy ending, just like in fairy tales and movies? However, while her mind still rested on level ground, she packed a wooden object in her bag, just in case.


Dinner turned out to be perfect. The restaurant was up on a hill and designed like a wooden cabin. With a large fireplace lit, Dana felt so cozy. She ordered roasted chicken and mashed potatoes. Peter ordered nothing, not even water.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Dana asked, as her food was placed down in front of her.

Peter grinned and remarked, slyly, "I will eat later."

As Dana ate, she tried her best to avoid his eyes, knowing the entrancing affect they bestowed on her. She just could not afford to go there right now.

Once she finished her meal, Dana and Peter strolled out into the nighttime. The moon's light provided her with this romantic aura. As she found herself gazing into Peter's eyes, she felt her mind and grip on reality begin to slip away once again.

"This was such a wonderful night," Dana commented blissfully to Peter.

"I am glad you enjoyed yourself," Peter responded softly.

"There is still no much I don't know about you," Dana rambled on. "There is so much I want to ask you?"

Peter took her hand as they moved on towards the woods. "You can ask me anything you like."

"Why is your hand so cold," Dana wondered vaguely.

Peter raised his eyebrow. "Is that really what you want to know?"

With a sigh, Dana shook her head and took in another deep inhale before asking in a hushed tone, "What are you?"

"I am a vampire," he answered simply.

Still holding his hand, Dana remained silent for another moment before asking, "Do you care about me?"

"You are a rather interesting human," Peter replied in empathy, but rationalized, "but that does not change the facts. I am a predator and you are my natural prey. Nothing can change that. If this were a romance story, then perhaps I could fight my urges and change my bloody ways, but as you may have guessed, it is not."

Dana felt her skin shiver, her lungs expanding rapidly, her breath sharp, as she head Peter's animalistic snarl. His warm breath touched her neck, marking his prey.

"Do not fear," he whispered in a slithery voice. "I will try to make this feeding quick."

"I am not afraid," Dana muttered in attempt to sound brave.

As Peter's pointed teeth pieced her neck, Dana's trembling hands grabbed the stake from her bag. With it, she stabbed it through Peter's back, deep enough within his flesh to puncture his heart.

In shock Peter's eyes transformed into this black coal. His fair skin turned into this ghostly yellow tone as the blood appeared to drain from his face as he fell to the ground dead.

Suppressing any emotion, Dana simply gazed down at his shriveled up body. Peter was right about one thing. This is definitely not a romance story.

The End

A/N: This was a fun little vampire story for those of you who decided to skip out on the Breaking Dawn premiere. Hope you all enjoyed!