She knows who she is. Or rather, who she isn't. She isn't human. Not by a long shot. She is a figment of their imagination. She is allowed to have feelings, emotions, but only those that they want her to have. They control the situations, manipulate them so that they get the desired reactions from her. She tries not to do what they want her to, but they know exactly what to do to break her down. As her grandmother once told her, she exists, along with everyone she knows, in what the humans call a Movie. The day after her grandmother told her that, she was executed. They passed it off as a death of natural causes, but she knows the truth. She, secretly, was there.

"Laura?" comes a call. She could recognise that voice anywhere. It is him.

She crushes the grass under her feet with every step, not caring, for once, that the grass may be like her- screaming endlessly, never to be heard. She doesn't, because he is coming. He, her hero, the one she supposedly loved. She doubts that her feelings for him are completely true, but he is the one whom she knows best. Besides, everyone she knows has no doubt that they would get together. So she runs at the speed of light, as weightless as air, to him. She sees the looks of surprise and joy on his face as she forces him to the ground with her hug.

"I've missed you," she says.

He looks confused, as if deliberating on something. Looks of regret and guilt flash through his face before he clasps his hands together and takes up a formal stance. The world slows down as he tells her what she had never imagined he would. He looks uncomfortable as she breaks down into sobs.

"I- uh- I'll leave you to it, then. Hey, remember, it's not- it's not you. I just thought- I'm really sorry, okay?"

She turns to look at him, but he is gone. How could he ever think that it was okay? Suddenly, she remembers all those humans who are watching her, with looks full of sympathy and pity. This only serves to add fuel to the fire, and she sobs even harder. The worst thing is that she knows, with conviction, that things can only get worse, that this is only the first of tragedies.

Her head is spinning as she waits dejectedly for a happy ending.