Probably the masterpiece of my new, angry 'fuck the system' songs. Truth is the one thing we need in these dark days. These days of glorified, high tech witch/terrorist hunting, of war-mongering and black operations, directed not only at 'enemy' countries but at our own citizens who dare to speak out against it. This is more of a letter than a song, addressing Truth as an individual whom I miss very dearly, and whom I hope to see again one day. I think we will, and if I die before that day comes, may my soul linger on to witness it's revival. May this inspire you in reading as it did me in writing.

Technically, I see it as a metal/growling song, save for the chorus, though I haven't quite vocally mastered the sound I want for it, so I may not do it like that. It's verses are a bit long and repetitive in their rhyming, but I don't believe it's terribly forced, and if it does seem so to you, hopefully the impact of whats being said will override that.


Millions have cried, thousands have sweat;
Even more have bled for you.
They have been shot and crucified,
But proudly they died for you.
I've spent every second of my life,
Trying to find you.
Though it's not right some use all their might,
To hide you.
How I wish I knew why they would lie,
And keep us blind to you.
Caged up inside and stupefied,
We've been deprived of you.
But those days are done and like the sun,
I feel the light of you!
Shine so brightly, make those who wronged thee,
Feel the wrath of you!

The concept isn't new!
And there's no reason, or excuse!
To let continue,
This honesty abuse!
So fuck the secrets,
And all the falsified proof!
Let this sick pseudo freedom,
Be shattered by the truth!

The time has come for everyone,
To shut up and notice you!
You've been gone so very long,
When you return, I will kiss you!
This world turns and also burns,
I see that it has singed you.
I'm scorched the same I'd hold no blame,
If it's unhinged you.
Colours fade black; oh please come back,
Can't I convince you?
Are you dead or dreaming, would you wake screaming;
If I pinched you?
Through this shit, I'll gladly admit,
How much I miss you.
With all this has cost and all I've lost,
How could I resist you?

The force they never knew!
From it they can't profit, so for it they've no use!
But reality they cannot subdue,
With misdirection, lie or noose!
The harbingers of hatred,
Bearers or egos so obtuse!
Let they and the lies that they defended,
Be drawn and quartered by the truth!
And as evil begs for mercy,
Truth say, "Goodbye and fuck you."