Aftermath of the Battle of Acre


There is a war that history couldn't record. Where the fate of one race almost vanishes from the face of earth. We are certain of one thing though.

Monster's exist.

If there is no war, there will be peace. If there is peace, there will be war. Deep within the darkness is their realm. Where they exist, where they yearn to exist and belong, and now their stories have become untold. That is…only one race of monsters. Nearly defeated in their own blood. Their closest allies turn against them. These monsters had no one to turn to, because they are the only betrayed kind.

The story ended a very long time ago, and was the beginning. It ended when we lost, when total darkness overthrew us. When our race came to a close extinction, and start over. When our game, came to a finish. When I wake up, I was sure I died, wanting to die when he did. Never really understanding why I was forced to face reality again, not after this horrible battle that nearly put us to our destruction. When I wake up, I wanted to wish it was all a dream, to see his face once again as twilight hits. For everything to go back to its' normal storyline, but that only works in books.

It's quiet, the gentle, gusting winds, awaken me from the darkness that consumed the world. My right arm feels numb, and I use the other to lift my heavy body off the ground. Looking ahead, a limp body rolls off my back, and I hear it thud nest to me. There was a slight pain in my right shoulder, which was the explanation to why my arm and body ached, as I struggled to stand. "Lady Zexion!" Someone shouts. I feel and remember the memory of what happened before, and how I got this unholy wound. I stare at the blood bathed battlefield, where millions of dead bodies lay, corroding slowly in the sun that barely sets in the distance. Dark navy clouds beginning to form, and I feel raindrops fall down softly.

More familiar faces show up around me as I turn around for finally. "Lady Zexion, what should we don now?" A Knight asks with concern. I think back to the start. The beginning where it all came down to our exodus, and "sinful" blood. My right shoulder begins to rapidly heal, leaving a very faint white scar. Our fate has been decided, and I knew exactly what was going to happen, and what the future held for all of us.

"Are we…is this all of us left?" A knight, coughs, but strains to yell at me, like I'm some god that can fix the world at this moment, anger is in her tone. "We're all that's left now, aren't we Lady?" Another asks. I wanted to tell them the lie. To say, "It's going to be alright, everything is going to go back to the way it used to be." I wanted to smile, and pretend they and myself, didn't see the bodies laying beneath us, but I only chose to close my eyes, knowing I can't hide the answer that is in front of us.

"Yes." I finally choke out. It will take a very long time, but we cannot tolerate to go away. "We are…the only vampires left." We lost this time, but with patience, we must gather all that's left ofAcreand leave toDamascus, just like the plan. This is what betrayal…and losing those you've known feels like…just imagine seeing them die, and lay still…while you're standing there.