Chapter XII

The Voice that Echoes

I didn't dream much that early morning when I passed out. It was all black shadows and darkness, but I remember seeing a bloody battle ground, but I was too tired to dream anymore. I woke up around three in the afternoon. Mom was probably asleep too. Maybe I can check on the computer who Zexion really is.

"Hey!" Someone shouted at me and I fell of my bed again. "Ouch." I mutter, grabbing onto my mattress and looked at the visitor. It was Luce. "Are you doing anything today? Axel is so boring and old. Not like how he used to be. Renka and Zero were sleeping, So I thought we'd hang out." Luce says happily. He didn't really seem so mature as I thought he'd be, but He seemed like a people person. "Ugh…Not at this moment, but later I'll be going out with Zexion again." I say, grabbing my towel.

"All right! Let's go shoot some hoops or something." He punched the air. "I was going to look something up on the computer, maybe some other time? I haven't even ate breakfast yet." I say. "Oh…well okay. I'll just stick around. You won't realize Ninja Vampire was here!" I laughed. "Sure, I'll-" He was gone already when I looked at him. "Now that's amazing." I mutter heading to take a shower.

When I walked downstairs, I found Luce watching the T.V. "We never had these back then, not until they invented it in the late seventeen hundreds." Luce says. "Dude, My mom is sleeping, she gets scary when she doesn't have a nice sleep." I say. "Ohh." He quiets down himself and the T.V.

I turn the computer on and wait for it to warm up. While I waited, I watched what Luce was watching on the T.V screen. He was watching the news. There seemed to have been some accident downtown earlier. Two bodies were being carried into an ambulance. I read the title screen. 'Bodies, dried completely of blood."

"Can you believe this? There's some wannabe vampire running around." Luce laughed. I wasn't so sure. The computer screen showed my desktop and I clicked on the internet, typing in Bing. In the search box, I searched for Zexion Kami, but not much came up again. Chat rooms, video games, stores, stories, and quizzes. Nothing.

I typed in vampire next to Zexion's name. Nothing useful popped up still. There was nothing about the girl I love. Then, I truly know, she is very mysterious. "You lookin' up Zexion?" Luce said in my ear. I flinched, my heart jumping. "Damn it, Luce. Quit scaring me." I say. He laughs. "Don't bother, there's nothing about any of us. A lot of people carry her name too. Then there are also those game creators who come up with crazy names for their characters." He explains. "Y-yeah, I kind of know that now" I say, turning off the monitor. It was almost five.

I heard a yawn and Mom walked down wearing her pajamas and her bathrobe. "Good morning." She says, looking at Luce. Then she pauses, looking at Luce. "Who are you?" Mom asked. Luce looks at me and then turns back to Mom. "Uh…This is a very old friend of mine." I stand up. "This is Mom, Mom this is Luce." I gesture between them. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Luce bows. She hesitates. "He's very polite. Is he Zexion's brother?" She asks. I look at Luce. "Y-yes, yes I am…" He lies.

"Wow, you both must have had very good parents. I'll make breakfast now, care to join?" she walks off. "That was close…" I say. "A very old friend eh?" Luce asks. "Of course…we are old friends…right?" I say. He shrugs and walks off.

Around five I wore a white shirt with cobalt blue metallic designs over dark grey drawings. There were some light grey writings behind the illustration, that I had no clue what it says, but you can make out some of them like "and" or "of", even "God" and "Hell". I clamped my watch on my right wrist, then pulled on some jeans and Nike's. Today, Zex said she was going to take me somewhere. I don't know where, but I'll find out soon.

When I open the door, Zexion was already there, her arm raised to knock. "Oh," I say. She lowers her hand. "I…just came over to get you…" She rubs her shoulder. I look at the dark vehicle behind her. It was a motorcycle, but, it looked different from mine. The tires where wide and large. The length of the bike was longer than the Devil's Blade. The bike seemed familiar, like I've seen it somewhere before.

She walks to the bike. "Here." She tosses me a helmet. Zexion looked nice again today, just simple casual clothing. She didn't wear her glasses again, I notice she doesn't on weekends and does at school. She had her hair clipped up, flowing over like a waterfall over the black clips. "So where are you taking me?" I sit behind her. She only slips on black tinted sunglasses, the ones that had the strap. "A place where birds claw for fish and salt breezes brush your skin." She says, smiling, and starting the engine of her bike. It roared loud, unlike the Devil's Blade.

"What?" I say. She twists forward her hand on the handlebar and drove off. It took me a while to close my eye shield so bugs don't get into my face, because of the wind. I hold onto her waist. I knew exactly where we were going as she drove to Cyribtus.

"You could've just told me we were going to the beach." I say as she parked her motorcycle. "Yes, I should've, but I didn't." She took off her glasses. "So this is our second date." I breath out. You can smell the ocean. The sun setting gave the scene a beautiful view. Seagulls crying in the air. "Cyribtus is nice." Zex says as she pressed a button and some soft noises clicked on. "You have the security device as me?" I ask. "Not really. Yours will go havoc on the thief…while mine." She pressed onto the black body part of the bike, that covered the engine and some of the tire, and guns and swords popped out.

"Automatically, the bike will just defend itself with these. I can take them out and use them myself, but, I don't want to disturb the peace in this century." She shuts the weapon pack. "Did Zero make the motorcycle?" I ask. "Yes, but I made the security device…and the weapons." She smiles, walking away. Not only is she smart and beautiful, but scary, a little.

"I didn't bring a swimsuit, so what are we really doing here?" I ask. She keeps walking. "We're not here for that. I can't play with just plain water." She says. We were far away from our parking space. We were near the rocky area. Filled with mysterious caves and unknown places no one dared to go to. "Um…is this your hide out?" I ask. "You can say that…earlier, Axel got a call from a very special someone you'd like to meet. Seems like a few more of us have survived and taken shelter in Cyribtus." She explains. More vampires?

We passed the rocky land and out to an area where it was just plain sand and no one else around. I wasn't even sure if we were allowed out here or not. Zexion walked off, searching for something. I just stood there, watching her. She stopped in front of a pure black and orange tinted rock. She pulled out that battery slash sword thing, turning it into that sword, Kurosuki.

She jammed the blade into the top of the rock, turning it clockwise like a key. I felt the ground rumble and I almost lost my balance. The sand rose up and a platform appeared, supported by mechanical arms. Under the platform was a dark entrance underground. "Let's go." Zexion walked past me, entering the dark. "W-wait." I grab her hand, letting her lead me like a little boy.

She stopped and I heard a click. The platform slowly closed up, sand pouring in. A few seconds after that, Bright white lights turned on, revealing a large secret fort. Everything was grey steel, the floor, walls, and ceiling. It was like being in an alien spaceship.

"They're waiting for us in the main room." She walks off and I follow her. "What is this place?" I ask. "We built this in the 1900's. It's one of the tunnel ways that would become a secret society for vampires when we begin to rebuild it.." She says. "So, you're making Cyribtus, like an underground home?" She shakes her head. "No…I told you, this is one of the passageways to get to our temporary home. In Damascus, We planned out the new Kingdom, since Acre was destroyed. We started building this when humans started to make larger pieces of metal, instead of using wood, that way, the sand would hold up and we wouldn't have to worry about pesky termites and water leaking." She explains as we entered another tunnel, but it was more like an aquarium. Water surrounding us in the glass passageway. "The water seems to have risen since we built this as well." She mutters, stopping.

"How far is this new world?" I ask. She presses a bright green button on the side of the glass and the walkway shifted, moving slowly. A dome like glass pulled over us, then shut us in. "It's a few miles out at sea, on an isolatedIsland. It's invisible to your world." She says. The walkway cut off where it was big enough for only Zexion and I. The floor moved slowly like escalators. "Oh, well, this is nice." I say.

Then, the world around me blurred and I felt a force push me against the dome wall. We were going over about a hundred miles an hour, but Zexion didn't seem bothered about it. I tired to stand up, but the speed of the moving dome held me down, so Zexion had to grab and hold me against her.

The dome slowed down, turning around and stopped. The glass opened up and we walked out, my legs feeling wobbly. "This is it, we're here." She walked away. "Okay, just…let me catch my breath." I say. That was really amazing. Vampires were very intelligent.

I followed her after a few seconds. She stopped at a glass, cylinder-like elevator. "Now…you will speak none of this to anyone. We cannot let the Familiars infiltrate to this society." The doors swing open and we walk in. "I can promise you that. After meeting five of them, I can see why you guys don't like them." I reply. She chuckles.

It got dark inside the elevator for a while, then it turned a little lighter from the sunlight. The elevator slowed down to a stop, and the same metal walkway, as from below, popped up. We stepped onto it, and I followed Zexion again. The island was huge. It was like a whole other world compared to mine. So lush and full of bright colors. We passed four running soldiers. "Those are our Knights." Zexion mutters. I could tell that their suits resembles a bit of ancient armor.

Once we walked through a short dark tunnel, I was amazed at the brilliant building a few yards ahead of us. "That…is our monarchy, our realm, for now." She pointed out. "It's outstanding!" I say. We entered the building a few minutes later, after a few greeting from the Knights and servants. "There seems to be a lot of people here." I say. "Most of them are allies from Damascus and Jerusalem. Families, friends," she explains. "There are those willing to be turned into vampire assistants or apprentices, but not many from Acre." Of course, there were also Renka and the others back home.

We stepped into another elevator. "Now, we head towards our destination." She says. "So, what about your King. Did he ever survive the battle?" I ask. "You'll see." She closes her eyes in wait.

A few seconds after that, we step out, walking up a few stairs. The doors ahead of us were guarded by two Knights. They stood there like statues and let Zexion walk past them, but when I did, "Stop." The had their swords cross out in front of me. Zexion turned at me. "Hey." I yelled. "We can not let you pass into Lord Leon Akabara's Quarters, unless you have a recognizable face. Or, are you a Familiar?" One of the Knight asked.

"He is with me." Zexion spoke. They look at her. "But…Lady Zexion, He is human." They protested. "You fool. Can you not recognize him? He was in training with you two hundreds of yeas ago. This is a reincarnation of Toshi Hitsugaya." She says. They look at me. "W-We apologize!" The Knight on my right bowed. "Yes, you may pass." The other said. I clench my jaw. "Sheesh." I mutter and Zex laughs.

"This is the King's quarters. His room and office." She says. Ahead, was a black desk and office chair. Behind that was a Large window with a view of the world around us. She stops. "Ah. I have heard word you would come, Lady Zexion." A deep, but calm voice spoke. "Of course. I had to bring news to you, my majesty." Zexion says. The chair moves around. A man, about my Dad's age was sitting in the chair. His hair was coal black with a blue tint. His eyes were ice, but gentle.

"Toshi?" He stands up and looks at me. "…" I started to panic. "No, your Majesty, this is a reincarnation of him. This is Toshiro Byaku." Zexion grabs my arm. The man rubs his temples and sits back down. "My apologies. I am Leon Akabara. The King of the Vampire realm. Toshi was a hard-working Knight…but…" He looks up at Zexion. "Why didn't you tell me he was human long ago, Lady Zexion? How long did you hide it from me?" He asked. She sighs. "I couldn't hide it from you, My Lord." She says. "You can feel it though, can't you. That strong spirit power inside him? It's obvious we needed him in the start." I nod my head, agreeing.

"'re right." He stands up and stood by his window. "What do you think of our future Kingdom, Toshiro?" He asks. I freeze up. "Oh, uh…it's brilliant! I'm fascinated at this building's structure." I say. He chuckles. "I designed it. I work as an architect as my normal life. You must've heard of my human name, Gideon Chauncey?" He asks. Now I knew who he was. "Mom mentioned you a couple months ago. You built a building that looked like a desk." I say. "Yes, of course." He stares back out the window. "What else have you come here for, Lady Zexion?" He asks.

"During these couple of days. We have encountered five Familiars…" She begins. "Four at Toshiro's school, and one in the Locked Garden of Isis a few miles into the city ofAkranes."Leonstays silent. "I know that if this keeps happening, there will be more. The other day, a Familiar, laying at deaths door in theLockedGarden, told us 'A war, long forgotten would rise again'. I think she's telling the truth. We're not prepared for something like this." She says, almost yelling. "Even so…we still don't know who's behind this. Even before the Battle of Acre, they've attacked us."

The King stays silent and turns to us. "You're right. We don't have enough soldiers to fight such a powerful foe again." He walks over to his desk and places his hand on the wood. "We've been training them like us. To bounce off mind controlling again. We didn't have enough time when we were warned about it, but with technology advancing, we can make the process simpler and less painful" He gestures us to come closer.

"This is the map of this island. This is where all the soldiers should be meeting up soon. I'll need both of you to go there, since…" He looks at both of us. "…you two are our few remaining soldiers from that battle. Speaking of soldiers, where is Axel?" He asks. "He's safe, alive, and healthy back at our home. Don't worry, I'll tell him everything when we leave." Zexion says.

"Of course, that old fool, nothing can stop him. If you have any other questions, do care to ask. We have a dining hall in four locations with other generals and servants that can help you," He pointed them out, one of them was nearby. "Will that be all?"

"Yes." Zexion says and bows, she grabbed me and made me bend over too. "Then let us meet again another time." The King stands by the window again with his hands behind his back. "It seems…' Zexion speaks as we enter the elevator. "What? Something wrong?" I ask. She hesitates, biting her lip. "We need to find out who's behind this game. Figure out what they want from vampires, and end this quickly…" I wanted to think that this was just some gothic nerd war going on and that no one would really get hurt in my world. But when I saw an airship rise in front of us, geared with missiles and turrets. I realized, this will be a war that involves me.

This war is real, and monsters will finally take off their disguise and reveal their true forms