The villain patrol

It's early Monday morning. The birds are chirping outside of the villain patrols living room window. In one of the two rooms in the hideout a boy named Michael wakes up. Michael is a skinny boy of 13. He has short brown hair and brown eyes and he has glasses. He gets out of bed and starts to dress. There's a yawn right beside where he was laying in bed. He turns around. "Good morning Samantha." Michael says. Samantha is a pretty young girl with long brunette hair. She has brown eyes like Michael's and she is also as skinny as he is. She gets up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower. She emerges from the bathroom about five minutes later. "What do you say we go down to breakfast?" said Samantha. "Sure why not." said Michael.

Michael and Samantha go downstairs toward the kitchen. Michael pulls his wand out of his right pocket and then turns to Samantha. " I'll make breakfast if you go wake up Lindzie and Chloe."said Michael. " Okay I will." said Samantha. Michael raises his wand and points it at the kitchen table. " Breakficus makus." said Michael. Instantly a whole buffet showed up on the table. It had eggs, bacon, waffles, pancakes, sausage, four plates and glasses filled with orange juice. "There all done." said Michael. Michael calls to Samantha from the bottom of the stairs. " How are you doing up there?" said Michael. "Im almost up to there room." yelled Samantha. Samantha walks into the room with her wand clutched into her hand. "Okay rise and shine. It's monday which means it's time to go back to school. " Five more minutes." moaned both Lindzie and Chloe. Samantha raises her wand so that it's pointed directly above Lindzie and Chloe's heads. "Now your not gonna make me conjour up a bucket of warm water are you?" said Samantha. Chloe and Lindzie's eyes pop open instantly. "No were up!" they yell. Samantha puts the wand back in her pocket. " Good." said Samantha very proud of herself. All three of them walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. Once everyone sits down Samantha speaks. "Great now that everyone has sat down we can decide what cars are ours. Last year the problem was that we never decided which cars were ours. So it was hectic and choas. So I'll take take the white jeep from now on." she said. " I'll take the Plymouth Roadrunner." said Lindzie. "i'll take the motorcycle." said Chloe. " And i'll take the blue Dodge Charger. Now remember we're in eighth grade and we hide our powers at school." said Michael.

Later when they get to school it's after lunch and they're in Mrs. Endicott's class. Mrs. Endicott has long blond hair and brown eyes. she's a tall skinny built woman. "Class today we'll be talking about..." She gets cut off in mid sentence because at that moment the walll blows up. "What in the world! Who are you?"

The dust clears that was formed when the wall blew up. There's a figure standing there. She was a skinny woman with pink eyes and long purple hair. "Who am I? Who am I? My name is Stella. The best witch in the world." she says. Michael leans in so that he's whispering to the rest of the team. "We have to do something guys?" he says. "But in front of Mrs. Endicott?" Lindzie asked. " Stella will destroy everything if we don't do something. We'll just have to erase her memory when we're done" Michael said. Samantha and Michael stand up and hold hands. "Stella you think you can destroy us." Lindzie stands up and walks over to Michael she then holds his hand. "Just because were in mortal school." said Lindzie. Chloe then stands up and walks over to Lindzie and holds her hand." Well your wrong." said Chloe. "We're not going to let you destroy this school!" said Samantha."ha ha ha ha. yeah right! like your going to risk using magic in front of a mortal." Stella said. " magic? kids what is she talking about?"

"Villian patrol water!" said Samantha. "Villian patrol dark." said Michael. "Villian patrol lightning." said Lindzie. Villian patrol fire." said Chloe.

"Water blast cannon!" said Samantha. It doesn't even phase Stella. "hahaha you can't penatrate my forcefield . I am out of here. Oh but here's something for you!" said Stella. She drops four red and blue balls on the floor. "Rock beasts attack!" said Stella. "Oh! She got away." said Michael. Samantha is pointing at something that was left where Stella was. "No time for that. Look she left us a present!" said Samantha. "Your right!" said Michael. He reaches and takes his wand out of his side pocket. "destroyus" said Michael. His rock creature explodes. "Hey let us join in on this fight!" said Lindzie,Chloe,and Samantha.
"We each get one so go ahead." said Michael. " Vllian patrol fire!" said Chloe. She throws fireballs at hers and it breaks. Lindzie throws hers against a wall using her strength and it breaks. Samantha is having a hard time with hers. She's dodging all the hits and finnaly she kicks hers and it breaks. " That was easy." said Michael. "Perhaps too easy. Look!" screamed Chloe pointing at where the peices of the rock beasts lay. The pieces seemed to merging together to make one huge rock monster. "I'll take care of it." Samantha said. During all of this commotion Mrs. Endicott cowered over to her desk. "Go for for it girl!" said Chloe, Michael, and Lindzie. Samantha shoots a huge energy beam out at the stone creature destroying it. "There all done but ya know that Stella really makes me mad not fighting us face to face." said Samantha . "I wouldn't worry about it to much you know how she gets." said Michael. He waves his wand over the hole in the wall. It fixes its self right up. "Go for it Lindzie!" said Michael. " Okay. Mindus erasus. There her memory has been erased." said Lindzie. The team puts theree wands back in there pockets and quickly take there seats.

The bell rings and the team head to Mrs. Sparks classroom. Mrs. Sparks is a average weight female with short dark hair and brown eyes. "Okay class today we will be learning about the nervous system. Now..." She to gets cut off. Just like with Mrs. Endicott the wall blew up creating a dust that fills the room. Michael starts talking in a whisper. " Same as last time. make her forget we have powers." He said. "Okay." said the other three. The dust finally clears and the team can see who caused it. There is a group of kids that look exactly like the members of the Villian Patrol. " Well if it isn't our evil twins. What are you doing here?" said Michael. " Defeating you." said Mick. " Do you really think so ?" said Samantha. They all start to fight. Mick points his wand at the Villian Patrol. They're frozen solid. "Talkus." Mick said. Samantha, who can now move her head, looks at Mrs. Sparks. "You're nto frozen." she says. "It's called a forcefield." Mrs. Sparks says. " You four make me laugh. You seem to forget how my powers work. Lightning attack." Lindzie said. The Villian Patrol is unfrozen. "Now let's take care of these four." said Chloe. The team hears a distant voice. "I don't think so!" it said. " That voice?" Lindzie exclaimed. " Yeah it sounds familiar?" Chloe said. "Stella!" yelled Michael and Samantha at the same time. "That's right and you're not going to take care of these four so long as I'm here." Stella said. "Well then we'll just have to take care of all five of you. there are five of us and five of you." exclaimed Michael. "That's right." said Mrs. Sparks. " Yeah well that doesn't matter!" yelled Stella. " You really think so. Let's go Mick." said Michael.
"Let's go Lo." said Chloe.
"Let's go Liz." said Lindzie.
"Let's go Sam." said Samantha.
"Let's go Stella." said Mrs. Sparks. Mick pulls out his wand from his boot and points it at the Villian Patrol and Mrs. Sparks. "Trapous."he said. The Villian Patrol and are all tied up. Michael is struggling with the rope tieing him up. "This rope is inescapable. I can't get loose." he said. We'll just leave you to your business." Mick said. He puts his wand back in his boot. Lindzie, whose hands wher tied behind her back, could feel her nailfile in her back pocket. "Hey I think i can reach my nailfile and break out of this rope and then get you guys free." she said. She gets the nailfile and breaks through the rope. It took her two whole minutes to get the others free. "Okay what do you say we get back home? Mrs. Sparks would you like to come with us? We need to talk to you some more." said Lindzie. "okay." said Mrs. Sparks.

They head to the parking lot snd there by Michael's blue Dodge Charger. " Mrs. Sparks maybe you should ride with Samantha. It's alot easier in the jeep. Okay guys follow me back to the hideout." Michael said. Michael then climbs in through the window of the Charger,the doors are welded shut so he can have fun getting in through the window, his cell rings at that moment.

"Hello" said Michael.
"Michael where are you? You're supposed to be down here at the the old abandoned sawmill. You know the one. It's the on the other end of Carl Junction." Jillian said on the other end of the call. Jillian is a woman in her late twenty's early thirty's. she has long black hair and light blue eyes. she is the Villian Patrol's mechanic. "I'll be there soon." said Michael. He hangs up the cell and then grabs the CB radio, there's a CB in every one of the cars on the team. "Hey guys why would Jillian be calling me when she knows we're heading home." he said. Lindzie picks up her CB. " I don't know maybe we should go check it out it could be an emergency." she said, Samantha picks up her CB. "That could be but what if it's a trap." she said. "Well what are we going to do." said Chloe. " Nothing we have to get home." said Michael. Once they get home they're in the living room and Mrs. Sparks sits down in a chair. "What should we do now?" asked Chloe.
"Well we could leave Mrs. Sparks here while we go and check that old abandoned sawmill." said Samantha. "That's a great idea. Let's go." said Lindzie.

Team is gone in the blink of an eye and they reappear at the sawmill. " Okay we're here. Let's have a look around." said Lindzie." Good idea. We'll split up. Michael and Lindzie can go left and me and Chloe can go right." said Samantha."Okay." said Lindzie. Lindzie and Michael go left and they are in a dark part of the sawmill. "Boy is it dark in here." Michael said. He takes his wand out." Lightous." he said. The wand tip lights giving them a stream of light. "There. Now we have light." Lindzie taps him on the shoulder. "Um Michael that's not your wand light. That's a light at the end of this tunnel." she said. They walk into the light. " Wow! It looks like a beach but why. I meanthis is just an old abandoned would there be a beach here. They walk and see something on the ground. Michael dials a number on his cell phone. "Hello." said Samantha. " Samantha I think we found something" Michael said. " Okay. We'll be right there." said Samantha. Both her and Chloe are gone in a flash and show up right beside Michael. " What did you find?" asked Samantha eagerly. " This footprint." answered Lindzie. "I'll scan it." said Chloe. She gets out her scanner and scans the footprint. "According to these scans. She's Natural Disaster alright." Chloe finally says. "Well then we'll just have to be careful." said Michael. They look around the corner."There she is expecting us no doubt." whispered Lindzie. "Well we need to get back to Mrs. Sparks." says Michael.

They teleport back into the hideout. He sees her on the chair again. "Look Mrs. Sparks. We have to get back to work." he said. "That's right Michael and I have a house we're showing off in ten minutes. " said Samantha. "And we have to get to the dance studio." said both Lindzie and Chloe. After she leaves. "I'm home." Michael said. "Hey. tommarows the weekend. That means no school and no work. " Samantha said. " That's good and nothing to worry about either," he answers her back. Lindzie walks in with a plate of chicken. "Why don't you sit down and have dinner. It's getting cold." she said. "Okay I'll sit." he said. After dinnerhe stands up and streches. "Well we'd better get ready for bed. he says. " Your right. It's getting late. Good night."Samantha said. "Good night." said Chloe and Lindzie.

The next morning. "Hey we're getting a call on the CB. It's Stella" said Lindzie. "What do you want Stella." Samantha says. "I want a match against all four of you. " she answers. " Okay fine. We'll meet you at the docks." Chloe said. They all teleport to the docks. "We're here but where is she?" Samantha asks. "Right here" Stella says. Stella comes out of nowhere and bushes a button on a remote and chains fly out at the Villian Patrol. They get caught and are hanging on the side of a warehouse and are hanging above water.