It's a love poem/story. Mostly English, some German (as reversed to the German version). Do tell if needed revision or sequel! I will upload all the chapters soon!

glint of hope
the cold of all lights-untouched
not seen, not taken, not savored

It was a play of words with reality. A play with meaning, meaning of reality. It was good, but I've forgotten it now, Alex. Again and again I reconstruct my words, uselessly.
Alex! You're not here anymore, so all of this, entirely, has no meaning after all, here and now. No meaning for me. No meaning for nobody, there isn't anybody here!
Alex, for you, I write all of this into the sand. Can you see? it does seem like a wordplay. One can't even read this anymore. Now, here, there is no wind, and I write this into the sand for you with the tip of my feet.

-lex. I love you-
Alex. I love you.