Dreams in the Stars Prolouge

The leaves rustled as Rahmat moved thought the thick forest, the sound of guns in the distance. Staining the air with an unnatural metallic favour. The outsiders were a poison to this land, he mused, frowning as he smelt outside life-flow ahead. He kept his wings in close as he stalked closer. He could also smell hints of his own kin there.

The outsiders had come many seasons ago. Able to control fire, thunder and lightening, there warriors fought well. But his kin were not weak, despite there normally kind nature. They could be fierce enough to kill these outsiders even with there weaker weapons. However this didn't stop the outsiders. For everyone they took down, it felt like two more rose. They kept coming. However the kin would not let them succeed in whatever they were looking for.

They were strange creatures. They were shorter then the kin, and had either wings nor tails. They let there young fight and were coloured strangely. They were strange and very dangerous. Rahmat was doing a very stupid thing sneaking up on some one his own. Alone the kin would be taken down easily, and it wasn't unusual for the outsiders to capture downed kin. Those who survived often spoke of torture and worse.

Just what did the outsiders want? He mused as he crept forward. Peeking behind the leaves of a bush, his eyes widened at the scene before him.

Two outsider 'scientists' were looming over another outsider. 'scientists' or at least thats what Rahmat thought that what they were called, were odd. Weak and yet very powerful. Creatures who had choose brain over brawn, his clan leader once said. But it was the other which really shocked him.

He was 'human' no doubt, but he smelt like the kin too. His appearance, too, was a mix of both. The beginning of wings sprouting from his back. His claw were longer and more dangerous looking. But his hair was yellow and his eyes blue. He was on his knees in front of the scientists, panting as he held on to his chest, choking.

"What did you do to me" He cried, collapsing to the ground, not having the strength to stay up. The scientist knelt on one knee in front of him and patted him on the shoulder. Almost like he was comforting him.

"Don't worry, it'll be over quick. As far as the others will be concerned, you died fighting bravely in a raid"

"Why" The man choked, tears falling from his tears. Another cry of pain left him The scientist looked up at his companion, who handed down a strange object.

"This will take the pain away" The scientist said while stabbing the man with it. The man whimpered but fell unconscious. A few moments later he was dead. The smelt of dead flesh filling Rahmats nose. They had killed there own. Why? And why was he like that in the first place?

"We're getting closer" commented one of the scientists, "If human DNA is now been transformed into gargoyle DNA, we must be isolating the correct genes"

"Same for this guy though" The other side standing, "The sounds have died down. Time to return to base?"

"Yes, but first" The scientist pulled out a device and though into the bushes by Rahmat. He didn't have time to react as a gas was released and filled his lungs. he tired to more only to find himself paralysed. The two scientists wandered out, "We have a watcher"

"Can't have that can we?" The other murmured cruelly, "At least we have a new gene donor"