Dreams in stars 5 part 1 by ~hiddenhearts

Cornell woke up slowly. The first thing he noticed was that he was in fact still alive. He had thought it had been the end when the creature had attacked him. Relief ran though his body. Which is when he noticed something else. He ached. His body was screaming at him louder then when he had, done an all-nighter one time and woke up upside down in a ditch.

Opening his eyes, he was blinded by white lights. He winced, closing him shut again. He was in post op, he mused. Nowhere else would have sure bright lights on.

"Stop" whimpered a voice breathlessly. Making Cornell blushed at the sound of panting. What was going on? "Your brother..."

"Is asleep. Now relax and let me play. He won't wake up if you're quiet" growled an annoyed voice with a leer in its tone. Cornell mentally rolled his eyes. That was his brother. Molesting the person who was supposed to be helping him. There was a wet squishing sound and a gasping voice. "So wet... maybe you should just spread your legs like a good girl and let me fuck you nice and hard" Norris whispered.

"Like I'd sleep with you!" The woman hissed, sounding very unwilling to the activity she was doing.

"We'll see" Norris chuckled. During all this Cornell stayed perfectly still, not wanting his brother to realise he was awake. Something clattered and a table began rocking. Then woman moaned loudly and then everything stopped. "Good girl" Norris murmured. Steps were taken and Cornell heard the door slide open, "Call me when my brothers awake"

Cornell stayed still even after the door closed. There was some scuffling at the woman rearranged her clothes. "You can move now" She murmured, "I know you're awake"

He blushed but opened his eyes and sat up. Neither of them cold met the others eyes. Though one was out of embarrassment, the other shame. "You enjoy listening to your brother molest people" She hissed at him.

"No! I just didn't know how to..."

"So you're telling me your not like your brother?" The woman bit back, bitterly. In the back of his mind Cornell curse his brother. Already he'd made an enemy and no doubt had plenty more thanks to his brothers behaviour.

"I'm nothing like my brother!" He said back angrily. This time he looked up and met the woman's eyes. They glared at each other for a few moments before She backed off. Cornell didn't say anything. In her eyes had been shame and hate. No doubt his brother had been terrorising her for months and in an outpost like this, there was no one to protect her. Few woman got assigned to the outer planets and for a reason. His brother didn't let many though.

He was bastard and this would be the first time someone judged him by knowing his brother. Little did they know he was his brother's favourite victim. Some assumed Norris defended him out of brotherly love. Really it was just because he didn't like other people playing with his toys.

"We'll see" She muttered, sounding neutral. She wasn't going to trust someone with the same blood as Commander Norris. "You're healed up by the way"

"Thank you"
"Don't" She shook her head, "I only did my job. I also gave you an injection with all the antibodies you will need to survive there. Everyone else took it as a pill and will be having side effects, but you shouldn't"

"How come everyone doesn't get the injection?"

"The main illness are caused by contact with the natives blood. Something which you got a exposed to in your own blood stream. The injection is the last resort. Luckily for you it worked. But you will need a blood test in a few months" She said, her voice serious, no doubt in doctor mood.

"If I need a blood test how you know it worked?"

"you're alive" was her answer. Blunt and too the point. She looked at the clock before throwing him something.

"It's dinner time. So eat. Your team mates will tell you where you are sleeping. Good day" She said tonelessly, before turning and walking out of the room. He went to call after her, but hesitated. There was no point. He would have to prove to her he wasn't like his brother before having any chance of having a rational conversation with him.

Looking down, he was glad to see he was clothed in a off duty uniform. The thing She had thrown him was a ID card. Something which, along with giving him access to the base, also had on it the fact he was on medical leave for the next day and light duty for two weeks. Muttering to himself about being stupid and jerk brothers, he rolled off the bed and headed out of the room.

Cornell had barely walked two corridors from medical before he was pulled in to a headlock, a gruff voice yelling in his ear, "Don't you ever fucking to that again ya maggot"

"No Sir! Sorry sir" Cornell yelled back automatically, not even bothering to fight the hold on him. It was his team leader, Damon. Had it been anyone else he would have worried but the fact of the matter was this was Damon own twisted way of looking after his men.

"Good boy"

Cornell was let out of the headlock however he was hit on the head roughly before his shoulder was clamped tightly as he was dragged along by Damon. "Sir where we going?" Cornell asked, unable to keep the tiredness from his voice.

"Mess hall. You haven't eaten in a while and you're skinny enough as it" Growled Damon, but he slowed down slightly. Cornell followed meekly, not wanting to get into a fight with his team commander, "And then after you've eaten I'll take you to our barracks. All seven of us were originally supposed to share two rooms but with... the others dying they decided to give us all one. So it's a little crowded." Two of them now were dead. Already and they had only been there a day or two. The main command obviously didn't hold out much hopes for them "Either way you need food then rest"

"Understood sir" Cornell said like the good little solider he wasn't. Damon was very assertive when it came to his men. If Damon gave an order they followed it instantly. Even outside of battle situations. Cornell had been lucky to have been assigned to the man. Few others would have put up with him. He didn't hold people back, but people tended to assume things about him. Partly due to his brother. But Damon was the sort of man Cornell could trust. He did his best to keep his team alive.

"Sir about..."

"Leave it Cornell. They're dead. That gargoyle killed them, so we're going to kill those mother-fucking gargoyles right back" there was venom in Damon's tone. The sort which sent fear down Cornell's spine. Damon had really taking the death of his two officers to heart.

"Pay backs a bitch"

"True words"

Cornwell knew well what that meant. Damon was only to be raging his own personal war against the gargoyle who had killed Juin and Dave. They had been good members. Juin and Damon had even come from the same colony. He and the others would be expected to follow him into battle.

"You have my sword" Cornell commented offering his support, while at the same time joking with the man.

"Only you could have a sword as his resonance weapon. Why can't you ever do things the normal way" Damon said drily, cuffing Cornell's ear harshly. Cornell winced at the pain but laughed at the banter.

"I'm never normal though boss. Things would be bloody boring otherwise" Cornell had giving his commander as cheeky grin. Not missing the tense muscles and how high strung Damon was. Dave had been the joker of the group. The one who cheered everyone up. With him gone, Cornell was prepared to take his place as the joker for awhile. After all everyone needed to laugh.

"Cornell" A was men yelled loudly, sounding happy to see him. they had reached the mess hall. Line after line of cold metal benches lined the room. A group of five men sat in a corner, waving the two of them over. All of them as various stages of eating. or rather picking at the food.

"ya good?"

"Never better" Cornell grinned as his friends, not surprised when he was pulled down on to the bench and plate full of something shoved in front of him. He looked at it curiously for a few seconds before looking up at the other. "Any clues to what this is?"

"Fuck if we know"

"Tastes alright" commented Curtis , who's plate was empty.

"Taste's like shit. You'll eat anything!"

Cornell let himself smile as the lot of them all teased each other. Falling easily into the banter with they all exchanged. But they all knew what it was. It was only masking the pain of having lost two of there own so quickly. They had to survive and get the gargoyles back. For Juin and Dave!