I used to have nightmares
Because my life was already beautiful.
Now it centers on this dreaming,
Picturing something a little better.

I used to think satellites were shooting stars,
And maybe I wished we were.
Now I know we're not so fleeting;
Life lasts forever when you want to die.

I used to think we could all be together,
Not me stealing them from you.
Now I recognize my selfishness.
I'm so sorry for taking what was yours.

I used to want you to look up to me,
But I don't want you to leave anything behind.
Now I'm sure of how much is my fault.
I really screwed up your shared happiness.

I used to dance in the rain,
And I thought it was God's dog spilling its water dish.
Now I only use it as a disguise for my tears;
I hated learning about the water cycle.