God permit I go ahead,

Ignore the minor gestures that lead me to see things

That aren't really there

When I fail to see what is.

I'd rather move on

Than have to stay in the dead lands,
When the leaves have fallen

And all that remains is a glimpse of times passed.

Though the sun shines through

It is always brighter somewhere else,

And I miss the pace of immersion

Where the feelings run even deeper.

Though I've found a part of me

That I'll never again forget,

I find it painful to remember

What if I had regrets for,

I would regret.

I still have love within these walls,
But the time does not allow for growth.
Despite my wishes to made amends,
I've seen no sign that would leave me forth.

The passive pain within my chest

Can only lead me to digress

That in this place,

Where once bloomed a child,
The memories are nothing but that

And my future here has died.

God permit,
I be on my way,
And this time I might even stay

Long enough to appreciate what last I missed

And surrender to my greatest gift.

Accompanied by a greater fear that was bred,
In the bones of my attempts a new life will be bled.