AN: Hey, so this is my first real short story that's gonna go on here =w= I wrote this after roleplaying a bit with these same characters, and Cafe's and Kia's characters (Mohr and Aiden, respectively). No, it wasn't anything like this, but it was leading up to it. After all, gaia doesn't let you do that kind of stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to put a few warnings up here.

Warnings: Two siren guys goin' at it, twincest, hardcore yaoi.

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Once again, their lips connected. Soft moans echoed throughout the darkened room. His breath came shakily and heated. He could feel the other's breath dancing across his skin. He could feel the hand trailing down his bare skin, towards the one thing that begged for attention. Lungs pleaded for air and their lips obliged, the pairs separating. His lips parted and he allowed his breath to escape from them only to be replaced with the oxygen around him. Still, that wasn't enough. He could feel lips kissing at his cheeks and then lowering down to his jawline. He felt them plant gentle, yet lustful kisses across his jawline and then down to his neck. There, they stopped and latched onto the skin, sucking at it. At first, it was light and it barely caused any reaction from the redhead; only a slightly elevated breathing. But then the sucking gradually become more needing as one hand massaged the inside of his thigh, just near his crotch, and the other ran its thumb along his slightly protruding hip bone. He couldn't do anything but to moan even more at the touches and sucking, his hand reaching up to clamp over his mouth as if that would help. His toes curled and his hips raised until he felt another pair against his own.

"A-ah..." He couldn't escape the sound that erupted from his throat, feeling the hips grind against his own. His head tilted back as his eyes closed. One hand lowered to the bed as the other reached up to lightly rest against the other's neck, pushing himself closer to the male above him. He wanted more skin contact. Even if it was just the shirts that had been removed, he wanted more. It was becoming unbearably tight and he felt like he couldn't take it any longer. He smirked at the whispered words that came after the lips pulled away from his neck and his eyelids peeled back to reveal pale green eyes; a sure sign that this part of him was coming out once more. Not that he minded this side. It was the other side he was absolutely terrified of. "You know exactly what I want," he replied in a husky voice. His arms reached up to lightly wrap around the neck above him, attracting the undivided attention. Unfortunately, this action also caused the hips to stop moving all together, much to his disappointment. No matter, he shoved it aside and lifted his upper body so that his lips just barely brushed against his mate for the day. "You can feel it, can't you? I'm waiting, Cain. Don't just leave me hanging like this."

His instinctual seduction laced within the words. He knew it was brought on by his species. They were a very seductive race, probably a much as an incubus would be. (And yes, he does know of this, considering that he had met an incubus and befriended him during his stay at Ethel Academy just his passing year.) They were known for seducing men with their voices. Yes, usually the males of this species didn't use their voices and they could also seduce women, but in this case, Sebastian was rather special. He wasn't interested in women in the least. So having the ability to attract a female mate was of no use to him. Hell, he couldn't even stand the thought of kissing one, let alone sleeping with one. So needless to say, the features his species had given him (his pale green eyes, the brightly colored hair, the silver wings...) were all 100% useless to him at this point. Though he did have a few boys comment on them as well, so maybe all hope wasn't lost.

A smirk and a whispered "I know" was enough confirmation for the two. There was a simple light peck, but that was soon forgotten when he felt a hand slip between his legs and squeeze. This moan was louder than all the rest. It echoed through the room. He threw back his head in bliss as his eyes slid closed. His hips bucked into the sensation, wanting more from it. Even through the jeans, it was very arousing and he wanted more of it. The hand started moving, massaging the area, as the male above him continued to kiss and nip down his neck. The whole thing seemed completely unreal and completely blissful at the same time. But it still didn't quite satisfy his need. His lips part and he tried to speak out, but both males froze at the sound of a tune from an unknown source shattering their moment. It took only a moment for the two to realize just exactly where it was coming from; the phone located within Cain's pocket. And from the song itself, it didn't sound like something that the other could just ignore. Unless, of course, Cain absolutely adored this song. Then again, it was a love song; something that was more fit put to a certain contact.

The brunette quickly pulled his head away and sat up, diving within his pocket. He seemed to be completely unaware of the glare the one underneath him was giving the small device, and therefore was unaware of the other's desire to just toss it out the window. Carefully, he flipped it open and pressed it against his ear. "H-hello?" The conversation was rather short, but in the time it took for Cain to talk, the two had moved and the light had been flicked on in order to see. Cain was now pacing around the room and running his hand through his hair as Sebastian merely just sat cross-legged on the bed. No matter how hard he tried, the redhead just couldn't ignore the nearly painful throbbing. He needed attention and he needed it now. He was going to let his hand just wander down and help with at least satisfying the desperation at least a little bit, but his hand stopped before it could even move at the words that came to his ears. "Sorry, I have to go. Something, err, came up. W-with my girlfriend."

Those definitely weren't the words he wanted to hear. Great. He wanted to frown and glare and tell the other to just forget about his girlfriend, but he couldn't find the heart to do so. No, it wasn't in his nature. Maybe if a little bit more of his 'other side' had taken over, but then again, his 'other side' wasn't him at all, either. And so, he had no choice but to force his gaze to soften and his head to nod in false understanding. The brunette quickly grabbed up his shirt and threw it on before he rushed out of the room. Muttering under his breath, the 17-year-old ran a hand through his locks, the other hand soon to join it. He felt like ripping his hair out and forgetting all about trying to actually sleep with someone. Though it usually wasn't this hard for him to get a partner for a night, he hadn't slept with someone else for about a month now. And for his species, that was quite a long time. They were sex fiends. They always searched for sexual pleasures. It was why they were so seductive; they had a very strong sex drive. Even the women were easily aroused and pleased.

Sighing heavily, he shook thoughts thoughts from his mind and allowed his hands to fall from his hair. Well. Now what? He could just ignore it, but what good would that do? He would have to do something else to preoccupy his time as his little 'problem' calmed down. He could always play a game to distract himself... Hm... Yes, that would work. Most definitely, especially if it were a boring game or one that took a lot of thought. Yes, it was quite difficult to ignore such a strong erection, but it wasn't like he was going to give in and just take care of it himself. He didn't really like doing that. It did help him, but it wasn't as satisfying. Even this little one, though usually coming off as innocent and nervous, liked someone else taking care of it for him. He liked the feeling of someone else touching him. He liked how unpredictable they were and if they were skilled, he loved how they could make his body feel like it never could if he tried it himself. Not only that, but he loved the feeling of another pair of lips against his body, the feeling of skin against his own skin, the feeling of breath dancing across him... But what he loved the most was the feeling of someone inside of him, or even the feeling of someone's tongue skillfully pleasuring him in ways that would make his vision go completely white. Yes, it was those kinds of sensations that he loved. And those weren't anything that he could even imitate, even if he wanted to.

Great. Now more images and scenarios had popped into his head. This was exactly why he needed to distract himself – and fast. If he continued with this, then he knew that he'd have no choice but to take care of it himself. Without wasting another moment, he pushed himself off the bed and strode straight towards the desk where his laptop sat. (Of course, he snatched up his shirt and pulled it on as he strode by it.) He plopped down onto the chair and opened up the large HP, logging in before he could do anything else. Pretty soon, he was within one of the online games he took a part in every now and then. After all, what more could he do to kill an erection? Usually bashing on some monsters and completing quests helped with this sort of thing, especially if he was playing alone. Ah, yes. This was exactly what he needed to do to keep his mind of off it...

He didn't know for how long he had been playing. But he did know one thing; his main character was now finally level 40, something of which he had been aiming for, for the past few weeks now. Alas, this game didn't allow him to level up his character rather quickly, and it didn't help that most of the quests were given to him on one side of the map and the thing he needed to kill was on the other side... Why must quests be set up this way, anyhow? The answer to that, he feared he may never know. Well, at least this seemed to help. The mindless killing and the music did manage to kill part, if not most, of his arousal, at least enough to make sure that he didn't have to take care of it himself anymore. Still, he would have to play this game for, at the very least, another hour before all the thoughts were completely dismissed.

His attention was drawn away from this, however, as he heard the front door open. Odd... The other family member shouldn't even had been home yet. Wait, what time was it? Deciding it was probably a good thought to check, he minimized the window and glanced down to the bottom right of the screen; 5:30. Oh. So it was time. It seemed like all that game-playing and the 'fun' he had (almost had) was enough to distract him for that long. Humming lightly at this, he opened his game back up and continued to play. He could always welcome home his brother later. Or so he thought. The next moment and the other redhead was waltzing right into his room. He could hear the footsteps rounding to the back of his chair and felt the slightly larger arms around around his shoulders. He couldn't help but to let a lopsided smile tug onto his lips at the feeling of the chin resting on top of his head. "Hello, Vincente. Welcome home," was the first thing that left his lips. He didn't even have to glance up to see who exactly it was. He could tell by just the scent. Ah, yes... It was quite a familiar one as well. Because the other tended to work in the kitchen, he usually smelt like some sort of food when he came home. Today, Sebastian could distinctly pick up the scent of grilled steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy. So that's what people were ordering the most today. Interesting. Usually it was some other type of dish. No matter, it still smelled delicious.

The arms tightened only slightly to signify a hug, something of which the younger one reached up and patted one of the limbs for. After all, it wasn't like he could really hug his twin in a position like this. "Good to be home. Work was a bit stressing today." Well, that didn't sound good... At this kind of news, he frowned and retreated his arm. Despite the questions that whirred in his head, he said nothing. He knew it was probably stressing due to the amount of customers that had come in today. After all, today was a Saturday. Usually customers came in to eat around lunch time on Saturdays and that was what Vincente worked. He always worked lunch shifts, even with school. He was at the top of his class and could easily get out of class just to do his work. The older brother had always been this way. He had always excelled academically and therefore was the teacher's pet, in a way. Every teacher loved him. The only reason he didn't work night shifts, however, was because he always spent the evenings with his "dear younger brother". You see, Sebastian is nearly nothing like his brother. They looked similar in terms of appearance (save for height), but when it came to anything else, they were vastly different, therefore labeling them as only fraternal – not identical.

Vincente was a genius in school and had skipped a grade; Sebastian failed nearly every class and had failed seventh grade. Vincente was great at playing instruments; Sebastian couldn't even begin to learn. Sebastian had a beautiful singing voice that could woo any man or woman; Vincente couldn't hold a note if his life depended on it. Vincente was nearly six foot; Sebastian was a good six inches shorter. Vincente excelled in Spanish; Sebastian had replaced it for Japanese. Vincente was very, very open about his sexuality and his sexual advances; Sebastian was rather reclusive and shy. Vincente fully embraced his 'other self' and made it become his true self; Sebastian strayed away from it at all costs. In virtually everything, the twins were vastly different. But there was one thing that they two shared, and that was how close of a bond they had with each other. No matter what happened, no matter where they went, and no matter who they became friends with, they were always by each other's sides. They never left it and they always helped each other out whenever they possibly could. This definitely showed by how they were nearly attached at the hip until seventh grade, when Sebastian had failed a grade. Up until then, they had always been in the same classes and sat right next to each other. But of course, after that little mishap, they had grown only closer than before and continued to live as if that hadn't happened. They had only really been truly separated when Sebastian had been sent to Ireland just this last school year, but even then, Vincente had followed only a few months after. (Of course, now it was summer vacation and they both were allowed back home in Spain, even if their house was empty, save for the occasional Alisa or bed mate.)

He snapped out of his thoughts upon feeling the head rub against his own, letting out a gentle laugh at this. Ah, his brother always had a weird way of showing affection... Then again, they both did. They both were very touchy with each other and even helped each other out on a few occasions. After all, they were sexual creatures and they still had their needs. Why not take advantage of their close bonds and allow themselves to pleasure one another, and still be only brothers in the end? "Ah, I need some Emilio lovin'~!" Now, if Sebastian were anyone else, then he would be completely confused as to who this 'Emilio' was. But because he grew up with Vincente, he knew exactly who he was referring to. Because Sebastian tended to call his brother by his middle name (Vincente) rather than his given name (Florence), Vincente returned the favor and did the same, calling him Emilio rather than Sebastian. It was still the exact same person and they were, in a way, real names for the boy, but the name was special to only Vincente and only the older brother could use it. Anybody else would use the name Sebastian, or any variant of that name.

However, there was only a single chuckle and a very light, very unnoticeable, blush that came from the one receiving all the attention. After all, if he really said anything, there might be an awkward situation at hand. It could be taken the wrong way. And with his mind how it was now, and his current aroused state, he didn't need any of that. Yes, they did use each other for pleasure, but that didn't mean that Sebastian asked for it. In fact, it was usually Vincente coming onto him and starting the whole thing; not the other way around. But alas, it seemed that he couldn't stay in silence for long. The rubbing soon stopped and the extra warm faded when the head lifted. "Emilio? Is there something wrong?" Of course he would ask...

Pale red locks shifted side to side as his head lightly shook, his eyes glued to the screen in front of him. "No, there's nothing wrong. I'm just busy trying to kill this thing," was his reply as he clicked another one of the buttons on the bottom bar. He watched as the animation replayed itself, the character he created slashing at the make believe monster with a powerful blow. It was supposed to be a finishing attack, but alas, this monster had more health than Sebastian had anticipated, and so it was left with about one fourth of the health bar left. No matter, he could just click here and...

His eyes were torn away from the screen as soon as he felt the arms leave and the chair spin, green orbs meeting with yellow ones. "I knew it." At those three words, the younger siren quickly looked away and focused his gaze on the computer desk next to him, one hand resting against the keyboard as the other lay limp against his leg. He couldn't even bring up the heart to look his brother in the eye. He knew. That's what he had said. He knew for a fact that the younger one was aroused. "Your eyes are pale again. You were left hanging again, weren't you?" Lips remained in a tight line. He couldn't even find the words to speak, even if he wanted to. Even if he tore apart his whole entire mind, he wouldn't be able to find the right words to say. That was just how he was. When he was accused of something, he just couldn't come up with a comeback. All words would just die at his throat, especially if it was his brother accusing him of things. Once again, he was reminded of how he had been left there on his bed with a full hard-on. He had wanted more, but he was left disappointed and was forced to calm it down rather than take care of it.

All thoughts ceased as he felt a hand apply pressure right at his groin. He let out a gasp and closed his eyes, bowing his head as his nails lightly scratched at the wood and his other hand tightened into a fist at his knee. Though the hand didn't move, he could feel his groin react to the touch and had to stop himself from grinding against it. After a moment, he finally looked up towards his brother, his eyes meeting directly with the other's. "V-Vincente, please... Don't, I-" He instantly cut himself off once he felt the hand start to massage the area, his heart rate picking up (and therefore flushed his cheeks) and his lungs gradually increasing their work load. He couldn't even look his brother in the eye, he let his eyelids close and his body lean back against the chair, his knees pulling apart slightly out of instinct. No longer able to breath through just his nose, he allowed his lips to part so that his lungs could move freely. His hand on his knee slightly relaxed and tensed in time to the massages, though it was mostly to stop himself from rocking his hips with the timing, as much as he wanted to.

A slight chuckle caused him to open his eyes just barely, the pupils focusing on the one now hovering hover him. Since when had he leaned forward and placed a hand on the back of the chair...? He couldn't even gain the courage to voice this question as the older one leaned forward. Hesitantly, he reached a hand up and gently placed it on the other's shoulder, listening to the words whispered into his ear. "See there? You're already this hard. And in such a short amount of time, too." Though the both of them knew that it had no effect on other sirens, Vincente still let the siren seduction slip into his words and lace throughout it. For humans, it would be intoxicating and they would go wild. But for Sebastian, it didn't quite have the same effect. Though he had to admit... It was still alluring and it did make his cheeks heat up even more. The pressure against his erection grew only slightly, but it was enough to tempt him into lightly rocking his hips, causing even more friction then before. An involuntary moan slipped past his vocal chords at the feeling of a light nip on his ear, instinctively leaning forward so he could nip at the the neck already close to his mouth. "Oh? You're even leaning into it this much. You must be pretty aroused right now. Did he really leave you like this?"

There still weren't any words that would leave Sebastian's lips. But that didn't mean there wasn't anything the older boy couldn't act upon. He could tell by the way the green-eyed one had reached up and fisted his hands in his shirt just how much he wanted the second party in this whole thing. There was a small whimper that came from Sebastian when the hand retreated, the area feeling rather neglected by now. He wanted to whine and complain about it, but his voice died in his throat once he felt the body pulling away. Instantly, he tried to tighten his grip. That couldn't be it, could it? Was his own twin really going to just leave him like this, just like the other boy had? A slight chuckle put his mind to ease and his eyes opened to stare directly into yellow ones. He could see the reassurance within them and even before the other spoke, he knew exactly what he was going to say. "Don't worry, I'm not goin' anywhere." He allowed his grip to loosen at these words. He knew that he could trust his brother in just about everything. After all, he had grown up with him. He knew exactly what Vincente was like.

Taking this opportunity, the more perverted of the two continued to pull away. The younger one could feel hands snake around his waist and then lift him up. Once he was brought close enough, his legs wrapped around his brother's waist and his ankles hooked together to prevent himself from falling. He latched on with his arms and, seeing as how it was right there, allowed his lips to lightly suck at the skin connecting the jaw to the neck. This earned a small moan in return, in which he acted upon by lighting biting down on the skin he had brought between his lips, earning a slight shiver. All thoughts of continuing his protests from earlier were now gone. A small moan escaped him as he was lightly jostled by the first step, letting his legs loosen just enough so that his hips were right against his twin's. With every step Vincente took, Sebastian made sure to push his hips forward by tightening his grip only to loosen it again and repeat it for the next step. He just couldn't bear it much longer. He had been like this ever since things began to get heated between him and Cain. And now... Now, with a definite way of releasing the sexual tension building up within him, he just couldn't hold it back anymore. Well, it was probably a good thing that all the barriers that divided the brothers had long been broken... Ever since they had hit puberty, they had been helping each other out, and yet still remained virgins. Only once before had they actually slept together, and that was after their virginity had been lost to someone else.

Only when he felt a soft cushion below him did he allow his legs to loosen to the point where only his knees remained at Vincente's sides. "Damn, you're really wanting this, aren't you?" At the question, the pale-eyed siren released the abused patch of skin and lifted his gaze. He almost felt guilty now, for doing something like that. His arms loosened. He would've let go, but if he did, then he knew that he would fall back against the bed and right now, he didn't really need that. It wouldn't allow him to actually look at his brother completely. But it seemed like the gaze wasn't returned. In fact, it seemed like... Curious as to what the other was actually looking at, his eyes followed the gaze down. And down. And then his face flushed up in bright read upon arriving at the bulge his slightly spread legs revealed. Still, no words came to his throat. He wanted to speak, btu he knew it would be jumbled. Even so, he didn't think he could get out much. The reason? Simple. The hands that were wandering towards that same bulge. He let out a low moan and closed his eyes upon feeling fingers ghost over it, lightly pressing into it upon instinct. However, his need wasn't satisfied. Instead, he felt the fingers of one hand working with the button and zipper as the other slowly slid up under his shirt and lifted ti towards his shoulder. At the same time, there was a gentle, yet alluring kiss on his neck that continued down towards the crook of it. He tilted his head to the side to allow more access to the tender spots, his breath and heartbeat picking up again.

"M-mm... Vincente..." This moan came out completely involuntary. But the reason for it had been the hand that had slipped into his jeans and once again started to massage the hardened groin. His breath escaped through his mouth once more, but the sensation was nothing compared to what was soon to come. Not too soon after the hand was within his pants was it sliding just underneath the elastic of his boxers, growing ever close to the member seeking attention. "Ah...!" Once again, it was involuntary. His head tilted back and he pushed his hips forward, all because he felt callused fingertips gently stroking down the length, then back up, and then down again. His breath came out in ragged gasps at the feather-light touch, his toes curling and uncurling. It was times like these that he thanked whatever god or goddess he possibly could that they were always alone in the house. He never had to suppress his moans or pleas; he could be as loud as he possibly wanted to. He let out a small 'mm' upon feeling a fingertip brush across the tip. Yes, he was quite the vocal one when it came to things like these. He wasn't one to stay quiet. He felt that it enriched the experience all the more.

The hand lightly wrapped itself around the hardened erection as the other one successfully removed the shirt that had been put on not only an hour before. The moans became more frequent as the hand began to slowly stroke, but this wasn't enough for Sebastian. Not when he was this aroused. Taking action, he bucked his hips into the hand, signifying that he wanted more than just a slow hand job. "Alright, alright, calm your horses," was the reply he received, much to his satisfaction. The hand quickened its pace and, in return, the younger twin's breath quickened, just as the moans did. He began to rock his hips in time to the motion, leaning back towards the bed and tilting his head back. His legs moved just enough to where they could be comfortable, and yet pushed down the pants just enough at the same time. Of course, he couldn't force them to go too far due to the body that was between them. After all, Vincente wasn't made from mist.

He let out a soft whine upon feeling his brother pulling away from his neck, unsure of why exactly he was doing so. This was only returned by a chuckle and he felt the hand no longer stroking the erection. It soon pulled away and he let out a small noise of irritation. He didn't even recognize the feeling of the clothes sliding off his legs, nor the sound of them dropping to the ground. The only think that mattered to him was that his erection was left untouched. Again. Once again, he whined, but he was silenced at the feeling of something wet sliding across the tip, the thumb gently massaging just below the whole appendage itself. His toes curled and he had no choice but to lower himself to the bed completely. His hands, which had rested on the bed due to Vincente suddenly pulling away, lifted up and wove their way into his twin's hair. A gasp escape his throat and he arched his back when he felt a pair of lips encircle the tip. He had to stop himself from bucking, knowing that if he did, then he risked the chance of hurting his brother. A tongue soon slid across the slit as the lips moved farther down. The tongue soon began to slide up and down the length just as the lips did, causing the one receiving such a sensation to moan louder than before. This was what he had wanted from the start, if not more. At least he was getting it now instead of never.

His breath came out in ragged gasps as he tilted his head to the side. He allowed his hips to lightly rock to the timing, but didn't allow it to go any further than a light rocking. There was no way he was going to risk hurting his brother. "V-Vincente..." was the only word that escaped his lips. No other words even dared to threaten. They wouldn't even come to his mind. The mouth quickened in pace and the younger one could only gasp and moan, having to restrain himself from actually thrusting back. He could feel his erection throbbing painfully, pleading for some sort of release. He could feel his abdomen growing tight. The whole room seemed as if it were on fire and his skin was burning because of that heat. His gasps and moans became louder and more frequent than before. His whole head was spinning. Finally, he was granted sweet release. His vision went white as he threw back his head, his lips parting to let out a faint cry. His toes curled their tightest before they relaxed completely. His hands fell from the hair and fell limp against the bed. His face remained flushed. His breathing remained just as labored as it was before, but the moans had quieted into silence.

Only the chuckle that erupted from Vincente caused green eyes to slide open once more, no longer as pale as they were. Yes, they were still slightly pale, but not as much as before. His siren side was finally subsiding. Weakly, he propped himself up onto his elbows and threw his gaze towards his brother. Instantly, he realized his mistake. Eyebrows drew together as his body tensed. Around Vincente's mouth were small spots of white, and Sebastian knew exactly what it was. By the looks of it, the other had no choice but to swallow the rest of it. He was going to grab a cloth or something to wipe it off, but it seemed that his brother had already grabbed up a dirty shirt and started to wipe away the spots on his cheeks and lips. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to- I was just- I didn't think-" His rambling was soon cut off when he felt a pair of lips colliding into his own. He was surprised with this, but he knew that he shouldn't have been. After all, he should've been used to it by now. It was always the way that Vincente shut him up, unless they were in public. Still, it always managed to embarrass him.

After a small moment, the older twin pulled away and gave a smirk to his little brother. Though this told Sebastian all that he needed to know, the older one still felt like explaining. "Wasn't the first time it's happened, now was it?" At this, Sebastian slowly shook his head. It had actually happened a few times before. The first time, Vincente had just burst out laughing and fell back, holding his stomach. Then he had proceeded to tease Sebastian about it, asking him if he was really 'that good at blow jobs'. When the younger male had defensively agreed to it, the older just burst out laughing again and left it at that. "Exactly. So what's there to worry about?" The shirt was tossed aside and he stood.

Sebastian knew exactly what Vincente was trying to do, and one quick glance down gave him all the motivation he needed to keep his brother here; he was just as hard has he had been. Even through the pants, it was easy to see. It was quite understandable, considering the sounds, sights, and the fact that Sebastian had previously been grinding against him. Upon seeing his older twin moving towards the door, he shot forward and grabbed the edge of the shirt. "W-wait," he spoke out. Thankfully, he didn't even need to stand in order to gain Vincente's attention and the other had stopped, looking back at him with a raised eyebrow. Instantly realizing what he had down, his cheeks flushed crimson and he released his hold. He didn't even have the strength to look him in the eye anymore and therefore just focused his gaze down on the floor, his toes nervously rubbing against one another. "I-I know you're... Um... Y-you're... Y'know... I-if you w-want, you can... Um... Well..." he stammered. With every stammer, his cheeks only turned a shade brighter. He couldn't even believe he was suggesting this.

"You sure about this, Emilio?"

The question came as a surprise. Quickly, he turned his gaze to his brother. Despite the clear conflicting emotions on his expression, his eyes held worry and hesitation. This is why Sebastian loved his brother so much... No matter what, the younger one was always put first. Whether he was hurt, sad, happy, or bored, Sebastian always came first. It was a nice change. Usually Sebastian always worked hard to please others, but in this case, Vincente worked hard to make Sebastian happy. That only strengthened his decision. Forcing down most of his blush and hardening his expression as best he could (which wasn't much), he gave a short nod. "Alright, if you're that sure of it," was the reply he was given. The older brother turned and leaned down, resting one hand on his brother's shoulder and the other on the bed next to him. In response, Sebastian leaned back and returned the kiss he was given, his eyes sliding closed. This was odd... Usually there was no kissing like this. Usually kissing was reserved for mostly shutting Sebastian up. But this time, it almost felt different. He dismissed this, however, as he felt the bed shift beside him, signaling that a knee had been placed down beside him. He hummed lightly at this and pushed himself back, scooting across the mattress so that he now was in the middle. It was then that he allowed his arms to give out, falling back towards the bed. But at a price.

He hissed painfully as he felt the back of his head slam hard into the wall. Damn... He forgot how short queen-sized beds were width-wise. The pain was soon forgotten upon realizing that his brother was hovering directly over him, smirking down at him with that same amused smirk he usually wore. Wait... When did he take off his shirt? This was all very confusing... He dismissed the thoughts at the chuckle, letting out a huff at the comment he was given; "You should move. The wall isn't that comfortable." He obliged and shifted himself so that his head hit the pillow, his brother adjusting with him. Noses drew closer together as Vincente leaned down, eyes locked onto one another. "There. Isn't that better?" He wasn't even given time to respond. This was because even though he tried to, he was cut off by a pair of lips crashing into his own. He let out a small hum at this, but dismissed the thoughts and allowed his eyelids to draw closed. He returned the kiss and lifted his hands, one resting on the small of Vincente's back as the other went straight to the groin.

He felt a small smirk growing at the groan he received upon even just lightly touching it. Just as he thought. He pressed his fingers against it and instantly noticed that he didn't even need to do anything. Instead, the one above him started to just rock his hips into it. Still, he massaged the area the best he could, hearing the grunts and moans from above. He parted his own lips when he felt teeth tugging at his bottom lip, gladly welcoming the tongue that slid within. He could feel it exploring every nook and cranny it possibly could before it began to stroke the muscle within. And of course, being the skilled kisser that he was, Sebastian allowed his tongue to lightly curl around the foreign one. Damn... With everything happened just as it was, he could almost feel himself growing hard again. Finally, he pulled his hand away and used both of his hands to undo the button and pull down the zipper. He made sure that he went as slow as he possibly could, enjoying the grunts of disapproval coming from his twin. He could only smirk at these, but the kiss was soon broken. Even the glare sent down towards him wasn't enough to stop him from being so slow.

"You're fucking sadistic. You know that?"

His smirk widened even more. He pulled his hands away from the half-unzipped pants and lightly ran them across the collarbones, pulling himself up with his abdomen to nip at an earlobe. He knew very well that both of these spots were turn-on spots for his brother. Both were extremely effective, especially when used to correctly. "I know," he whispered right back before taking the earlobe back in his teeth and lightly biting down, tugging on it. Once he heard another groan, he pulled away and fell back onto the bed, his smirk only widening. He lowered his hands once more and quickly unzipped it the rest of the way, giving into the next kiss he was given. It was about time that he stopped teasing his brother, he thought. If he did much more of that, then he wouldn't be forgiven, he was sure. Therefore, he quickly worked with removing the pants, letting Vincente kick them away. He could feel the tongue dive deeper and deeper into his mouth, showing him just how badly the other wanted to just have the clothes off. He obliged to the silent commands and lifted his fingers to the elastic of the boxers. Hooking his thumbs inside, he carefully slid them down and allowed the other to take care of those as well.

Finally, with everything out of the way, Sebastian went to work. Using one hand to preoccupy Vincente by stroking the hard on, he reached into his nightstand with the other to grab out a tube of lubricant. No matter what, he always kept on in there. If he didn't, then he knew that it would hurt a lot more than it should. And that wasn't really what he wanted at all. He winced at the feeling of teeth nipping at his tongue, but paid no attention to them as he pulled his hand away from his brother's erection. This earned a dissatisfied groan, but he ignored it and covered one hand with the lubricant. He then wrapped his hand around the erection again and began stroking, lathering the lubricant onto it. The kiss was once again broken and he glanced over to see Vincente burying his head in the younger one's shoulder. "Shit, that's cold."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not letting you do this without it," he retorted quickly. He wasn't usually one to talk back, but in a time like this, he found it rather appropriate. If he didn't, then he knew that Vincente would probably just dismiss it completely and ignore the fact that Sebastian was trying to make it easier for the both of them. After a short moment, the younger siren deemed it as covered enough and pulled his hand away. He let one hand rest on his brother's back, looking down at the head on his shoulder. "Okay, g-go ahead," he stammered. After all, why wouldn't he stammer? It was quite embarrassing to give his own brother permission like this. Not to mention how close they were to actually having sex, not just the usual hand job or blow job. As mentioned before, they had gone this far only once before. And even then, they hardly really remembered it, for it was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing.

All thoughts of this were shoved aside once the older one lifted his head, gazing down at his brother with worry. A gentle smile and a few words of reassurance was all he needed. Sebastian's hips were lifted by callused hands. He lifted his legs and hooked them around Vincente's waist to help in this, not wanting to prove himself as completely useless. His face grew even more heated at the feeling of his brother's tip lightly prodding the ring of muscle. Just how much could he blush in one hour? His cheeks were starting to even hurt from it. He tried his best to not make a single sound, but the sensation was anything but pleasurable. He never forgot just how much it hurt at first. No matter who it was or how much lubrication there was, it always hurt. But he had to admit, it hurt the worst when he had lost his virginity. Then again, that was also the time that he learned for a fact that lubrication helped. Still, it didn't help the fact that it always hurt whenever they first went in. It was hard to keep himself relaxed when it felt like a stick was trying to manage its way past the tight muscles. He involuntary grunted at the pain, his body lightly shaking as his hands clenched onto the bed sheets. The movement stopped, and he merely shook his head and murmured 'it's okay' to let his brother know that he would be fine.

It took a long moment of slow-moving, but at long last, he could tell that it was in all the way. It hurt like hell at this moment, but he knew that once the other started moving, it'd feel much better. And once he found that spot... His thoughts trailed off as there was movement again. It was only a slow, careful rocking, but it was movement nonetheless. Even though they were only seventeen, they were rather experienced in this area. Therefore, they both knew just how long it would take, and how slow they needed to go at first. Even so, he could only just feel the slowly fading pain, not the hands resting against his hips. The more the other moved, the more the pain began to dissipate. Slowly, Vincente's hips rocked back and forth, gradually increasing in speed. Only when a soft moan escaped from Sebastian's throat did he stop restraining himself as much as he was. No, he didn't go all out all at once. That would just be a completely and utterly stupid idea on his part and would only cause pain. Instead, he quickened the rate in which he increased the timing.

The bed lightly creaked with the motions. Moans began to erupt from the younger twin more often. Sweat began to bead on their skin once more, causing their red locks to plaster to their face and neck in some areas. Breaths started out slow and shaky and began to increase, until both of them were nearly gasping for air. Sebastian lifted his arms and tightly wove them around his brother, pulling himself closer as his back arched. He was getting closer and closer to that one spot, he could feel it. He moaned particularly loudly at the feeling of the bundle of nerves being brushed, his head burying into the shoulder. He could almost feel the smirk that curled onto his brother's lips. His eyes closed and he shuddered at the feeling of teeth digging into the crook of his neck. But all thoughts of that vanished as he felt a powerful hit to the nerves within him. His toes curled and his mouth opened to let out a pleasure-filled shout. His back arch even more, trying his hardest to press his chest against his brother's. He was feeling much more bliss than he was before, but he still wanted more. He wanted to feel that they were actually connected in a way, not just by the temporary bond that sex gave them.

The rocking movements soon became powerful thrusts, each time slamming right into that same spot. Now that he had found it, he wasn't just going to give it up and try somewhere else. And of course, each time this happened, the one receiving such a treatment let out a load moan. He had even began to rock his hips in time with it, trying to apply even more pressure to it. He knew now that he was indeed hard, but he also knew that he wasn't quite ready to cum again. After all, he had already had the pleasure of ejaculating. Doing something like that so soon was nearly impossible, considering that the sperm needed to be replaced within his body. No, it didn't take long, but it was much too soon. Even so, it didn't stop him from trying to gain more pleasure out of this, even if he was already seeing white.

Their time came to an end at one final, powerful thrust, in which his brother instantly pulled out right after. The younger male ignored the splatters he felt across his abdomen and chest, and instead turned his attention to Vincente, who had collapsed beside him. He carefully rolled over onto his side and, before he knew it, he felt a light peck and an arm drape across his waist. He allowed himself to be pulled closer, giving into the next kiss he was given. It started off with just a simple kiss, but it escalated into a slow, gentle one. Still, there were no more hints of lust now that the two were satisfied. Desperately needing air, the two pairs of lips pulled apart and their breaths escaped through them once again. "I'll go get a towel. Stay here," the older one spoke as he pulled away. Though he was disappointed he was going to be left alone, Sebastian nodded in understanding and watched as his brother ventured out of his room. He could hear the light sounds of the towel closet opening and then closing, and then the soft padding of feet coming back to his room. The light flicked off and his eyes quickly adjusted to the new lighting. It seemed like in this case, it was a good thing he was a siren, for his eyes were much better than a human's and he could therefore see his brother within the dim light.

He hummed lightly and shifted at the feeling of the towel across his stomach, having to keep himself from laughing, giggling, or chuckling. Yes, Sebastian was quit the ticklish one. He watched the amused smirk form on his brother's lips before the towel was pulled away and tossed to the ground, the older one crawling right back into the warmth of the bed. The hug was gladly accepted and both boys threw their arms across each other's waist, Sebastian moving closer the best he could without hurting himself. "You look beautiful." The faint whisper came to the younger male's ear as soon as he had buried his head into his brother's chest. He felt his cheeks redden at the compliment, but then huff and lightly hit Vincente's back with a balled fist.

"Idiot. It's just because of the afterglow," he murmured without missing a beat. The only reply was a lightly chuckle and a chin lightly resting on the top of his head. He accepted this, though, not really wanting to argue right now. He closed his eyes and moved closer. He knew that they probably had a very large mess to clean up once they were ready to move about, and moving would be hard for him, but in his mind, it was worth it. After all, sirens are very sexual creatures. And there was nothing that could get in the way of two horny teenage sirens – not even brotherly bonds.