She hit the wall with a heavy thud.

"And don't you dare get in my way again!"

"Stop! Please! We'll work this out!" Mother. Her mother. The man was hitting her again. Mother was being hurt. Stop it. Stop it; please.

"Stop hurting mommy!" She ran at the man, latching onto his arm and trying to pull it back.

"I told you not to get in my way!" He flung his arm, but she stayed, clinging onto it with all her might.

He roared, slammed her into the wall. From his other hand, he flicked the blade out. It glinted dangerously in the too bright room.

"No!" mother shrieked. She grabbed the blade arm and yanked back. "Don't!"

"Out of my way you bitch!" She was shoved away and repeatedly slammed against the ground. Thud! Thud! Thud! He held on to the little girl.

Blood trickled down her face. It landed on her shirt in large blotches. It hurt. Everything hurt. It was all too loud for her, all too hard for her. Everything spun. She wanted it to stop. The chaos had to stop. Stop, stop, stop!

It slowed.

Mother lay barely conscious on the ground, blood pooling.

He raised the blade.


Endless screams.

Who's screams, she didn't know; was it her mother? Was it herself?

She didn't know anymore.

The blade went down.

It hurt, it hurt so so bad.

Mommy! Make it stop!

Make the bad man stop! Make him stop!

It hurts so much. Mommy!

He laughed

Mother shrieked, screamed.


It hurts.


Stop it.

Stop hurting mommy.

Red and blue lights. Its too loud, too bright, mommy.

Shouts, yells



A/N: Hana here! Well, this was . . . depressing. Sorta. It was a little hard to write everything out, and it sounded more dramatic/depressed/angsty in my head. A short little drabble, this is probably my first attempt at one. I might continue this, I might not; it has potential to become a drabble story. It all just depends on what I can do. I've been quite busy lately, so . . .