Daisuke sighed, tapping his fingers on the counter. It was a slow night for business and he was getting antsy. If he didn't get a client soon, then Kyono would not be happy. And an unhappy Kyono was certainly the last thing he wanted.

Daisuke scanned the room again. Nothing. Well, there were people, but certainly no one he would be willing to work with. Female... oh, he'd rather chop off his own dick, but sometimes he had to resort to such things. However, the female had to be extremely drunk, otherwise his inability to get an erection became apparent, which wasn't really good for business. And then men, well, none of them looked worthy of his time. But, seeing as his time was running out, he might just settle.

The door opened, and Daisuke dragged his eyes away from the crowd and towards the door. His breath hitched at the sight of the man. Tall, at least a foot taller then Daisuke himself, if not more, and built like a football player. Never before had Daisuke thought a man looked good in regular blue jeans and a loose, plain red t-shirt. (Daisuke was more into leather, such as now, Daisuke himself wore leather pants and a leather vest that was sleeveless). He had shaggy black hair and scars that ran from the corners of his mouth the bottom of his ears on either side of his face. It get him a air of danger and mystery.

Daisuke grinned. Perhaps this would be his customer for the night? He'd always loved the strong, protective type, and this man certainly fit the bill. Heck, maybe he was into roleplaying and then Daisuke could have some real fun, at least for this one night.

Pushing off the counter, Daisuke wandered towards where Shi had sat at a table in the back, away from everyone else. Why would someone come to a club just to sit away from people? However, Shi didn't want to be bothered.

"Get lost kid," Shi motioned the kid away with his hand, but the pink haired boy was persistant.

"Come on," he purred, leaning against Shi's arm, whispering directly into his ear. "What's stopping you?"

"Your age. How old are you, anyway?" Shi replied, raising an eyebrow to the boy.

A sly grin crossed Daisuke's face. "How old do you want me to be?"

"What is that suppose to mean?" Shi actually looked at Daisuke now, taking him in fully. "You look tweleve."

Daisuke's mouth fell open, but he quickly composed himself. "I am not twelve! And I hardly look it."

"You're right," Shi replied, sitting back in his chair. "you could pass as thirteen. But that's it."

Daisuke glared at the man. What a cheeky bastard. It kinda turned him on. "Oh come on. I could make this your best night ever."

"For a price, right? Fuck off," Shi scoffed. "I know your kind."

Anger flowed through Daisuke quickly. "Fuck you! You don't know shit about me!" he flung himself back from the table and stormed off back towards the front bar of the club, where Lynn stood.

"Can you believe the nerve of some people!" Daisuke growled between clenched teeth. "I don't care if he's hot, he's a jerk!"

"Aren't all the people you hook up with jerks?" Lynn said, looking down at the younger boy. "You just don't know how to pick 'em."

"Yeah, Lynn, because I want to spend all my time with my legs in the air," Daisuke crossed his arms, glaring at the baresta.

"Dai, that's not what I meant. Why don't you quit! You're better then this, Dai-Chan," Lynn's concern made Daisuke feel as though he was betraying her by not doing something better with his life. Why was he stuck being an unpaid whore if someone cared so much about him?

"I... I can't, Lynn," Daisuke muttered, sitting on a bar stool.

"Why won't you let me help you!" Lynn reached out, placing a gentle hand on Daisuke's arm. Daisuke mearly smiled at her.

"Because I care for you, Lynn. I couldn't let anything happen to you. Ever."

The warmth in Lynn's eyes then made Daisuke happy. He wasn't in love with Lynn, she was the wrong gender for that, but he most certainly loved Lynn. She was his best friend, mentor, mother, sister, and all things good in this world. They were polar opposites, and they needed each other to be complete. It was as simple as that to both of them - they were incomplete apart. "Dai, you know I'd help you."

"I know," Daisuke smiled, getting off the stool and removing Lynn's physical contact. "And for that reason, I leave you in the dark. I gotta go. That guy in the corner is eyeing me, and I think he might be my customer, as gross as he looks." Daisuke shivered as he looked at the man, at least 40 (is not more) and he just screamed pedophile.

"Wait! Just... wait here, ok?" Lynn said quietly. Daisuke looked at her, then to the clock.

"Fine. But you got five minutes."

"That's all I'll need. I just spotted an old friend." and with those words, Lynn ducked under the opening in the bar and slid into the crowd, disappearing with ease. Daisuke sighed and sat down again, hold his head in both hands.

"Shi!" Lynn screamed joyously, pouncing on the poor man, who had stood when he saw her approaching.

"Lynn!" Shi was surprised, to put it mildly, but returned the hug quickly. "What are you doing here?"

"I work here! The question is, why are you here, mister anti-social?" Lynn giggled, stepping back from the embrace.

"Trying to avoid fan-services, but apparently they are here," Shi motioned towards the bar, and Lynn turned to see that he was looking at Daisuke.

"Oh no."

"What?" Shi looked to her.

"Umm... well, you see... I came over here to ask for that favor you owe me. Ya know, when I let your borrow that grand?" Lynn smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, yeah. I can pay you back now, Lynn! The record deal is coming along nicely! And-"

"I don't want you to pay me back. Well, I do, but not me persay. I have a friend, one who is in deep trouble, but he won't tell me what is wrong, and... and he's forced to do things that he shouldn't have too," Lynn started.

"Don't beat around that bush, Lynn. Tell me who I'm helping. I do owe you."

"Him. The boy you spoke of as 'fan-service.' He has to have a customer a night. It's only $50 a night, and I want you to take him for the next 20 nights. Using that grand."

"What! And just what do you expect me to do!" Shi looked towards Daisuke again, who had stood from the bar and was stretching, looking at the clock that hung behind the bar.

"I don't care. Make him just sit at the park for four hour for all I care! Just... just don't let someone else get him, okay? He's... they make him do favors, and he's got to, but he won't tell me why. But, with you, I can at least get him 20 free days. Time for me to think of how to help him."

"So... why are you helping the prostitute? I'm sure if he wants to sell his body that's his choice."

"Shi Nigami!" Lynn gasped. "I can't believe you! Daisuke is not a prostitute! You... there are other things at work here, Shi, ones that force people to do bad things when they have no intentions of doing so any other way. You will not judge him, Shi. You have no idea what he's going through or why he has to do this. Please, Shi, for me?"

Shi sighed, standing up. "For you."

Meanwhile, Daisuke looked at the clock one last time. 'Dammit, Lynn. I can't wait.' Daisuke sighed, standing up. He started towards the creep in the corner, but was cut off by the jerk from earlier. "Yes?"

"I'll take you up on your offer. How much?"

Daisuke raised an eyebrow. "Why the change?"


Daisuke instantly understood then. He turned, looking for Lynn, but she was nowhere to be seen. "Fine. Follow me." Daisuke turned on heel and headed towards the entrance of the club, Shi in tow. Once they had exited, Daisuke walked around the building to the ally way, where he turned to face Shi. "Here's how this works; at the end of the night you give me $50 and I give you a phone number. You call that number at eight in the morning, wait three rings, then hang up. Then we never have to see each other again, okay?"

"Oh, not okay," Shi said, which made Daisuke glare at him. "Hold it, kid. Let me explain. I owe Lynn a grand, so instead of paying her back, I'm suppose to pay you for 20 nights. So, can I like just give you the money now, you give me the phone number, and we never see each other again? I'll call the number every morning for 20 days."

"You'll have to see me everyday, as much as we both dread it. The number changes every night, to ensure that there is no cheating. I don't get to know the new number until you drop me back at the club, which can't be until at least three, if not later," Daisuke replied, crossing his arms.

Shi ran a hand through his hair. "So, we really are stuck together? Fine, follow me." Shi started walking, not giving Daisuke a chance to argue, not that he would have anyway. Daisuke may not like the guy, but something about him just turned Daisuke on. He was crude, rude, and arrogant, but Daisuke wanted to pounce on him.

Turned out, Shi led Daisuke to his car and then took him to his penthouse. And holy shit, was Shi rich! The view from his windows allowed him to see almost all of New York (at least, all that was close). He had an entire floor to himself in the building!

"Oh my..." Daisuke uttered at he entered. Shi, a head of him, plopped down onto a rather plush looking couch. Daisuke continued to stand, looking around. Shi chuckled with amusement.

"Never been anywhere this nice?"

"No," Daisuke didn't hesitate to answer as he looked around. When he spoke, it was with the tone of someone who was bored with the topic. "Mostly we go to their crappy houses or to an even crappier hotel. Neither is usually clean."

Shi felt a pang of pity for the boy. Was he ever treated to something nice? Or was this the only life he knew? Shi looked away from Daisuke to stare out his window.

Daisuke took this opportunity to stare at Shi. God, he was gorgeous. Daisuke thought he was built like a football player earlier, but now he saw that he was built like a warrior god, pure muscle that, if he pleased, could probably commit murder without a weapon. His clothing was by no means flattering, in fact, if anything, Shi has chosen his clothes to take attention away from himself. Why would people dress like that on purpose! However, Daisuke very much liked what he saw.

"Why are you staring?" Shi asked, startling Daisuke. For a moment Daisuke wondered how he'd known, but he realized that Shi was looking out a window. He'd probably seen Daisuke staring in the reflection.

"Maybe I like what I see," Daisuke replied, swaying towards Shi in a seductive manner.

"I already told you no," Shi turned to look at him now, and his eyes widened for just a moment. He hadn't expected Daisuke to be within arm's reach already. "Why must you let yourself be shot down twice?"

"Because, secretly, you want me. Deep down inside, you can't resist me," Daisuke grinned a Cheshire grin. "I know it. Everyone wants me."

"Okay, Acheron," Shi rolled his eyes.

Daisuke raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Huh?"

"Nevermind. Book reference. You probably don't read anyway."

Daisuke stood over Shi, though they were pretty close in eye level even though Shi was sitting and Dai was standing. He crossed his arms. "I don't need to read."

"Can you even read?"

Daisuke got quiet and he looked away. His face reddened a bit. Was he embarrassed by his answer? "Why would I need to read?"

Shi was stunned. "You can't... in this day and age, in a populated, urban area, you can't read?"

"What's it to ya?" Daisuke threw up his walls of protection, backing into his shell of safety. "I don't need to read for my work, ok? Why does it matter to you, anyway?"

"It shouldn't," Shi replied, "but it does. Maybe that's how we could pass this time. I'll teach you to read, write even."

Daisuke turned a deeper red and he looked down to the floor. What a wonderful, white shag rug he owned.


"Are you... nevermind. Fine. Teach me how to read. You're the one paying for time. It's whatever you want to do."

Shi looked at him, but didn't press the subject. He didn't really want to help this kid. He was just doing this to help Lynn out. What this kid was not his problem. Instead, this kid was a solution, and the problem was his debt with Lynn. Shi was sure that as soon as his 20 days were up, he would make sure to never see Diasuke again. That was his plan. However, since he was suppose to be nice to the kid (or else Lynn would castrate him herself) he could do him this one favor. It wasn't like he actually cared about Daisuke.

"Here, sit on the couch. I'll be back," Shi stood, motioning for Daisuke to sit.

Daisuke obeyed, watching him leave the room. Daisuke had no idea what it was about this guy, but he wanted to jump Shi. Just pounce on him and do everything imaginable, and maybe even create new things that hadn't been imagined yet. All he knew was that he wanted Shi, which was something Daisuke never did. He never wanted anyone. They always wanted him, it was always the other way around. And now that Daisuke had found someone who appeared to not want him... well, he wasn't sure how to handle it.

Daisuke didn't like this feeling at all. Not one bit. He wanted Shi to want him. And if reading or writing would make him more attractive, then he would learn it, damnit!

Shi returned with a few notebooks, some pencils, and a stack of books. And thus begun an adventure that Shi wasn't sure he could handle.

"Why are you so difficult!" Shi growled by the fourth night.

"Why are you so demanding!" Daisuke countered, standing up from the stool. Shi remained in his stool, and this put Daisuke and himself at eye level.

"Demanding! You just don't listen the first time!"

"What's the point!"

"God, you're so stubborn!"

"And you're so boring!" Daisuke huffed, crossing his arms.

Shi stopped and stared at Daisuke, long enough to make the boy feel uncomfortable, and Daisuke looked away, turning red. "Boring? You're fighting this because you're bored?"

"Well... yeah," Daisuke admitted with a shrug, looking at the stool he'd once been sitting on. He extended a hand to swirl one finger on the top of the chair.

Shi continued to watch Daisuke. He was sure he felt nothing towards the boy, but he was cute, in a feminine uke kind of way. Flawless skin "What would un-bored you?"

Daisuke broke out in a grin, looking to Shi quickly. He took a step towards Shi, and one step was all he needed to be up against Shi. "A few things come to mind."

Shi's face went emotionless. "No."

"Why?" Daisuke's voice, for once, held no whining, pleading, or upset-ness. It was a simple question, asked in an even tone. Daisuke looked at Shi, his blue eyes unreadable. Yet, as Shi looked at Daisuke longer, he slowly forgot his reasons for saying no. He was sure he had a good one but at the moment, he couldn't find a damn answer to that simple question. So he was honest, instead.

"I don't know," Shi replied.

A sly grin found Daisuke's lips. "Then let me show you why denying me is no good." and he placed his hands on Shi's chest. Shi didn't respond. He sat completely still, just watching. Daisuke closed his eyes for a moment, just feeling Shi's heartbeat. It was slightly faster. That thought made Daisuke give a full smile instead of just a grin. He opened his eyes to see Shi giving him a confused look, one eyebrow raised ever so slightly. It was a gentle expression, and Daisuke couldn't help but think that Shi looked even better that way.

His hands moved up Shi's chest slowly, going onto his shoulders, moving up his neck until he reached Shi's face. Shi closed his eyes as Daisuke did this, enjoying the simple, light touches. Daisuke ran a thumb across the scar, a light and caring touch. Shi let out a sigh and Daisuke took this opportunity to press his lips to Shi's.

Shi wasn't exactly startled by this, he'd half been expecting it, but even so, he didn't respond right away. Part of him knew it was wrong; he was sure that Daisuke was still just a child and that Lynn would kill him if she ever learned, but surely just one kiss wasn't going to end his life? Shi responded lightly, moving only his lips to Daisuke's, tilting his head slightly.

The kiss was soft, simple. It was a kiss Daisuke had never had and Shi hadn't had in many years. Though neither male would admit to caring for the other, if people could see the kiss they were sharing now, they would call it a lover's kiss. Daisuke's hands rested on Shi's face lightly but Shi didn't touch Daisuke at all.

They broke apart, neither one really out of breath or even wanting the gentle kiss to stop, but since there was no reason for the kiss to continue (Shi made no motion to want to keep it going and Daisuke didn't want to seem pathetic for wanting it) they just stopped. They looked at each other, each wondering what the other was thinking.

Daisuke wanted Shi. It was plan and simple. And for reasons Daisuke couldn't explain, his heart raced because of the kiss. It sent a whole new pleasure through him, a whole new feeling. Daisuke didn't understand it, wasn't sure how to interpret it or if it even meant anything, but... he liked the feeling. However, lack of reaction on Shi's part made him self conscious. He turned red (something he seemed to always be doing lately) and went to step back from Shi.

But Shi stopped him by reached out and touching Daisuke's face, ever so lightly, finger tips dancing atop his skin. It froze Daisuke on the outside, but the inside was like a raging fire. Shi ignited something with his mere presence, and started a blaze with just a small touch. Daisuke looked up to Shi, unaware that his gaze would cause a stir in Shi.

To Shi, in that moment, Daisuke looked so pure, untainted. Shi knew that Daisuke wasn't untainted (he was a prostitute after all), but his eyes held such innocence that Shi could almost be convinced of his purity. Something in those eyes drew Shi to him, and he couldn't help it. Shi's hand moved from Daisuke's cheek to behind his head, while his other hand snaked around Daisuke's waist, pulling him closer and crashing his lips to Daisuke's. This kiss wasn't gentle and sweet, like the first. This was a kiss that released emotions Shi wasn't even aware he'd felt until this moment. Perhaps it was just the heat of the moment and lust that brought about these emotions, but for now, Shi didn't care.

Neither did Daisuke, as he wrapped his arms around Shi's neck, returning the lusty kiss. He nuzzled Shi's legs apart so he could get as flat against him as possible, and it wasn't long after that Daisuke felt just how much Shi did, in fact, want him. This made Daisuke grin against Shi's lips. Shi, however, gave a growl of frustration, all dignity and evolution gone. He was back to his most basic instincts, and those instincts scream to pleasure.

He stood from the stool and all but dragged Daisuke to his couch (the bedroom was much too far away), where he sat and pulled Daisuke on top if him. Daisuke straddled him glad, making their lips meet in a harsh kiss once again, tongues battling for dominance this time, with Shi winning. Daisuke gladly gave in, just to allow Shi to have his way (perhaps it was also partly because he wanted to make sure Shi stayed interested). Shi's hands roamed Daisuke's back until they came to rest of his ass, giving it a firm squeeze that got a squeak from Daisuke. Shi seemed to enjoy that and smiled.

Daisuke was not one to be outdone, ever. He reached down and gave Shi's most sensitive area a squeeze as well. This sent a ripple through Shi and he growled again, a primitive sound that made Daisuke's body ache for Shi. "Too many clothes."

Shi grunted some sort of reply and it must have been of agreement because Daisuke had his shirt yanked over his head to drop on the ground. Shi's hands were cold against Daisuke's skin, but he didn't care much. All that mattered at this moment was getting naked, with Shi. Daisuke tugged at Shi's shirt, wanting the damned thing off, but Shi was more focused on getting Daisuke naked.

"Not. Fair," Daisuke barely managed to get out between the kisses Shi place upon his lips. "Remove your," long pause here as Shi ravaged his mouth. "shirt."

Shi broke apart from Daisuke to obey, but before he actually removed his shirt, he looked at Daisuke. A part of himself wished he hadn't, but it was by looking at Daisuke that he remembered exactly why he wasn't suppose to be doing this. Looking at him topless let him see the reasons Lynn wanted him protected. Bruises covered his torso, all over varying sizes and shapes, some bite marks even, which Shi found odd. If he was only with Shi these past four nights, how were there bite marks? And Daisuke was thin, much too thin to be healthy. His ribs showed slightly (not enough to be malnurished, but enough to know he certainly wasn't eatting right). Daisuke was wounded... and looking at his fragile body, Shi was reminded that he was just a child still.

"No. We can't," Shi spoke, the words husky and forced.

Daisuke stared at Shi as though he'd grown another head and scales. "What?"

"No, Daisuke," Shi repeated, scooting (more like shoving actually) Daisuke off his lap. Shi stood, bent down, picked up Daisuke's shirt, and offered it to him.

However, Daisuke just stared at the shirt, then looked to Shi, then back to the shirt. "What?"

"You heard me, Daisuke. Put your shirt on. It's..." Shi trailed off.

Anger ran through Daisuke as quickly as the passion of earlier had. "It's what!" he snapped, ripping the shirt from Shi's grasp. "Tell me, Shi, what do you think? What is your fucking thought process this moment!"

Shi sighed in anger. "You're just a kid Daisuke! You're so new to this world! It's just... not right, ok?"

Daisuke eyes narrowed and the air around him seemed to crackle with anger. "What isn't right, Shi? This is me, it's who I am and who I've ever been! That won't change just because you deny me!" He pulled his shirt on in anger.

"Maybe I just don't want you!" Shi yelled in anger, Daisuke pushing his nerves. "Maybe your child-body is a turn off. I thought I wanted you, but it's just that I need to get laid, but by someone who isn't you."

The air didn't just seem to crackle anymore. Shi was pretty sure that it was crackling. Daisuke growled, more animal then human. Shi, surprised, looked at Daisuke and was shocked to see that his once blue eyes were black. The room seem to shrink and close in on Shi, leaving him claustrophobic and it seemed hard to breathe. A feeling in the air called to Shi, though, and it felt so familiar.

"I am not a child and I won't be played. Not by you!" the voice that came from Daisuke was Daisuke's, yet it was different... it sounded... so hollow and angry. "I could take it from anyone else but not you!"

Shi felt a burst of energy and it knocked him into the wall. He... that was impossible! Although being knocked into the wall hurt, Shi was focused more on the power that had done it. He knew that power, he just couldn't be sure.

Daisuke, however, had reverted back to normal in a matter of seconds. His eyes widened in fear and confusion, as if he couldn't understand why Shi was no longer standing near him, yet at the same time, it was as if he knew he had done it, but didn't know how. His expression became that of a deer trapped in the headlights, but unlike the deer, frozen in place, Daisuke bolted, running from Shi's house.

And like Hell was Shi going to let him go that easily. It took him a moment to catch his breath (he'd hit the wall a lot harder then he'd first thought) before he could go after Daisuke.

Daisuke dropped to his knees in the grass. He had no idea how long he'd ran, or even how far, or where he was, but he knew that he had to get away. Had he done that to Shi? Or was it something else? Surely demons were things only meant for movies and books. So what had happened and why couldn't he remember! It gave him a headache to try and recall it. All he could remember was anger, and lots of it, then Shi was on the floor, looking just as stunned as Daisuke felt.

He sat on his knees, clutching his arms close to himself, doubled over as if in pain. He felt weak and vulnerable, and he hated it. He knew that he was weak and vulnerable, but he hated when he actually felt that way. He knew he would have to face Shi again tonight, he had to give him that phone number, but he didn't want too. Shi's rejection had hit him deep, and Daisuke wasn't even sure why.

Why did he want Shi so bad? What about Shi drew him towards him? Sure he was good looking, but so were other people. There was just something about Shi that made Daisuke's entire body ignite, and it only happened for Shi. It sort of scared Daisuke, but he wasn't willing to admit that. He also didn't understand why he was so hurt with the rejection. What... what made Shi different from everyone else?

Daisuke was confused and scared for a moment when something wet hit his knee through the rips in his skinny jeans. It was only then that he realizes that the wet was from himself and that he was crying. He sat up, no longer doubled over, and a hand slowly went up to his face. He touched his own cheek softly, to feel the wet tear upon it. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd cried, it had been far to long and he'd been far to young. He didn't even know he was capable of tears anymore until now.

"Daisuke?" a voice asked, quietly and gently. Amazingly enough, Daisuke wasn't startled by it. In fact, once he heard it, Daisuke thought for sure he'd been expecting it; expecting Shi to follow him. He wasn't sure why, but surely it meant a good thing? Daisuke turned to look at Shi, who was standing only a few yards to his right.

No more words were exchanged. Shi simply opened his arms, as if offering a hug, and Daisuke, in response, stood and ran into them, flinging his arms around Shi and crying into his jacket.

"Lynn, why didn't you tell me!" Shi demanded.

Sighing, Lynn turned to him. "I... I couldn't. You would have thought differently of him, or have agreed for other reasons. Or perhaps, even declined for those reasons."

"Why the fuck does he appear to have my powers?"

"Not appear, Shi. He does."

Shi was speechless for a moment. He could could only stare at Lynn as those words processed. "How?"

"That demoness that possessed your powers. Before she died, she mated. Your powers, as an attempt to survive, passed on to the younger one, her baby. Daisuke's mother. And as such, when Sakura, that's his mother's name, gave birth, the powers moved on to the one who would live longer, statistically speaking," Lynn explained. "I found it odd, and I didn't believe it when I first met him, but Daisuke does, indeed, hold your powers."

Shi cursed. "Great! So, he's not even human!" he paused, a thought dawning on him. "Wait... how old is he?"

Lynn frowned. "Shi, Daisuke is as old as he looks. His father... well, Jay's human. Daisuke's body will age up to a certain point. When that point is, though, is unknown. That's why..." Lynn trailed off, afraid she'd said too much.

"Lynn, if you want me to help him, you've gotta be honest with me."

"I... I don't want you to treat him differently for knowing these things," Lynn said. "He doesn't know himself. He-"

"He used my powers, Lynn! My powers!" Shi growled. "Not his!"

"He doesn't know about powers!" Lynn snapped back. "He doesn't know about yours, or his, or demons, angels, gods, goddess! Nothing! He is niave to everything and everyone because Kyono deemed it so!"

Shi's eyes narrowed. "Kyono has something to do with Daisuke?"

Lynn's eyes widened slightly and she quickly looked down. "I've said too much now. Don't hate Daisuke for things he has no control over."

"Do you realize Kyono can use Daisuke to kill me permanently, or do you just not care!"

"Shi! Of course I care-"

"Yeah, about Daisuke! The little demon boy. I can't believe that you'd be selfish, keeping this information to yourself! Do you have any idea what it's like! What living like this is like!"

Lynn looked back to Shi. "No, Shi, I don't personally, but just because I've never lived as a mortal doesn't mean that I can't comprehend. I've chosen to live with mortals because I can. I've had to watch friend after friend pass on, leaving me. I've had to watch you, so hurt and alone. But I can't help you, because Kyono prevents that. You know that, Shi. Don't you tell me who I care about more and who I don't care about."

Shi looked at Lynn. "If you cared so much, why would you dangle these powers that I thought were gone in front of me? Just to tell me I can't have them!"

"I never said you couldn't have them!" Lynn snapped, "Instead of being angry at me, you should be happy that I even found them for you! We all thought they were destroyed! Even Kyono still believes they are destroyed! That's why Daisuke is still alive! If Kyono knew... Well, it would be the end of both of you. You'll get your powers back. I want Kyono dethroned just as much as you do, but we have to figure out how to return your powers."

"How long will that take, Lynn? How much long am I going to be this ageless mortal, useless and used? How much longer am I going to have to live being alone?"

Lynn looked directly into Shi's duel-colored eyes. "You aren't alone. There are people who love you, Shi, and they are waiting for you to return that love. You are just to blind with anger and self-pity to see it for yourself. You've been alone for so long because you won't let go of your past." Lynn walked around Shi, heading away, leaving him to think over what had just happened.

-The same time, only a few floors above Lynn's and Shis' convo-

Daisuke frowned as he looked into the mirror. It was no wonder Shi found nothing attract about him. He wasn't the best looking person out there. His nose was slightly crooked from having been broken too many times. His lips were thin and his cheeks hollow. He was too pale, looking sickly. Now, to add to this horrible face, his only good feature (his eyes) were bruised.

Daisuke hated Kyono, everything about him and all that he stood for. But he would never fight against him. Airik wasn't safe unless Daisuke obeyed. And Daisuke would do anything to keep the brother he never met from going through what he went through. Although Airik was only his half-sibling, he was still precious to Daisuke. And if Daisuke's body was the only price he had to pay to make Airik's life a simple, pure, and happy one, then it was a price he was more then willing to pay.

Daisuke never doubted that Kyono would have to power to ruin the life of a boy neither of them had ever met. Something about Kyono told Daisuke that Kyono could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and no one could stop him. Daisuke was absolutely sure that Kyono could find Airik in a matter of seconds if he truly wanted, and had him harmed no later then a minute afterwards. There was never a doubt in his mind about that.

Daisuke sighed, looking away from the mirror, his thoughts back on present actions. He felt... disappointed in himself. Disappointed in how he looked and what he was doing with his life. Strangely, he only ever felt disappointed when he recently thought of Shi, but there seemed to hardly be a second that went by that he didn't think of Shi. Shi was constantly on his mind. Daisuke didn't even escape in sleep, because he dreamed of him. Oddly enough, all his dreams were about the light kiss they had shared, barely touching each other. It was the best kiss Daisuke had ever received and he wanted another one.

No. He needed to not think about that. Shi had made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Daisuke, all because Daisuke was too 'young.' Why did Shi have to care about his age? Daisuke had been with people years older then himself, so what did it matter? Shi could only be about 26, 27. He'd probably be the youngest person Daisuke had ever been with.

Shame swept through him then. Oh, God. Why would Shi want him? Lynn had probably told him everything about what Daisuke did. She was honest enough to do it without feeling guilty (lying would be what made her feel guilty). Shi probably thought Daisuke disgusting and tainted, nothing worth loving.

Daisuke froze. Love? When had that become a word in his vocabulary when speaking of someone not in his family? He most certainly did not love Shi, and he most certainly did not want Shi to love him in return. He wasn't completely sure of what he felt for the man; Daisuke was only certain that what he felt was something he never felt for anyone else before. His heart sped up when Shi was near and he couldn't think of anyone else, ever.

That didn't make him in love with the man.


"Daisuke, what happened to your eye?" Shi sounded concerned and that made Daisuke's heart beat faster. But then Shi extended a hand, placing it on Daisuke's cheek and using his thumb to gentle test how sore Daisuke's black eye was.

Daisuke had difficulty breathing when Shi touched him, but that spell was broken quickly when he flinched because Shi's thumb touched the wound. He stepped back quickly. "Nothing of importance, really," he said with a shrug and tried to change topics, "how was your day?"

Shi, however, was not ok with a topic change. "Did someone hit you?"

Daisuke just shrugged, as if he didn't know. He knew that was possibly the worst reply he could give to Shi, but he'd rather face Shi's anger then his kindness. Daisuke didn't want his kindness; he wanted reasons to not think about Shi constantly.

"Daisuke," Shi started, but stopped. He just looked at Daisuke then, and Daisuke could only imagine what was running through his head. He had no idea that thoughts such as 'If Kyono did this, he's so dead. I will rip him, limb from limb.' But Daisuke couldn't hear these thoughts, and so he couldn't understand when Shi grabbed him, pulling him close, and just hugging him. Daisuke was beyond surprised, going completely rigid, standing completely straight as Shi's right arm wrapped around his waist and his left hand burying itself in Daisuke's pink mess of hair, pulling him close.

Daisuke's eyes started to water and he broke. He buried his face in Shi's chest and brought his hands up to clutch his shirt. Shi shh'd him while holding him. It only made Daisuke cry harder, knowing that even if Shi might care for him, he'd never truly about him. Why did that bother Daisuke so much? Why did he want Shi to want him, to care for him?

Shi pulled away from Daisuke, and he let him. He wasn't going to force Shi to hold him. But Daisuke's surprise came when Shi lifted him up, bridal style, and start to walk. Daisuke let out a high pitch squeak of fear which instantly turned Daisuke's face red. He couldn't believe he'd made that noise! It caused Shi to chuckle, though.

"Glad you're not crying anymore," Shi whispered. Daisuke couldn't look at Shi, he was blushing too deeply to allow Shi to see. So he turned his face into Shi's neck, making it so he couldn't, in any way, see his face.

Daisuke was carried all the way to Shi's penthouse like that, and Daisuke made no moves and Shi made no sound. They walked in silence and it was only when they reached Shi's door that Shi made Daisuke get down. They stood in a silence that was neither comfortable or uncomfortable. It just was. The only noise was Shi's keys as they jangled while he unlocked the door. He held the door open, motioning for Daisuke to enter first. Daisuke did so, looking straight down at his feet.

Shi closed the door and clicked on the light. It was only then that Daisuke turned and looked up to Shi. His face was red, eyes tinted the same color, and slightly watery still. He was chewing his lower lip as if in thought.

"Daisuke," Shi spoke, his voice low, "what happened?"

Shaking his head was Daisuke's only response. "I don't... I don't want to talk about it."

"And I don't want to see you hurt," Shi whispered and that caused Daisuke's eyes to widen. "You shouldn't have to hurt because of others, Daisuke. And... and you shouldn't hurt others because of your past."

"What do you mean by that?"

Lynn's works replayed in Shi's mind. 'You aren't alone. There are people who love you, Shi, and they are waiting for you to return that love. You are just to blind with anger and self-pity to see it for yourself. You've been alone for so long because you won't let go of your past.' "Sometime, people don't let go of the past, and that fear keeps them from moving forward. What is your fear, Daisuke?"

Daisuke frowned, thinking for a moment. "I... fear too much. Far to much to change. I don't want to feel the fear. I want to be free. I want to forget it all. I don't want..." he trailed off, his hand moving on its own to lightly touch his face, feeling the difference between his bruised eye and the non-bruised skin around it. "I don't want to think about it. Not now."

"What helps you forget?" Shi asked, leaning against the door casually.

"You," Daisuke said before he could think. Once again, he turned red. He couldn't take it back now, and he just knew that Shi would inquire about it. And Shi didn't let him down.

"Me?" he pushed off the door and stood tall instead, looking down at Daisuke. "Explain?"

It wasn't a demand. It was a question, and Daisuke knew that if he chose not to answer, there would be no repercussions. Shi would just let it go. Shi wouldn't push him for an answer like Lynn, wouldn't beat him for an answer like Kyono. And it was that difference that made Daisuke want to answer. "When... when things look bad, these past few days, I-I think of you. I imagine that I'm back here, with you. I think about you teaching me to read... being just near me and it helps me forget what's wrong, and where I really am. Because you're never harsh, never mean, demanding. You don't even... don't even want me, and it makes me... I guess, what I'm trying to say, is that even though I'm not okay with that, I am because then you aren't like everyone else. You won't hit me when I won't give it to you, because you don't even want it to begin with."

Silence hung in the air, and Shi waited for Daisuke to continue. But Daisuke had already spilled more then he had ever planned to in his life. He'd never spoken so freely with anyone, and he couldn't continue. He just wasn't strong enough too. He'd been told far to long and far to often that he couldn't say these things, feel these things, want these thing. But he did now, and he was afraid for it. Shi's rejection now would possibly be the death of all that Daisuke could be, but at the same time, his acceptance could also be his murder.

"Most of that is true," Shi whispered, "but not all of it. There is one lie in all that you said."

"What's that?"

"I do want it," Shi reached a hand to Daisuke, brushing his cheek with the back of his hand. "The thing is, Daisuke, that I don't want it because I'm paying for it. I want it because you want me."

"I do want you," Daisuke breathed out. "I want you like I've never wanted anyone before. It hurts to want you, Shi."

Shi flicked off the light he had turned on, engulfing the room in darkness. But it took both boys a matter of second to adjust to the darkness. "Then let me ease the pain." He leaned down and captured Daisuke's lips with his own, this kiss as soft and wonderful as the first one they had ever shared. Daisuke melted into Shi, allowing the bigger male to cradle him close and kiss him gently. He wanted, needed, Shi more then anything.

But Shi was gentle, so unlike anything Daisuke had ever experienced. He kissed Daisuke lightly, trailing kisses up and down his neck, placing tender touches to his sides and back. None of them sexual... just light, wonderful touches. Daisuke had never experienced this. He'd always been thrown on the bed, stripped of all dignity, and rode like a dog. Kissing was wonderful. Leading up to sex was wonderful.

And they led up to sex slowly and beautifully. Shi kissed Daisuke all the way to his bed room before laying him gently on the bed that could have easily fit four people the size of Shi. And Shi stopped to look at Daisuke, so small and fragile... so new to life, yet the pain he knew was beyond that of most everyone else his age. Shi couldn't understand hurting him for any reason.

Shi slowly unbuttoned Daisuke's leather vest (the only top he was wearing) and removed it, dropping it to the floor. Shi ran his hands over Daisuke's torso, fluttering lightly across his ribs, moving to his nipples. Shi barely touched them and they became erect. He teased the sensitive skin lightly until he heard a moan of pleasure escape Daisuke. It was the sexiest sound Shi had ever heard and he leaned over Daisuke to capture his lips, still toying with his nipples so he could feel Daisuke groan rather then just hear it. God, it was a delicious and quiet sound and feel, and the more Shi toyed, the more Daisuke wiggled, and Shi really like that.

"W-why are y-you t-teasing?" Daisuke breathed out.

"I want your pleasure as much as I want mine," Shi responded before dipping his head down to suck on Daisuke's neck, which got an even better response. Daisuke brought his hands up, grabbing handfuls of Shi's hair softly, enough for him to feel it, but there was no pull.

"Ngh," Daisuke wriggled and made small noises that embarrassed him. He'd never felt the need to make noises during sex and he never had before, but perhaps the noises were an involuntary thing that just happened, especially when sex felt good. And whatever Shi was doing now most certainly did feel good.

Shi grinned against Daisuke's skin. He loved the noises Daisuke was making and enjoyed the fact he was embarrassed (he could feel the heat in his cheeks). It was cute to Shi that he could get embarrassed. Hadn't he been doing this kind of thing for a long time? "Your reactions are cute. Like it's all new to you."

"It is."

That made Shi stop. He lifted his head to look at Daisuke's face. His eyes were half closed, face red. "Explain?"

"I... I've never experienced pleasure before. It's always been... rough, fast, most of the time I'm never completely undressed, and they never are. It's just undoing the button on the pants, pulling them down far enough to do the job and then it's done." Daisuke whispered matter-of-factly.

"Have you ever been aroused?"

"It's not broken!" Daisuke said, now having to turn his head away from Shi because meeting his gaze was too much. "I just... didn't know pleasure."

Shi chuckled, a deep throaty sound that made Daisuke unsure as to whether he should be mad because Shi was laughing at him, or happy to hear Shi happy. "You're about too."

"We'll see," Daisuke countered playfully, turning to look at Shi again. He wanted to banter with Shi, to be playful, but he wasn't sure if he was allowed too. Would Shi tease back? Or lose amusement, or worse, his interest?

"Oh, yes we will," Shi said seductively, dipping his head to capture Daisuke's lips in a chaste kiss before moving down quickly and placing his lips to Daisuke's nipple. That caused a whole new reaction. Daisuke gasp and arched back. Shi took advantage of his, and placed his hands on Daisuke back, pulling him into a sitting position, all the while Shi's tongue played. Daisuke whimpered when he put his hands on Shi and found that Shi's shirt block him from skin.

Daisuke pulled at the shirt until Shi, tired of Daisuke's movement, pulled the damned thing off, flinging it somewhere into his bedroom. Shi quickly resumed what he was doing and Daisuke allowed his hands to rest of Shi's flesh. They wrapped around him, nails dragging lightly across his skin.

"Shi," Daisuke breathed. Shi stopped his torture to look at Daisuke, which was what the pink haired one had hoped for. Daisuke pressed his lips to Shi's again, softly, sweetly. Perhaps Shi didn't love him, but when he kissed Daisuke this way Daisuke sure as hell believed it. It was a kiss so sweet and full of everything Daisuke wished he wasn't too afraid to say.

Shi broke the kiss to speak, "Daisuke. Is this truly what you want?"

"I've never wanted anything so much in my life. And I've never wanted anyone as much as I need you now," Daisuke poured his heart out softly, barely letting it show. "Please don't... don't stop this. It might... I might..." Daisuke couldn't finish, but Shi knew what he meant. Stopping now, rejecting him after this, would break Daisuke beyond repair. And that was the last thing Shi wanted.

"Then I won't ask again," Shi captured Daisuke's lips again, laying him back against the bed, his strong hands roaming Daisuke's body. Daisuke returned the favor. However, it was Daisuke that took the first move, his small hands fitting easily down the front of Shi's jeans.

Shi let out an animalistic growl as Daisuke's hands flicked across his sensitive skin on his pelvis. Daisuke's eyes widened when he felt just how much Shi did, in fact, want him. With as hard as Shi was, Daisuke was amazed he hadn't just thrown Daisuke on the bed and had his way.

"That's gotta hurt."

Shi gritted his teeth. "It does."

"So let me help," Daisuke said, removing his hand from Shi's pants to unbutton and unzip them. Daisuke tugged at Shi to get him to roll over and lay on the bed, and he obeyed, watching Daisuke the whole time. Daisuke pretended not to notice Shi watching him, and instead pulled down his jeans and boxers, throwing them into the room. Maybe they landed near Shi's shirt?

Daisuke put that thought aside and looked down to Shi. He was huge, but Daisuke wasn't intimidated, just interested. He didn't want Shi to suffer any longer, so he took him in his hands, moving at a slow rhythm.

Shi struggled to keep his eyes open because he wanted to see Daisuke's concentrated face. He looked to intent on what he was doing; his expression showing to Shi that Daisuke wanted to please Shi. Although Shi would never admit it out loud, or even ever after this night, the simple fact that Daisuke was around brought him pleasure.

"Gah," Shi choked the noise out when Daisuke placed his mouth on his cock, swirling his tongue around Shi's tip.

Shi's head fell back against the bed. It's been far to long, too many centuries since he'd been touched like this, felt any sort of feeling coursing through him. Daisuke's mouth was heaven as he took Shi in as far as his could, then pulled up slowly, trailing his teeth. Shi bucked his hips, an involuntary action. But Daisuke didn't gag; he continued nipping and biting as if it had never happened. A part of Shi want to just pull Daisuke close and cuddle him because of the reasons behind Daisuke's lack of reaction. But, that part was pushed aside quickly by the part that was completely enjoying this feeling. He felt something in him stirring. With a hand, he stopped Daisuke and sat up, forcing out, "No. I want, when I cum, to do it in you. I want us to do so, together."

A smile crossed Daisuke's face, and he nodded. "I want you, Shi."

Shi nodded, and it wasn't long after that Daisuke was also undressed. Daisuke gave Shi a quick kiss before getting to his knees. He started to shift around, so he could get on all fours, but Shi stopped him, pushing him gently back onto the bed.

"No. I'm not just gonna take what I want. I'm going to make love to you, Daisuke, for as long as you can handle." Daisuke smiled at this, but tears came to his eyes. Shi was concerned, "are you ok?"

"Never been better," Daisuke choked out. "I just... I can't believe you said make love. As if we... we are more then we are."

It donned on Shi then that perhaps... Daisuke cared more for him then he let on. Shi had believe Daisuke only wanted this - sex to say he had it. But Daisuke really seemed to like him, care for him. So Shi took a chance. "Like lovers?"

That froze Daisuke. "Please... don't say that."

"Why not?"

"Because you'll make me want to chase after a fairy tale I can never have."

"You can have me Daisuke. I'm right here," Shi captured his lips in a kiss, his handing reaching down to grasp Daisuke's own erection. Daisuke moaned against Shi's lips, wanting him more then anything.

"Take me, Shi."

So Shi did. He lined himself up, Daisuke laying on his back, legs spread and in the air. He looked to vulnerable, breakable. It made Shi want to protect him with all that he was.

Shi entered Daisuke slowly, groaning at the feel of Daisuke surrounding him. Daisuke felt tight around him, which made Shi grin inside his mind. He was obviously the biggest person Daisuke had ever been with. Daisuke also moaned at the feel of Shi inside him, filling him completely. Shi pulled back, almost completely out, then pushed in slowly. Shi took a hold of Daisuke's erection and pumped it to match his thrusts.

"More. Faster. I want...need..." Daisuke moaned, pushing his hips against Shi as best he could from his position. Shi obliged, pumping fast, angling slightly to try and find Daisuke's sweet spot.

"Oh!" Daisuke cried out, signaling to Shi that he had found it. Shi pounded into it a few more time. "Oh, God, yes! Shi! Shi!" Daisuke cried out, unable to form any other words. But hearing his name in that voice was all Shi needed. However, he wasn't ready to quit just yet.

He pulled Daisuke close and rolled over, placing the small boy on top. "Ride me. Pick your pace." Shi's voice was husky.

At first, Daisuke was shy. He blushed at Shi's command, but placed his hands on Shi's torso to balance himself before using his knees to push himself up off Shi, then back down. Daisuke entire body shivered at the feeling that this position created. Shi's cock, huge and solid, hit all the right places now, and Daisuke convulsed with pleasure.

"Let me watch," Shi whispered, taking Daisuke's hands and placing them on Daisuke's own cock. Daisuke understood what he wanted. Shi wanted to watch Daisuke pleasure himself, both ways. Daisuke tentatively touched himself. He'd never masturbated before, so this was a whole new experience, but if Shi wanted it, he would do it.

Daisuke rapped his hand around his cock, slowly moving up and down as he pushed up and down on Shi. He shook from the wonderful feeling of Shi hitting his prostrate, and his hand moved. As Daisuke moved a little faster on Shi, he found that his hand moved on its own. He knew what felt good on himself, and his hand did it, pulling and tugging at his ball sac, swirling his finger around his own tip, and pumping himself to the beat of his bouncing on Shi. All the while, Shi watch, mesmerized by Daisuke's pleasured look. Daisuke went from using one hand to using two, gripping himself hard as he pumped.

"Shi, Shi, Shi," he chanted, and Shi grabbed onto Daisuke's hips and thrusted upwards when Daisuke came down, lodging himself in farther. "SHI!" Daisuke screamed, and Shi was sure that his neighbors both upstairs and down heard the yell. "God, YES!" Daisuke panting. "Shi, I'm... I"

"Hold out, just a little more!" Shi growled, feeling his own release coming upon him. He pounded into Daisuke as quickly as he could.

"AH! SHI" Daisuke screamed out, releasing cum across Shi's torso. Shortly, with Shi deep inside Daisuke, Shi came, filling Daisuke. Only after Shi came did Daisuke collapse, panting as he lay in his own cum on Shi's chest.

"I like the way you say my name," Shi murmured, pulling himself out of Daisuke and adjusting so Daisuke lay next to him, cradled into him.

"I wish you had said mine, and now just when addressing me," Daisuke mumbled sleepily, his eyes closed. Why was sex so tired?

Shi laid in silence. He... he had never called Daisuke's name in pleasure, had he? Shi hoped that Daisuke would understand that he wasn't one for making sounds; he truly did enjoy all that they had done. "I don't say much."

"I know," Daisuke was whispering now because he was falling into sleep. "I think I'm ok with that. I just... want you to be... able to say my name... because... I think I'm in love with you."

Shi froze, staring at the ceiling. He said nothing in return as Daisuke drifted into sleep.

A/N: Part one of a three part story. Hopefully the second part will be up in a decent amount of time. Any questions? Please ask. I'm not sure how confusing this is (or isn't) for people who can not read my mind. This was my first time ever describing male smex, so any feedback on that would be amazing, too.