Hundred falling stars.

Chapter 2: Fear mess it up.

"There are four ways you can handle fear. You can go over it, under it, or around it.

But if you are ever to put fear behind you, you must walk straight through it.

Once you put fear behind you, leave it there."

-Donna A. Favors

Lemon Foster P.O.V

Everything's all just a part of my wild imagination. Maybe I didn't notice it but I already fell asleep in this bench or maybe we never really go to this party and what's is I'm in my peach-colored bed resting. I let out a wide grin. Soon, I'll wake up from this nightmare. Soon.

I slapped my face as a mosquito bit my forehead. It took me awhile before I realized what's happening. "No, no, NO!"

With total courage, I stretched my curly golden brown hair, and as I expected, it hurts. I pinched my average-colored skin and again, and once again it hurts. I close my brown eyes and about to prove myself that I'm really dreaming by slapping my whole face when somebody grabbed my hands and stopped me.

Slowly, I open an eye then the other and was taken aback by the zoomed face of the guy earlier.

"Aah?" is what I reacted.

"What are you doing?" He asked looking me in the eye. Wow, those blue eyes can really melt.

"Proving that I-I mean, none of your business!" I exclaimed shoving his hands. I try to slap my face for one last time but his stupid hands stopped me, again.

"Don't you know what will happen with your pretty face if you do that?" I could tell he's serious the way he looked at me.

Hey cheeks, you're not getting red right? Do it and I will peel you off my face at home! Thinking if I really am blushing right now, as i was feeling it, silence reign around leaving a perfect emphasis to my stomach that suddenly churns.

Maybe Mr. Stomach is shouting right now. "Put something satisfying to me! I'm hungry in here!"

I looked down at my belly. "Well, he's the one to blame Mr. Stomach." I told it pointing my finger to the guy in front of me.

He changed his position from one-knee-bend to Indian sit. "I didn't do anything"

"You didn't do anything?" I exclaimed with my every word clearly said and heard. "You just ate the only food I have!" I added.

"No biggie. Lots of food out there"

I looked away and bit my lip, "I can't"

You know those movies wherein the antagonist plans something bad that will happen to the protagonist then the antagonist flashes off a creepy smile? Well, this guy was using it right now. He shoved his hands to his pocket and produced a key.

My eyes glitters (if that's even possible), at the keys. "Is that what I think it is?"

He nodded. I jumped to my feet and tried to grab the keys from him, but when i was in his place earlier, now he's already halfway through the door. Much better, he just put the keys behind his back. I thought when he reached the door and try to block it from me.

"How about we trade, I'll free you from here but you need to kiss me." He offered when I came near him.

Please give me the crown and claim as the "Queen of Idiots" because I just answered this guy an "OKAY." An okay! Who in her clever mind would answer an "Okay" for a kiss to someone she barely knows? Wait, lemme think, Me!

The stupid majesty closed his eyes and responded "Then start it now." with matching pout of lips. Eeew. Of course, I wouldn't approve for that so I grabbed the keys from him and hurriedly opened the doors. Outside, I ran and leaped with my hands waving in the air, shouting a loud "WHOOOOPPP!"

Behind me, far, far behind me, he shouted "Liar! You're a liar! Come back here!"

"I don't care! You stole my candy; I stole your key, now we're even!" I shouted back.

I made a few turns, Left, Right, Left and then, talking to a waiter are Mom and Dad. "Mom! Dad!" I reached them and gave them a gigantic bear hug.

"Lemon, where have you been?" Dad muttered with worry. I was about to respond but mom interrupted.

"Talk to your dad later. Right now, we need to go to the events hall." Mom grabbed my hand and carried me across the hall with dad following our way. A smile creeped its way on my face as my dad winks. Back to normal, I guess?

We made our way to a table two rows away from the stage. I was seated at the left most part of the table. So, for any sign of my living nightmare, I can easily:

1. Hide behind dad.

2. Go under the table.

3. Grab some grass from beside me and shove it to my mouth. His stupid mind can't differentiate a mortal from a cow, anyway. So I'm safe.

Everyone applauded as Mr. Humpty Dumpty gets to the stage and make a long speech, a 3 minute and 4 second speech to be exact. Why do I know this? It's because I'm checking every tick of my wristwatch, waiting for him to stop.

He raised his voice as he said "Let's all welcome, the main course of this event, my son-Michael Peterson!"

All around me people were clapping as a white, blond, tall and a model-like body presents himself to the stage. To my surprised, it was the guy earlier.

"Hi, everyone. I'm Michael, Son of Mr. David Peterson. I came back from Oxford Academy to review. I will take business managing and about to take my exams soon, so good luck to me. Anyway, enjoy the party" He scans the crowd smiling and fixed his eyes to me for a second then brings his gaze back to the crowd. He bowed and off he went.

I watched as he goes down the stage and slowly made his way towards us. I hurriedly stood to my feet and was about to escape if mom didn't hold my hand.

"And where do you think you're going?" She raises and eyebrow.

"Washroom. I really need to pee right now." I made a my-pee-is-gonna-come-out gesture. I looked at Michael and saw that he had increased his speed and is already a table away from us.

"We're not going to lose you again. I'm coming with you." She stood, and together, we made our way to the restroom. Before we left, I glanced behind me, and to my delight, I saw Michael was grabbed by his father and was being introduced to a rich old lady.

"Mom, aren't you done yet?" I asked mom who was currently in the cubicle. I washed my hands for the third time as I wait mom. Of course, Michael can't follow us here but I'm not taking a chance. Better we leave, ASAP.

I sat in the faucet counter facing the restroom's only door. Many have passed by and they all gave me an evil eye. Actually, I don't really care of what others think to what I'm doing as long as I'm comfortable in it then why not go, right?

A girl in my age walked passed the door. She wore a black quarter sleeve V-neck cocktail dress. She looks like someone who had just popped out of a clothing magazine. Wow is all I can express. A few well groomed ladies and gentlemen passed too and my head turns left and right as I admire each of their outfits.

Another one walked in front of me but this time it's a little 4-year old girl. She wears a white sequin dress and a peach-colored hat. I eyed her from head to toe and was sure I already saw her before but I can't remember where I've seen her. When she's already nowhere in sight, a big wave of wind suddenly blows. I looked at the door again, and there I see, the girl's hat calmly resting on the floor.

Holding the hat, I followed the girl until she made her way towards the pool's gate. I tried shouting at her but the more I shout, the more she walks away. I opened the gates to the pool and there I almost caught her.

She's standing by edge of the pool with her hands behind her, hiding something. I slowly walked on her direction, and after a few steps, I stopped as she revealed what she's keeping behind. Emotionless, she presents me a doll.

I froze. /I'm shocked. I'm scared. I'm thrilled. I'm frightened/. And all of that happens at the same time. Dolls! I hate dolls! Their eyes are creepy! Their smiles are strange! I shrieked and throw the doll away and it went to the pool.

My heart pounded fast and I couldn't move. I didn't know what to do. Gladly, after a couple of seconds, my whole body started to calm. And just then that I noticed that the girl's crying. "Sorry! Sorry, I'm really sorry. I-I really didn't mean it. Please stop crying. I'll get it. Here, see I'm already getting it. Please just stop crying." I begged.

From where I'm standing, I bent my knees, stretched my arms and tried to grab the doll. I stretched my arms as far as it can go but I still need a few inches. I move a little bit and tried to yank the doll again. Yes! I reached it!

But everything happened too fast. Just when I was about to grab the doll, then the next thing I knew was somebody pushed me from behind and i went tumbling on the water. Unfortunately, i have no idea how to swim. "Help! Help me! Somebody help me!" I shout every time I got a chance to raise my head above the pool.

I don't know what to do. My heart beats super fast and I can really tell that I'm panicking. This pool is 7 feet deep but I'm only 5 feet tall. How can I escape?

I can feel that I'm losing my breath slowly, I can hardly breathe.

I wave my arms frantically and open my mouth every now and then. I close my eyes. There's not much energy left to paddle my arms and feet that I just let myself sink there. As I've got the courage to open my eyes, I do and I see that the clear pool's starting to turn gray.

Am I going to die already?

I open my mouth trying to catch some breath but I can feel that it's no use. Nothing I can do better. For the last time, I hold my necklace, the only memory of my death grandfather as I let my eyes close its self leaving me nothing to see. Just black. Empty. Nothing.

Is this the end of everything?

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