Her body is so warm and close to mine. Her breathing is heavy, her lips quiver. I am blindfolded and so is she. We are bound together by our wrists. He always uses rope to bind us, he always takes our vision away. "Lacy..." I hear her whisper, her lips are so close to mine. Our nude bodies almost touch, no more than an inch apart. I want to whisper back to her but I am too afraid.

"Put your lips together" he demands, his voice sends shivers through out bodies. We press our lips together, I want to keep my lips closed but Lyra forces them open with her tongue. She wants to impress him, she doesn't want to be hurt.

"Mmmm...that's a good girl" he says through lustful breathing. Lyra twirls her tongue with mine and I accept her actions. What else can I do? We both hear him moving closer, my heart beats faster. I know my sister is just as afraid. "Yes, very nice" his voice is closer. We can not predict what he will do. My sister's kiss becomes deeper and more passionate, she wants him too back away.

I feel his hand run down my back and I gasp through the kiss. "Don't you start all that noise! I haven't even done anything not yet..." I feel his eyes observing my naked body. "You want it first. Don't you Lacy?" He whispers into my ear as he presses his hardness against me.

No I didn't want anything from him. He is such a vile, disgusting man and I hate everything about him. But I tell him, "Y-yes Daddy" I have no other choice.

"That's my girl" I hear him unzip his jeans. Please just go away! My mind screams as I soon feel him press into my anal passage. He wraps his arms around both me and Lyra, binding us together even more. I start screaming as he begins thrusting inside of me. "Tell me you love me..." he whispers into my ear. "I love you Daddy!" I cry out, Lyra begins to sob. Why can't Daddy love her more?