Hello there. This is the first original story I have uploaded here, and I am pretty excited. This is the first season of Greenstone, which is a series about talking engines, but a lot different from more kiddie shows like Thomas the Tank Engine and that. It will develop overtime, so I hope you all stick with and come on the ride that is Greenstone :)


Greenstone Island is a truly majestic place. Located in the middle of the Tasman Sea, between Australia and New Zealand, it was a little piece of old fashioned paradise tucked away from the modern world. It was rich in history, having been colonized by sailing merchants in the seventeenth century that crashed into the island. The island had grown and flourished since then, and was now a busy community that was fuelled by its timber, mining and fishing industries. However, its largest business is its railways,

Greenstone Island is divided into three separate areas, based on the railways that operated it. Covering most of the eastern section was Greenstone City, the most modern part of the island. A large port operated here, bringing in cruise and containers ships, and a fleet of diesel engines operated along the costal routes and through the buildings and houses that resided there. The Northern Arch Railway was a steam railway that snaked around the islands curved north, its large tender engines taking many tourists from one side to the other, and than travelled through the mountains to the many mines and factories situated between them.

However, there is one railway tucked away in the south east corner of the island.

The Greenstone Forest was the place where the merchants ship had crashed many centuries ago. They named the island from a large mossy boulder that they used to mark where they had landed and the entrance to the expansive forest around them. From here, the island grew, with the boat being rebuilt using the supplies they had to bring news and bring more people to the island. More communities were built, and the island began to grow. Railways were built at the start of the nineteenth century, but it proved too difficult of a job to try to connect the island by road, and the railways remained the main way of transport.

The Village of Greenstone is a small community, the workers mostly those who work at the mines, the small port, the timber yard or the railways. A tram service operates within the town, while the steam engines continue to run the branch line that runs from the village, the modern hydro-electric dam that powers the area, past the port, through Greenstone Forest and towards Mt Suigini, a dormant volcano that is one of the tallest peaks on the island. Here, the railway connects to the Northern Arch Railway, and none of the engines have ever embarked towards Greenstone City.

These are the stories of the Greenstone Forest Railways, and the engines that run on it. These stories will follow their friendships and their falling outs, their heroic actions and their foolish mistakes. These stories will follow their friends and their co-workers, as well as their enemies, as we dwell deep into the inner most workings of this secluded little line, and uncover the mysteries within.