Full summary: Strange things start happening to Miu,a 17-year old digit-user, when she dreams about her past which was wiped off from her memory. She gets terrified when she starts seeing sights about horrible things happening to her close ones, moreover they start turning into reality! Her suspicions turn to Zaketa, who had been hating her. Is this her own assumption of is he really hurting everyone?

If you're worrying about who digit users are, don't worry, the explanation is given here in the prologue. please read and get thrilled! :)

It was raining heavily as a 10 year old Miu ran along the side of the pavement, as fast as she could. It was a very dark night and she had to get rid of the man who was following her.

She could hear his laugh from far behind making it clear that no matter how far she ran, he would catch her. She increased her speed, ignoring the pain in her legs which was increasing. 'I've got to keep on going' her mind instructed her.


She twirled in her sleep; she was having the same dream again.


Her guts told her that that man was dangerous to mess with and she could understand. He had some sort of a weird snake like animal with him and it seemed to be glaring at her. She didn't know what it was and neither the reason behind that man following her.

He was following her from the time she left her school and now she was stuck up in a deserted lane not knowing where she was not having the faintest idea if it was even real. She fought hard to stop the tears that were running down her cheeks knowing that she had to get as far from that man as possible.

Suddenly she felt something glide from beside her and looked up to see the man and a huge snake right in front of her! The man grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer making her to look into his eyes. His eyes were as green as of the snake's beside him which gave a strong the scent of predator. She quickly averted his eyes

"Let me go!" she shouted and began struggling against his grip. He didn't bother to respond and kept glaring at her. She was scared stiff not knowing if she would make out of this alive. Never in her life had she wanted to see her mom and dad so badly. Tears began pouring out from her eyes and she no longer had the will to fight.

'You must fight' a voice popped inside her and she almost unconsciously opened her eyes at once and started glaring back at the man.


She started sweating just by lying there on the bed.


She had no control over her actions. It felt like something from inside her was trying to break free. "So I was right" the man said to the snake letting go of her hand "she is one of us"

She fell to the ground once she was released. The warm feeling from a second ago was gone. "What!" she shouted at the man, her trembling returning. She couldn't get up. He turned his gaze to her at once. "You are a digit user" he said simply.


'How true his words were…but that 10 year old Miu didn't realize it at that time' she thought in her dream.


"What do you want from me?" she asked, completely convinced that he was insane. "I want you to come with us rather than joining that stupid school." He replied and started glaring once again.

Her fear shot up on seeing his cold eyes. She managed to scramble to her feet and took a few steps away from him only to find the snake gliding towards her.

"Waah!" her scream echoed through the entire empty street. The snake was coming towards her with her fangs drawn out and she closed her eyes in fear. She could almost feel the pain before she felt fur on her face and arms grabbing her from behind.

She opened her eyes to see a small squirrel like animal standing in between her and the snake. She turned to see Yoshida, her neighbor. He put a hand over her watery eyes and whispered "don't worry. It'll be okay". She silently nodded.


Another girl approached the sleeping figure who was now muttering "thank god…thank god sir was there"


"I have informed the school of your presence and the teachers will be here shortly." She heard Yoshida shout to that man. She could also here the whizzing sound of wind and the roars of the two beasts that were apparently fighting. She heard the man mumble something and then everything became quiet except for the noise of rain dripping down.

Yoshida removed his hand and moved out in front of him. He was only 4 years older than her but his height was great so he had to bend down to look in her eyes. "Are you hurt?" he asked quietly and she shook her head.

He had rented the house beside their own but he never ever visited it, nor his grandmother who lived there alone. "I'll take you home" he said and she obediently let him lead the way.

His phone rang and he picked it up, after a moment of talk, he turned to her again "our teachers are at your house explaining to your parents and convincing them so you'll be fine" she looked ahead to see that they had reached her home. I'm just a student so am not allowed to say anything to you any further" he said.


"Should we call teacher?" the girls were murmuring in the dorms worried about the still sleeping girl.


She didn't know what to do and she started towards her house in a complete daze. What in the world was happening? What were those animals? Were than man and Yoshida humans? Which school were they talking about? With so many questions spinning in her head she opened the door to her house to find it a lot crowded. She couldn't even see anything clearly when she was pulled into her mother's rib breaking hug.

"Are you okay!" her mother asked releasing her. Miu looked at her only to see that she was crying "yeah…" she managed to say "but what is happening?"

"It's okay dear!" her mother hugged her again and started to sob, she could see her father sitting on the couch with his hand over his face too. Was he also crying? Why? "I think we should let her rest" someone spoke up and soon she found herself being led away into her bedroom by her mom.

"Get a good sleep sweetie" her mom whispered before making a dash out of the room. She didn't know what was happening then but now she did.

There were beings known as the digit users who had some sort of animal inside of them. They were born to perfectly normal parents as to why they were this, was still to be found. There was a school specially made for the purpose of training the digit users and also for getting them job. The school was their only life and they had to cut off all their ties in the living world. They were trapped inside the school but it was necessary for their own safety.

There were also digit users who ran away from school with their greed and use their powers for making money. It was the school's responsibility to make them straight and so as we can say there was a constant war between the school and those idlers, who also joined hands to fight against the school. They called themselves "the breakers"!

As soon as the animal inside the child's heart grew, the digit users could sense it and there was a race to see which side got to it as its own first. By animal, it doesn't mean a beast. Most of the digit users had a calm and refreshing animal inside them; it was a part of their soul. This was not the only power they had…they could also sometimes use the power of their animals or rather digits.

"But what will happen to Miu?" Miu could hear her mother's anxious question. She had pressed her ear on the door and was listening to the conversation. She was terrified; she didn't get all this digit users and digit's crap at all!

"Don't worry madam we are taking her full responsibility" she could see someone speaking up.

"How can we believe you?" her father almost shouted "how can we hand over our daughter like that?" she felt that she was crying again. she didn't want to leave her home.

The man in the red suit had said that if she joined their school, she could not meet her parents! What was with that?


"No it's okay" all the girls turned to see another girl approaching "she's just having a dream. She'll get over it"


"I don't want to go!" Miu screamed as some unknown man picked her up and kept her on his horse like creature. They were outside her house in the night "Calm down…" he said "it's oka-"

"No it is not!" Miu shouted, as hard as she could "I want to see mom and dad!" the man lowered his gaze, ashamed at what he had to do when there door to her house burst open and her parents came down the stairs.

"Miu…" they said looking at their child for probably the last time "I'm so sorry…" her dad said and she could see tears in his eyes. What was happening, she had no clue about it at all but she knew one thing for sure…she hated this school!


"Are you all-right?" one girl asked on seeing the sleeping figure wake up from her sleep. She nodded and said "don't worry about me guys. You go back to sleep" everyone nodded and reluctantly made their way towards their beds. The girl who had told them not to call the teacher came and sat down beside her "were you having that dream again…Miu?"

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