CHAPTER 9 ~ The next attack! :


"She couldn't be…" Miu said fear creeping over her. The fact that she had just discovered didn't make her feel better at all! How could she be smiling all this while when such things happened to her sister…to her twin?

"I transferred to your section after this incident and I just couldn't help hating you whenever I saw your smiling face" Zaketa said bitterly "The vice principal's memory spell was effective so I didn't get why I hated you too. It is only until recently that I can remember it all"

"I didn't know about it!" Miu said feeling as guilty as ever "Even if I had the slightest clue…I would've…"

"You couldn't have done anything anyways…But just you being unaware and smiling made me angry. You two look the exact same but she didn't get whatever she craved for. She was always alone but you had friends. You were both twins but she was weak. It was like you took everything away from her" Zaketa said angrily.

"I didn't do anything. It is not my fault at all and I am also sorry that she was weak" Miu said trying to convince herself more than him.

"Without a clue about what had happened to your own twin you kept on enjoying yourself and loved this stupid school too" Zaketa said as if she hadn't spoken yet.

"But it's not like I forgot on my own!" Miu said "This principal had all our memori-"

"I am not interested in talking to you" Zaketa said simply.

Miu had to be alone right now; she had a lot to take in so she stood up. There was no changing that Zaketa hated her by trying to convince him and she needed to calm down more than anything. With one glance at Zaketa's back she turned, intending to walk away but felt his hand grab her wrist.

She turned abruptly to see him holding her hand "Don't tell this to anyone…" he muttered managing to surprise her once again.

"Why?" she asked knowing that he won't reply.

"I have some things to do which can't be interrupted now" he said letting go of her hand. She nodded quietly and started again when he stopped her.

"Don't get any more closer to me" he said regaining his cold expression. He wasn't expecting any response from her so he strode off, towards the opposite direction from the dorms. He was probably going to get shut out of the dorm but it didn't look like he cared. Miu found her way back though and quietly went to her room, avoiding any known passer-byes.

x x x

Before the dawn itself, Miu was up and panting heavily. She had seen it again! The scene! She quickly threw the blankets off her and within seconds was grabbing the key from Lucy's desk.

She was cold and still felt hot at the same time while running down the hallway. She couldn't stop to think now so she kept running, trying to ignore the head bursting pain in her forehead. She was covered completely by the sweat and looked completely pale by the time she burst open the door of Kouro sir.

She saw that Yoshida was already in the room, trying his best to control Kouro sir who was going mad. His left arm looked like it had been crushed and slowly the wounded part was spreading throughout his body

"Call some other teachers" Yoshida called over to her who was trying to prevent the spreading of the wound while fighting with Kouro sir. "Except the new principal"

Miu rushed out at once and started banging on the closest doors as she was sure that the principal had his dorms somewhere else. A sleepy history teacher opened the door but before he could scold her, she grabbed his hand and shoved him into Kouro sir's room.

This time the matter was much better than what the principal's had been. The teachers successfully managed to stop him before the damage got life threatening but he still had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. Apparently, Yoshida was still awake that time when he heard a faint sound so decided immediately to take a look.

"How come you are here?" one teacher asked Miu as some other teachers took Kouro out of the room.

"I was the one who called her" Yoshida said, I'll explain everything to you later. First we must ensure that Kouro sir is always heavily unconscious or he can be controlled again by the 'curse of the demon'.

"Yeah…" the teachers agreed and ordered Miu to leave.

Miu was scared again, even though Kouro sir was safe now. Her head was still throbbing, probably from the after effects and she felt so much pain like she had never felt before. She had no mood of attending lectures now, not that she expected any teacher to teach just after the incident, so she went into the school grounds where she found Shouji sitting on a bench, deep in thought.

"I want to tell you something" she startled him and sat next to him "Do you have time?"

"Yeah sure…In fact, I also want to tell you something" Shouji said and forced a smile at her. Miu wanted to tell him about her sister even though Zaketa had told her not to. Why would she wait until his work finished? This ghost was tormenting her and it was unbearable to sustain it on her own.

She was still keeping it from Yoshida or any of the teachers so she guessed it would be okay if she told Shouji, though before she could say anything Shouji started speaking. He told her everything that Zaketa had told her over again and that also very quickly, as if he was letting it out at once.

"How do you know about this all? And about my spirit thing too? I told Yoshida sir not to tell anyone" Miu said, taken aback by Shouji's knowledge.

"Yoshida told me because he wanted me to investigate" Shouji said "And so Misaki and I went to records room to find this out"

"I see…" Miu said looking down at her hands. What should she do now? Even Yoshida seemed to have no idea of what to do yet.

"You know what I think…" she turned to hear Shouji speaking.

"I think it would be better to tell everyone…" Shouji said softly "It is too much for you to handle alone. You need them now"

Miu thought about it and said "But I heard it all from Zaketa and he told not to tell anyone"

"Then let's do this…even if you don't tell, I will tell them so it will be the same" Shouji said smiling at her "And you are keeping it from Yoshida so I guess it is okay. I just want you to have a little support"

"I guess you are right…" Miu said and smiled after what seemed like years.

x x x

"Oh…" was all Rika said as Miu told everyone that she was possessed by her twin's spirit who had died by the faulty roof 4 years back. They were in martial arts empty classroom as the students were given the day off due to 'certain circumstances'.

"Oh?" Miu said and laughed "is that all? I thought you'd all be like 'stop kidding' "

"How can we say that when we are always witnessing your behavior" Aya said and everyone sighed a bit.

Reo's hand was instantly around her shoulders and she felt a little bit of comfort that she could hang on to for the things that would happen next.

"What should we do about it?" Eiji asked and everyone got lost in thought.

"Wait! I don't want you all to do anything" Miu said "Let's leave it up to the teachers. Yoshida sir and the rest will figure it out I'm sure"

"Are you mad?" Aya shouted at her "You are suffering by this!"

"That may not be such a bad thing" they all turned to the person who had spoken this and saw Zaketa standing by the door.

"What did you say?" Reo shot at him.

"You are just like I thought you were…selfish" Zaketa said directly to Miu "After I told you not to tell…" he turned and started walking away.

"Wait!" Miu was following him in an instant "Shouji knew it all and would have told anyways"

"No one could have known" Zaketa said as if he was trying to control himself "All the data was wiped off"

"Please…listen to me" Miu said and almost ran to keep up with his pace.

"It was my fault to tell you" Zaketa said fighting his urge to throw a tantrum at her. It didn't matter to anyone what he did so he had to control himself! He had to be strong as he was all alone now! It wouldn't change a thing even if he yelled at her anyways…nothing he did would bother others…

"Please…wait" Miu panting voice was still following him. Why? Why should she care if he hated her? She had her friends who would definitely stand guard now that they knew anything. He couldn't do anything to her so would his thinking anything bother her?

"Zaketa!" Miu shouted as he busted in the old martial arts room through the window. He quickly went over to the side which had the ladder set up. He was not thinking calmly now! He needed to control his emotions! He couldn't get angry. He couldn't afford to…getting angry won't change anything. It will only cause him more pain; the others won't concern themselves with him.

"Please Zaketa…wait" he heard Miu's voice below him as he climbed the stairs. Now that would get rid of her…she wouldn't follow him here. He was on the roof and sat down there. This place always helped him calm down…the gentle air breezed against him. He was all alone again…just like the old times.

"Finally…I caught up to you" he turned, his face revealing surprise as if for the first time, he lost his composure. "Now you have to listen" Miu said as she stepped on the roof from the ladder.

"Misaki is the black magic expert. She was with Shouji" she was saying…why? Why would his ill feelings bother her? This was just a stupid school with selfish people…

"She must have used some spells and opened the blocked past" Miu said panting "It was really important to tell them…I couldn't go on, on my own. You probably don't know about it right? I'll tell you everything so don't get mad"

Why was she bothering to tell him? He hadn't asked for it…

"I have these strange sights you see…I always know which person is going to be attacked or is being attacked. We found out that my sister who enters my body is responsible for the sights. It really is too much to handle on my own so please forgive m-Aah!" she suddenly fell on her knees grabbing her head.

Her head was paining like crazy…as if it would burst any second. Damn it…she was just beside the place where there was hole in the roof….if she moved even a bit…

"Aaah!" Miu had her eyes shut tightly and she was gasping for breath, completely unaware of that hole. Zaketa was horror struck as he looked at her…what was happening? What had happened suddenly? He saw her getting closer to the hole while shaking furiously. What should he do? The same thing was happening again? He froze on spot as the memory flashed around.

Miu moved again and was now over the hole…she was falling down; her eyes now open and filled with panic when someone grabbed her hand and pulled her back on the solid surface of the roof.

She gladly smiled at the figure before falling unconscious. "What the hell are you doing?" Eiji shouted at Zaketa, he was the one who had saved Miu. Zaketa's mind set back on the reality after hearing Eiji's voice. He was looking at Zaketa with surprise as well as anger.

"No matter how much you hate her…but this was going too far!" Eiji shouted picking up the unconscious girl "She would have gotten seriously injured. Why didn't you help her when you very easily could! You knew she could not help it! She suffers like this every-time when your friend enters her body yet she didn't want to tell this to Yoshida sir!"

Eiji turned away and struggled to take them both down on the ladder. Zaketa didn't understand anything…Ami's spirit? What was this?

"Yet all you do is get angry!" Eiji shouted from below as he and Miu successfully got down.

x x x

"There is nothing physically wrong with her" the nurse told and Eiji and Yoshida nodded, they both knew what the problem was "I think it is over stressing…" it was more than that.

"…If we let her rest, I am sure she will be okay" the nurse finished. Eiji had brought Miu to the hospital and told the nurse to call Yoshida. Now they were both there, sitting beside the unconscious girl.

"What should we do?" Eiji asked Yoshida who looked tired. He probably hadn't been getting any sleep at all.

"I think we should let her rest…but we can't leave her alone and I am-"

"Don't worry I'll stay" Eiji said quickly "You probably have a lot to do right?" Yoshida was the biggest help they had as the teachers had agreed not to tell anything to the temporary principal with the fear of the secret leaking. And now Kouro sir was gone too.

"Thank you" Yoshida said giving him a weak smile. He was soon summoned by the principal who added to all the trouble by continuously pestering Yoshida who he had developed a grudge over for always defending the students.

Miu didn't regain consciousness at all that day and night and Eiji was alert every second. Reo had some minor damage on his back which he said was caused when he fell down somewhere so Eiji forbid him to stay there that night.

x x x

"Are you awake at last?" Eiji said as he saw Miu get up and look around with confusion "You fell unconscious on the roof so I brought you here yesterday"

"I slept that long?" Miu asked amazed when the door opened and Miho entered the room.

"You have to attend the assembly." She told Eiji "Miu is okay but the principle wants you."

Eiji sighed and glanced at Miu who quickly said "its okay, you can go. I feel better now."

"I'll stay here after the assembly so you can rest." Miho told Eiji. Apparently they didn't have any intensions of attending the classes.

After they had gone to the assembly, Miu successfully escaped from the hospital. She couldn't just lie there anymore. She had to do something….even though she wasn't sure that it would help…even though it was very risky…she had to do it now! She decided that she would sneak out of the school that night to go to the IC (information centre) of this school. She had to find out about the ex-vice-principal!

IC was a huge centre for the storage for all the things related to the school. It had information on each and every student and teacher and even the digits'. It definitely had to have some info on the ex-vice-principal even if they let her know or not was a different story.

x x x

"What is it?" Shouji asked as Misaki came to stand beside him when he was wandering in the school grounds which had suddenly turned as his hobby. Miu had helped him a lot of times before. She had done everything in her power and even more for him. But now she seemed scared and weak. He had never seen her like this before so he was determined to help her out no matter what.

"You didn't attend the class" Misaki told him the obvious.

"I was thinking…" he said trying to smile at her "I don't know what to do anymore and Yoshida hardly has any time…"

"We will call her…" Misaki said briefly "The ghost I mean…it will solve everything"

"Wha-you can?" Shouji asked with surprise that Misaki was willing to help him on her own.

"Sneak out this night at 11 again" Misaki said casually "Let them lock you out". Shouji was surprised by this, he had never been shut out before and it was almost frightening.

"Okay" he said despite himself. He had already made up his mind anyways so what was the point in hesitating now?

That night would get busy as Miu, Shouji and Misaki got ready for their upcoming plans.

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