*cough* I honestly don't know what to say about this. My gifted class wrote this in 6th grade. Bwahaha. There's a sequel and a third one too. O.o

Once there was this mouse named cheese. He ate a slice of blue cheese that ended up being poisonous. He then died. The only thing he had on his mind was revenge on the guy who killed him.

He visited the grim reaper in the Underworld. When he was standing in front of "Mr. Grim", he stole his scythe and ran away. He came back to life as if nothing happened. Cheese ate tacos instead of cheese now. He decided to try and find the guy who killed him. First he went to Taco Bell for Fourthmeal. The guy was there.

Cheese said, "Hey you killed me!"

The guy looked at Cheese like he was crazy, and Cheese was. He grabbed a stick and attacked the guy. The guy was smart though, and he grabbed a waffle. WAFFLE WARS! The waffle was on it. He attacked and the guy was down.

"I'm taking over this establishment! It shall be called Waffle Bell!" Cheese got sent to a nuthouse and locked into a padded cell. Years later he broke out and killed teh grim reaper with his own scythe (Cheese somehow still had it?).

The mouse then considered his life. He then went to the Grim Reaper and gave him a hug. The Grim Reaper was in a bad mood, so he killed Cheese. Cheese them came back to life (again) as a vampire (like the Twilight vamps).

Then Gary Coleman came in riding on Taylor Launtner. He threw a grill and blew Cheese (and Death) up, but then Fred the puppet put his brain into an Asian person. After that, he joined the Jedi Council.

He stole a lightsaber and some robes for style. He went shopping and bought a big cookie. He ate the cookie and passed out. The whole thing ended up being a really weird dream. (And then Edward and Bella lived happily ever after)

The End.

I really don't know. Bwahaha. Five people wrote this, by the way. And then I typed it just now off of a horribly wrinkled and barely readable paper. xD