(all ideas and characters belong to me, only thing i don't own is the countries/cities they live in. the story fully came from my imagination. please do not plagarise)

I'm going to tell you a story about five girls. Five girls, extremely different yet scarily alike. The funny thing was, these five girls didn't live in the same country. They weren't the five friends you see hanging out at the local shopping centre every Saturday, sipping coffees out of plastic cups and looking around for 'hot' boys. They didn't know each other at all, they were all complete strangers.

Yet, something connected them all. Something made these girls identical, although they didn't look anything like one another. They weren't the same age, and they didn't share some trivial interest, like dancing or reading. They liked different things, and read different books. They didn't come from the same sort of house, or family. On the outside, they were as different as chalk and cheese. But on the inside, they were as hard to tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

One was anorexic, one was a self-harmer, one was Queen Bee and one was mercilessly bullied. The final girl didn't have problems on the outside like the other four, but on the inside she was terribly lonely and miserable. She was an only child, from a big house in the very middle of New York City, her parents were both lawyers. She attended a fantastic school, and had a great amount of friends. She was a good student and got on with almost everyone. She was pretty and boys liked her, she didn't argue with anyone, she got on pretty well with the popular clique. She was just your regular eighth grade student, nothing really distinctive about her.

On the inside though, she knew she was different from other people her age. She didn't know what it was really called, but in her dreams, she could escape into the lives of other people. She literally lived four other girls' lives, as well as her own, and had no sense of who she really was while in their bodies, living their lives for them. She didn't understand it, and she wanted answers to why it was happening to her.

I'm Ruby Munro and that girl is me. I'm going to tell you our stories.

so, what do you think? should i continue? i have the whole story planned out in my mind, although i doubt that it will actually go out the way i've set it out, as most things don't. leave a review telling me your opinion, constructive critcism would be appreciated. -S x